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Use of Concrete for Road Infrastructure: A SWOT Analysis Related to the three Catchwords Sustainability, Industrialisation and Digitalisation

) (Think New - Use Known Solutions),” 2019, Available: . 29. Thorstensen R T, Kalsaas B T, Skaar J, and Jensen S, “Last planner system innovation efforts on requirements for digital management system,” in Annual conference of the international group for lean construction , 2013, vol. 21. 30. The American Institute of Architects (AIA National & AIA California Council), “Integrated Project Delivery: A guide,” 2007. 31. Fédération internationale du béton (fib), Precast Concrete

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The European Union Digital Single Market—Challenges and Impact for the EU Neighbourhood States

(2013) 329 final: Impact Assessment, Accompanying the document Commission Recommendation on consistent non-discrimination obligations and costing methodologies to promote competition and enhance the broadband investment environment, 11.9.2013. Communication COM(2017) 228 final from the Commission to the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions on the Mid-Term Review on the implementation of the Digital Single Market Strategy “A Connected Digital Single Market for All”, 10.5.2017. Communication COM(2003) 104 final

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Digital payments for a digital generation
Disruptive technology in book and local newspaper industries

, while distribution has been examined far less frequently than both production and consumption ( Braun, 2015 ; Perren, 2013 ; Warner, 2002 ). Focusing on two “old” print media that are challenged by digitalization, we are able to investigate how they respond differently to disruptiveness. In addition to e-books, paper books and audiobooks, this study focuses on local newspapers’ online editions. As such, our study is about “printed media in transition and readers on the move”. The digital age has fuelled dramatic changes in distribution processes for these two

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Bancassurance in a digital era

(2), 193e218. Ecommerce Media (2017)/online/. Retrieved from: Euro events (2017)/online/.Retrieved from: Farquhar,J.D , Meidan,A. (2010).Marketing financial services, Palgrave Macmillan, pg 230 -240. Friars,E., Gogel, R.(1987). The financial services handbook, A Wiley Interscience publication, pg 136-140. Gemius Romania

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Measuring Digitalization – Key Metrics

References [1] Adobe and CMO Council, 2015. ( APAC Digital Directions Strategies, Mandates and Challenges, Full Report. May 2015. [online] Available at: dHAAW [Accessed 8 July 2016]. [2] Caldo, G., Hoene, M., Olanrewaju, T., 2014. How winning banks refocus their IT budgets for digital. McKinsey article, December 2014. [online] Available at:

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Digitalisation of Healthcare and the Problem of Digital Exclusion

, eHealth Action Plan 2012–2020 – Innovative healthcare for the 21st century , Brussels, COM (2012) 736 final. Eurostat (2018). Database , (01.08.2018). Feliksiak, M. (2017). Korzystanie z telefonów komórkowych , Komunikat z badań nr 99/2017, CBOS, Warsaw. Feliksiak, M. (2016). Wprowadzenie. W: M. Feliksiak (ed.), Zdrowie i leczenie w Polsce, Opinie i diagnozy nr 36 . Warszawa: CBOS. (15.04.2018).

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The Implications of Digitalization for Job Descriptions, Competencies and the Quality of Working Life

. Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems, 12, 81-114. Helminen, N., Suolanen, S., Järvenpää, E. & Immonen, S. (2002) The Lifecycle of Competencies. In H. Luczak, A.E. Çakir & G. Çakir (eds.) World Wide Work. Proceedings of the 6th International Scientific Conference on Work With Display Units, Berchtesgaden, May 22-25, 2002. Berlin: Ergonomic Institut für Arbeits- und Sozialforschung. Helminen, N., Suolanen, S., Järvenpää, E. & Immonen, S. (2003) The Impact of Digitalization on Job- Descriptions, Competencies and Well-being in Television

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The Impact of Big Data, Sustainability, and Digitalization on Company Performance

+ GRI reports. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 26(7), 1036-1071. Bughin J., LaBerge L., and Mellbye A. (2017). The case for digital reinvention. McKinsey Quarterly, February 2017. Burchman, S. and Sullivan, B. (2017). It’s Time to Tie Executive Compensation to Sustainability. Harvard Business Review, 17th August 2017. Cappelli, P. (2017). There’s No Such Thing as Big Data in HR. Harvard Business review. [online] Available:

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Creative Thinking and Development of Professionalism by Procurement Specialists in the Context of Digitalization

Functionality and Academic Publishing: Gaming with Altmetrics in the Digital Age. Economics & Sociology , 11(4), p. 306-316. Thomas, E.F., McGarty, C., Stuart, A., Lala, G., & Pedersen, A. (2017). Education and social participation: civic identity and civic action in formal and informal education contexts. In K.I. Mavor, M.J. Platow, & B. Bizumic (Eds.), Self and Social Identity in Educational Contexts (pp. 141-155). Tikhomirov, O.K. (1984). Psychology of thinking. Moscow: Moscow State University. Treffinger, D.J. (1995). Creative problem solving: Overview

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Digitalization and Political Party Life in Poland – A Study of Selected Communication Habits of Party Members and Elective Representatives

References Anduiza, Eva, Laia Jorba and Michael J. Jensen (eds.). (2012). Digital Media and Political Engagement Worldwide: A Comparative Study . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Antoszewski, Andrzej. (2012). System polityczny RP, Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN. Bennett, W. Lance, Segerberg Alexandra and Curd B. Knüpfer. (2017). The democratic interface: technology, political organization, and diverging patterns of electoral representation, Information, Communication & Society 21:11, 1655–1680,

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