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Smart Simulation for Decision Support at Headquarters

Theory of Situation Awareness in Dynamic Systems ”, In: Human Factors 37.1, 32–64, 1995. [5] Auger, Gouin, Roy & DRDC Valcartier, Decision Support and knowledge exploitation technologies for C4ISR, 2006. [6] Maess P., Artificial life meets entertainment: Life like autonomous agents , Communications of the ACM, Vol. 38, No. 11, pp. 108-114, 1995. [7] Boyd, John, R., The Essence of Winning, and Losing , 28 June 1995, available at . [8] Chen Miao, Zhu Qiuming and Chen Zhengxin, An Integrated Interactive

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Comparison of Software Decision Support Systems for Solving a Multicriteria Optimization Problem

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Developing A Decision Support System For Project Management In Universities

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Radiation methods in decision support system for food safety

References 1. Cioca, M., & Cioca, L. (2010). Decision support systems used in disaster management. Chiang S. Jao (Ed.), Decision support systems. InTech, from InTech Open Science, DOI: 10.5772/39452. 2. Scalan, E., Hoekstra, R. M., Angulo F. J., Tauxe, R. V., Widdowson, M. A., Roy, S. L., Jones, J. L., & Griffin, P. M. (2011). Foodborne illness acquired in the United States - major pathogens. Emerg. Infect. Dis., 17, 7

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Structure of a decision support subsystem in real estate management

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Data fusion in a navigational decision support system on a sea-going vessel

intelligent transport systems. Communications in Computer and Information Science, series No. 104, Springer, Berlin 2011 (455-462) 13. Pietrzykowski Z., Borkowski P., Wołejsza P.: Marine integrated navigational decision support system. Communications in Computer and Information Science, series No. 329, Springer, Berlin 2012 (284-292) 14. Sroka R.: Data fusion methods in measurements of road traffic parameters (in Polish) . AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow 2008 15. Sun S.: Multi-sensor optimal information

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A Decision Support System Inferring the Genotypes of Seed Trees From Open Pollinated Progenies

References BONCZEK, R. H., HOLSAPPLE, C. W., WHINSTON, A. B. (1983): The evolving role of models in decision support systems. In: HOUSE, W. C. (Ed.). Decision Support Systems. Petrocelli, New York, pp. 343-370. BROWN, A. H. D., ALLARD, R.W. (1970): Estimation of the mating system in open-pollinated maize populations using isozyme polymorphisms. Genetics 66, 133-145. BROWN, A. H. D., MATHESON, A. C., ELDRIDGE, K. G. (1975): Estimation of the mating system of Eucalyptus obligua L’Herit. by using allozyme

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Design and development of an interactive mobile-based decision support system for selecting higher education studies

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Decision support system for collision avoidance at sea

-302. 13. Lisowski J.: Multi-step matrix game with the risk of ship collision . In C.A. Brebbia (Ed), Risk Analysis IV: Simulation and Hazard Mitigation, WIT Press Computational Mechanics Inc., Southampton-Boston, 2004, p. 669-680. 14. Pietrzykowski Z., Uriasz J..: Knowledge Representation in a Ship’s Navigational Decision Support System. TransNav - International Journal of Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation, Vol.4, No.3, 2010, p. 265-270. 15. Zhuo Y., Hearn G.E.: a ship based intelligent anti-collision decision

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Decision support systems in Slovak forestry planning: a review / Systémy na podporu rozhodovania v lesníckom plánovaní na Slovensku: prehľad

., Garcia-Gonzalo, J., Hujala, T., Trasobares, A., 2014: Computer-based tools for supporting forest management. The experience and the expertise world-wide. Report of Cost Action FP 0804 Forest Management Decision Support Systems. FORSYS. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 503 p. Available at: Fabrika, M., 2002: Multifunctional optimisation of stand tending by SDSS and growth modelling. In: Management and modelling multifunctional forest enterprises and properties : international symposium. Sopron, Hungary

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