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Selected caries diagnostic methods

Sci., 12, 177, 2004. 18. Ranga R.: Performance of a new fluorescence diagnostic device in early carious lesion detection. OHDMBSC., 6, 21, 2007. 19. Rechmann P. et al.: Performance of laser fluorescence devices and visual examination for the detection of occlusal caries in permanent molars. J. Biomed. Opt., March 2012; 17 (3). (PDF 3,6 MB ). 2012 Mar;17(3):036006. doi: 10.1117/1.JBO.17.3.036006. http:// 075&resultClick=1. 09.08.2014. 20

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Diagnostics of Gears and Compressors by Means of Advanced Automatic System

References 1. Barkov A. V., Barkova N. A. (1996), Diagnostics of gearings and geared couplings using envelope spectra methods, Proceedings of the 20th Annual Meeting of the Vibration Institute. Saint Louis, Missouri USA, 75-83. 2. Choy F. K., Polyshchuk V., Zakrajsek J. J., Handschuh R. F., Townsend D. P. (1996), Analysis of the effects of surface pitting and wear on the vibration of a gear transmission system, Tribology International, Vol. 29, No. 1, 77-83. 3. Farrahi G. H., Tirehdast M., Masoumi K. A. E

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Simple Statistics in Diagnostic Tests

References Battaglia M, Bucher H, Egger M, Grossenbacher F, Minder C, Pewsner D. The Bayes Library of Diagnostic Studies and Reviews, Berne, February. 2002 Heneghan C, Badenoch D. Evidence-Based Medicine Toolkit, BMJ Books; 2Rev Ed edition, London, UK. 2006. Price CP, Christenson RH. Evidence-based Laboratory Medicine From Principles to Outcomes, AACCPress, Washington DC. USA. 2003. Dawson B, Trapp RC

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Evaluation of diagnostic thresholds dependability for tribologic signals received in the environment disturbed by vibroacoustic and functional signals

sygnałów, WNT, Warszawa 1975. [6] de Larminat P., Thomas Y.: Automatyka: układy liniowe; Sygnały i układy. Warszawa : Wydaw. Nauk.-Techn., 1983. [7] Lindstedt P.: Statistical Diagnostic Thresholds of Rolling Bearings with Correlation of the Bearings Signal and its Environment Based on Cauchy Product; Solid State Phenomena, 2013, Trans-Tech Publications, Durnten-Zurich, pp. 111-116. [8] Lindstedt, P., Sudakowski, T., The Method of Assessment of Suitability of the Bearing System Based on Parameters of Technical and Adjustment State, Solid State Phenomena

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Slovenian experience from diagnostic angiography to interventional radiology

-8. 9. Košak M. [Clinical importance of angiography as diagnostic method in therapy]. [Slovenian]. Zdrav Vestn 1957; 26: 45-8. 10. Obrez I. [Serial cerebral angiography with an improvised cassette - our own experiences]. [Slovenian]. Zdrav Vestn 1964; 33: 13-5. 11. Obrez I. [Angiographic diagnostic examination of abdominal organs using Seldinger’s method]. [Slovenian]. Zdrav Vestn 1965; 34: 50-6. 12. Obrez I. [Selective renal angiography]. [Slovenian]. Zdrav Vestn 1966; 35: 77-9. 13. Pavčnik D. 60 years

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Prototype of the expert tribological diagnostic system of turbine engine

7. References 1. Barwell F.T., Łożyskowanie. WNT, Warszawa 1984. 2. Białko, M., Podstawowe właściwości sieci neuronowych i hybrydowych systemów ekspertowych. Politechnika Koszalińska, Koszalin 2000. 3. Borowczyk H., Elements of comprehensive diagnostics of complex technical objects Elementy kompleksowej diagnostyki złożonych obiektów technicznych. 2019 (in preparation to print) Warsaw: Air Force Institute of Technology. 4. Borowczyk H., et al., Problemy kompleksowego diagnozowania układu łożyskowania turbinowego silnika śmigłowcowego. 2011

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Specifics of proximal caries and their diagnostics in posterior teeth

, compared to clinical examination alone for caries detection in low-risk children. Caries Res., 27, 499, 1993. 8. Hintze H., Wenzel A.: Diagnostic outcome of methods frequently used for caries validation. A comparison of clinical examination, radiography and histology following hemi-sectioning and serial tooth sectioning. Caries Res., 37, 115, 2003. 9. Hintze H., Wenzel A., Danielsen B.: Behaviour of approximal carious lesions assessed by clinical examination after tooth separation and radiography: a 2.5- year longitudinal study in young

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Diagnostic Markers for Early Sepsis Diagnosis in Children With Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

Gaini, S., Pedersen, S.S., Koldkjar, O.G., Pedersen, C., Moller, H.J. (2007b). High mobility group box-1 protein in patients with suspected community-acquired infections and sepsis: A prospective study. Crit. Care , 11 , R32. Gardovska, D., Laizāne, G., Grope, I. (2001). Sepsis outcomes and early diagnostic peculiarities in tertiary level Children's hospital in Latvia. Rīga Stradiņš University Scientific Proceedings. Riga, pp. 77-83. Goldstein, B., Giroir, B., Randolph, A., and the members of the International

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Cultural adaption and validation of the German version of the diagnostic thinking inventory (DTI-G) / Ein Instrument zur Erhebung diagnostischer Kompetenz: Validierung und kulturelle Adaptation des Diagnostic Thinking Inventory (DTI-G)

Introduction Diagnostic ability is essential for expert professional practice of healthcare practitioners as it determines the course of examination and treatment and is closely related to the quality of clinical reasoning (Groves, O’Rourke & Alexander, 2003). The clinical reasoning process is highly complex and involves analytic reasoning (hypothetic-deductive reasoning), non-analytic reasoning (pattern recognition, illness scripts) and meta-cognition to monitor the process ( Groves, 2012 ). The question of what constitutes diagnostic expertise and how

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Exhaust Gas Temperature Measurements in Diagnostics of Turbocharged Marine Internal Combustion Engines Part I Standard Measurements

References 1. Korczewski Z.: An entropy function application within the selection process of diagnostic parameters of marine diesel and gas turbine engines. Polish Maritime Research, 2(65)/2010, Vol.17, p. 29-35. 2. Korczewski Z.: Exhaust gas temperature measurements in diagnostic examination of naval gas turbine engines. Part III. Diagnostic and operating tolerances. Polish Maritime Research, No. 4(71)/2011, Vol.18, p. 49-53. 3. Korczewski Z.: Analysing possible use of the diagnostic model of internal

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