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Delamination Resistance Of Laminate Made With VBO MTM46/HTS Prepreg

REFERENCES 1. ASTM D5528-12 Standard Test Method for Mode I Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Unidirectional Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites 2. ASTM D6115-97 Standard Test Method for Mode I Fatigue Delamination Growth Onset of Unidirectional Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites 3. ASTM D6671-13 Standard Test Method for Mixed Mode I-Mode II Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Unidirectional Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites 4. Bai J. (ed.) (2013), Advanced fibre–reinforced polymer (FRP) compositesfor structural

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Delamination of Composite Laminate Plate by Sliding Load Mode

LITERATURE [1] BRUNO, D. and F. GRECO. An Asymptotic Analysis of Delamination Buckling and Growth in Layered Plates. International Journal of Solids and Structures , 37 (43), pp. 6239-6276, 2000. [2] KIM, H.J. Postbuckling Analysis of Composite Laminates with a Delamination. Computer and Structures , 62 (6), pp. 975-983, 1997. [3] COCHELIN, B. and M. POTIER-FERRY. A Numerical Model for Buckling and Growth of Delaminations in Composite Laminates. Computer Methods and Applied Mechanics , 89 (1-3), pp. 361-380, 1991. [4] STORAKERS, B. and

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Numerical and Experimental Research on Delamination of Glulam Elements

143, 2011. 8. Y. Jiang, J. Schaffrath, M. Knorz, S. Winter, J. W. G. Van de Kuilen, “Applicability of various wood species in glued laminated timber: Parameter study on delamination resistance and shear strength”, WCTE 2014: Proceedings of the World Conference on Timber Engineering, 2014. 9. D. H. de Almeida, R. S. Cavalheiro, L. B. de Macêdo, C. C. Neto, A. L. Christoforo, C. C. Junior, F. A. R. Lahr, “Evaluation of Quality in the Adhesion of Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam) of Paricá and Lyptus Wood Species”, International Journal of Materials

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Laser Doppler Vibrometer Based Examination of the Efficiency of Introducing Artificial Delaminations into Composite Shells

References 1. Bolotin V.V. Delaminations in Composites Structures: Its Origin, Buckling, Growth and Stability. Composites: Part B Engineering, 1996; 27(2): 129-145. 2. Bolotin V.V. Mechanics of Delaminations in Laminate Composite Structures. Mechanics of Composite Materials, 2001; 3(5/6): 367-380. 3. Clarke M.J., Pavier M.P. Experimental Techniques for the Investigation of the Effects of Impact Damage on Carbon Fiber Composites. Composite Sciences and Technology, 1995; 55: 157 - 169. 4. Dilhac J

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Experimental investigation on effective detection of delamination in gfrp composites using taguchi method

Non-Linear mechanics, 43(2007), 217-30. Meo, M., Polimeno, U. and Zumpano, G.: Detecting damage in composite material using nonlinear elastic wave spectroscopy methods. Applied Composite Materials 15(2008), 115-126. Wooh, S.C. and Wei, C.A.: High-fidelity ultrasonic pulse-echo scheme for detecting delaminations in composite laminates. Composites Part B: Engineering 30(1999), 433-441. Kilickap, E.: Optimization of cutting parameters on delamination based on Taguchi method during drilling

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Problem of Delamination in RC Beams Strengthened by FRP with Rheological Model of Adhesive Leyer

between FRP and concrete in reinforced concrete beams strengthened with near surface mounted and externally bonded reinforcement , Construction and Building Materials, 32(2012), 41-54. 6. Kula, K., Schlebusch, R., Kuczma, M.: and Zastrau, B., On the delamination problem in fiber reinforced, Advances in the mechanics of inhomogeneous media, ed. by Cz. Woźniak, M. Kuczma, R. Świtka, K. Wilmański.-Zielona Góra 2010, 311—321. 7. Mazzoti, C., Savoia, M. and Ferracuti, B:, An experimental study on delamination of FRP plates bonded to concrete , Construction and

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Identification of Delamination in Composite Beams using the Fractal Dimension-Based Damage Identification Algorithm

Engineering , 13(3), 287-296, 2013. [10] Katunin A., Przystałka P., Detection and localization of delaminations in composite beams using fractional B-spline wavelets with optimized parameters, Eksploatacja i Niezowodnosc – Maintenance and Reliability ,15(3), 391-399, 2014. [11] Simard P., le Tavernier E., Fractal approach for signal processing and application to the diagnosis of cavitation, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing , 14(3), 459-469, 2000. [12] Purintrapiban U., Kachitvichyanukul V., Detecting patterns in process data with fractal

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cohesive contact. Young Scientist 2013, Herľany: Technical University of Košice, 2013. ISBN 978-80-553-1305-4. [4] J. BESSON, G. CAILLETAUD, J.L. CHABOCHE, S. FOREST, Non-linear Mechanics of Materials . 167. Dordrecht: Springer, 2010. ISBN 978-90-481-3355-0. [5] T. ROUBÍČEK, M. KRUŽÍK, J. ZEMAN, Delamination and adhesive contact models and their mathematical analysis and numerical treatment. In V. Mantič, editor Mathematical Methods and Models in Composites. Imperial College Press, 2013, pp. 349-400. ISBN 978

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The Saxo-Danubian Granite Belt: magmatic response to post-collisional delamination of mantle lithosphere below the southwestern sector of the Bohemian Massif (Variscan orogen)

References Anderson D.L. 2005: Large igneous provinces, delamination, and fertile mantle. Elements 1, 271-275. Anthes G. & Reischmann T. 2001: Timing of granitoid magmatism in the eastern mid-German crystalline rise. J. Geodynamics 31, 119-143. Arnold J., Jacoby W.R., Schmeling H. & Schott B. 2001: Continental collision and the dynamic and thermal evolution of the Variscan orogenic crustal root — numerical models. J. Geodynamics 31, 273-291. Bird P

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Application of Electric Capacity Measurements to Detecting Delamination in Blades of Helicopter’s Lifting and Auxiliary Rotors

structures having honeycomb filling ( in Polish). , [in] Kubik J., Kurnik W., Nowacki W. K.: Proceeding materials of 1st Congress of Polish Mechanics, Warsaw, 28-31 August 2007. 5. Gębura A., Janusiak K., Poradowski M.: Ice formation on aircraft - causes , consequences , counteractions ( in Polish). Journal of KONBiN, No. 4(32), 2014, ITWL Publ., ISSN 1895-8281, Warsaw 2014. 6. Gębura A., Poradowski M.: Thermovision and electric capacity measurements - a measure of delamination of helicopter lifting blades ( in Polish), Journal of KONBiN

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