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Scale Effect in Direct Shear Tests on Recycled Concrete Aggregate

Pavement Engineering, 22-23 February 2006 (14 p), Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool 2006. [3] BAREITHER C.A., BENSON C.H., EDIL T.B., Comparison of shear strength of sand backfills measured in small - scale and large - scale direct shear tests, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 2008, Vol. 45(9), 1224-1236, DOI: 10.1139/T08-058. [4] BISHOP A.W., A large shear box for testing sands and gravels. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 21-30 June 1948, 207

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A Laboratory Investigation on Shear Strength Behavior of Sandy Soil: Effect of Glass Fiber and Clinker Residue Content

.A., P apaliangas T.T., K onstantinidis D., P atronis C., Shear strength of sands reinforced with polypropylene fibers , Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, 2013, 31(2), 401–442. [5] A rab A., S hahrour I., L ancelot L., A laboratory study of liquefaction of partially saturated sand , J. Iber. Geol., 2011, 37(1), 29–36. [6] ASTM D 3080, Standard test method for direct shear test of soils under consolidated drained conditions , American Society for Testing and Materials, West Conshohocken, 2005. [7] B elkhatir M., A rab A., D ella N

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Shear strength of compacted Chlef sand: effect of water content, fines content and others parameters

tested materials: (a) Sand and silt, (b) Sand-silt mixtures. Figure 2 Materials used in this study: (a) fines content, (b) clean sand, (c) samples prepared by dry deposition sand-silt mixtures. Figure 3 Samples prepared by wet deposition: (a) clean sand, (b) sand-silt mixtures. 2.2 Experimental Procedures In order to study the influence of the fines content and the sample preparation method on shear strength, a total of 120 direct shear tests were carried out at three normal stresses 100, 200 and 400 kPa. Sixty (60) tests are performed in

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Shear Strength Enhancement of Cemented Reinforced Sand: Role of Cement Content on the Macro-Mechanical Behavior

the material for use in wet method is capital for its homogeneity and the continuity of the works, and thereby performing a parametric study on the cemented soil material. A series of direct shear tests were carried out on a sandy soil reinforced by a hydraulic binder (cement). The use of the direct shear apparatus enabled us to study the characteristics of the shear strength and the variation of vertical deformation of cemented sand. The parameters used in this study are mainly: the relative density ( Dr = 80%), the normal stress ( σn = 100, 200 and 400 kPa), the

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Research on the Selection of Geosynthetics for Infrastructure Works

). [4]. SR EN ISO 12957-1:2005: “Geosynthetics. Determination of friction characteristics. Part 1: Direct shear testing“(in Romanian).

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Stress-Dilatancy for Soils. Part IV: Experimental Validation for Simple Shear Conditions

References [1] ATKINSON J.H., LAN W.H.W., POWELL J.J.M., Measurement of soil strength in simple shear tests, Can. Geotech. J., 1991, 28, 255-262. [2] BARDET J.P., PROUBET J., A Numerical Investigation of the Structure of Persistent Shear Bands in Granular Media, Geotechnique, 1991, 41, No. 4, 599-613. [3] BAREITHER C.A., BENSON C.H., EDIL T.B., Reproducibility of direct shear tests conducted on granular backfill materials, Geot. Test. J., 2007, Vol. 31, No. 1, 84-94. [4] BOLTON M.D., The strength

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Quantitative Analysis of the Relationship Between Shear Strength and Fractal Dimension of Solidified Dredger Fill with Different Fly Ash Content Under Monotonic Shear


The dredger fill of Shanghai Hengsha Island Dongtan is solidified by curing agents with different fly ash content, and the shear strength index of solidified dredger fill is measured by the direct shear test. The microscopic images of solidified dredger fill are obtained by using SEM. The microscopic images are processed and analyzed by using IPP, and the fractal dimension including particle size fractal dimension Dps, aperture fractal dimension Dbs and particle surface fractal dimension Dpr is calculated by fractal theory. The quantitative analysis of the relationship between shear strength index and fractal dimension of solidified dredger fill is done. The research results show that the internal friction angle and the cohesion are closely related to the fly ash content λ and the curing period T, and the addition of fly ash can improve the effect of curing agent; There is no obvious linear relationship between the internal friction angle and the three fractal dimensions; The smaller particle surface fractal dimension Dpr and particle size fractal dimension Dps, the larger aperture fractal dimension Dbs, the greater the cohesion, and the cohesion has a good linear relationship with three fractal dimensions, and the correlation coefficient R2 is above 0.91.

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Effect of Rolling Resistance in Dem Models With Spherical Bodies

ballast subjected to direct shear testing. International Journal of Geomechanics. 2014, Vol. 1, pp. 34-44. [10] JIANG, M. J., H.-S. YU & D. HARRIS. A novel discrete model for granular material incorporating rolling resistance. Computers and Geotechnics. 2005, Vol. 32, pp. 340-357. [11] JIANG, M. J., Z. SHEN & J. WANG. A novel three-dimensional contact model for granulates incorporating rolling and twisting resistances. Computers and Geotechnics. 2015, Vol. 65, pp. 147-163. [12] LIM, W. L. & G. R. McDOWELL. Discrete element

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Ground Penetrating Radar Investigations of Landslides: A Case Study in a Landslide in Radziszów

and landslide hazard maps in Skawina - rural area, sheet M-34-76-B-a-4. [11] PN-EN 1997-2:2009:Eurokod 7. Geotechnical design - Part 2: Ground investigation and testing (in Polish). [12] PKN-CEN ISO/TS 17892-10:2009 Geotechnical investigation and testing - Laboratory testing of soil - Part 10: Direct shear tests (in Polish).

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Searching for Critical Conditions During Lifeboat Launching – Simulations

Brothers, UK, 1986. 5. Iwicki P., Tejchman A., Chróścielewski J., DYNAMIC FE SIMULATIONS OF BUCKLING PROCESS IN THINWALLED CYLINDRICAL METAL SILOS, Thin-walled structures. Vol. 84 (2014), pp.344-359. 6. Kozicki J., Niedostatkiewicz M., Tejchman A., Muhlhaus H., DISCRETE MODELLING RESULTS OF A DIRECT SHEAR TEST FOR GRANULAR MATERIALS VERSUS FE RESULTS. Granular Matter, Vol. 15, iss. 5 (2013), pp.607-627. 7. Veic D., Kraskowski M., Bugalski T., BOTTOM FIXED SUBSTRUCTURE ANALYSIS, MODEL TESTING AND DESIGN FOR HARSH ENVIRONMENT

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