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Parameter Preservation at the Syntax-PF Interface: The Ba Construction Revisited


In this paper, I argue for an analysis that treats the ba construction in Chinese as a case of shape preservation-induced movement structure. Specifically, the robust preverbal adverbial and PP expressions and the mandatory ba-DP movement in ditransitive structures are both derived from a violable head directionality macroparameter under the Symmetrical Syntax Hypothesis, which allows directionality parameters to examine word order throughout the derivation. In addition to being able to capture the parallel syntactic properties of Scandinavian object shift, this account receives further empirical support from word order facts of Archaic Chinese and Bambara.

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The Silence of Heads

. Kayne, Richard S. 2010c. Comparisons and contrasts. New York: Oxford University Press. Kayne, Richard S. 2011. Why are there no directionality parameters? In M. Byram Washburn, K. McKinney- Bock, E. Varis, Ann Sawyer and Barbara Tomaszewicz (eds.) Proceedings of the 28th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, 1-23. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project (also in 2013 Studies in Chinese Linguistics 34, 3-37). Kayne, Richard S. 2014. Once and Twice. In Carla Contemori & Lena Dal Pozzo (eds.), Inquiries into linguistic theory and language acquisition

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