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History, Cultural Memory and Intermediality in Radu Jude’s Aferim!

1 This work was supported by a grant of the Romanian Ministry of National Education, CNCS – UEFISCDI, project number PN-II-ID-PCE-2012-4-0573. References Achim, Viorel. 2004. The Roma in Romanian History . Budapest: Central European University Press. Assmann, Jan. 2008. Communicative and Cultural Memory. In Cultural Memory Studies. An International and Interdisciplinary Handbook , eds. Astrid Erll and Ansgar Nünning, 109–118. Berlin and New York: Walter de Gruyter. Bolter, Jay David and Richard Grusin. 1999. Remediation. Understanding

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Cultural Memory in the Novel Unterstadt by Ivana Šojat-Kuči

. Šojat-Kuči). Scrinia Slavonica 12 , 385–394. Hirsch, M. (1997). Family Frames: Photography, Narrative, and Postmemory . Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Lachmann, R. (2004). Cultural Memory and the Role of Literature. European Review 2, 165–178. Neumann, B. The Literary Representation of Memory. Media and Cultural Memory , edited by Astrid Erll & Ansgar Nünning, 333–343. Berlin & New York: Walter de Gruyter, 2008. Rigney, A. (2008). The Dynamics of Remembrance: texts between monumentality and morphing. Media and Cultural Memory

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Collective Cultural Memory as a TV Guide: “Living” History and Nostalgia on the Digital Television Platform

, Memory – Three Discourses in Dispute. In Witness: Memory, Representation and the Media in Question , eds. Ulrik Ekman and Frederik Tygstrup, 393–413. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press. Erll, Astrid. 2008. Cultural Memory Studies: An Introduction. In Cultural Memory Studies: An International and Interdisciplinary Handbook , eds. Astrid Erll, Ansgar Nünning and Sara B Young, 1–15. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. Erll, Astrid and Ann Rigney. 2009. Introduction. In Mediation, Remediation, and the Dynamics of Cutural Memory , eds. Astrid Erll and Ann Rigney, 1

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Popular Cultural Memory
Comics, Communities and Context Knowledge

: Theoretische, historische und soziale Aspekte ästhetischer Kanonbildungen. Stuttgart: Metzler. Assmann, A. (2004) ‘Zur Mediengeschichte des kulturellen Gedächtnisses’ (On the Media History of Cultural Memory) Erll, A. & Nünning, A. (eds.) Medien des kollektiven Gedächtnisses - Konstruktivität, Historizität, Kulturspezifität. Berlin: de Gruyter. Assmann, A. & Assmann, J. (1987) ‘Kanon und Zensur’ (Canon and Censorship), in Assmann, A. & Assmann, J. (eds.) Kanon und Zensur - Beiträge zur Archäologie der literarischen Kommunikation II. München

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Film and Media as a Site for Memory in Contemporary Art

References Adorno, Theodor W. 1967 [1955]. Prisms . London: Neville Spearman. Assmann, Jan. 1992. Cultural Memory: Writing, Memory and Political Identity in Early Civilizations . Munich: Verlag C. H. Beck. Bal, Mieke; Jonathan Crewe and Leo Spitzer, eds. 1999. Acts of Memory: Cultural Recall in the Present . Hanover: Dartmouth College, University Press of New England. Braudel, Fernand. 1958. Histoire et science sociales: La Longue durée. [History and the Social Sciences: The Long Durée], Annales ESC 4: 725–753. Segesten, Dutceac

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Making History Usable: Al-Andalus as a Site of Identity Construction in Arab American Women’s Narratives

References Aidi, Hisham D. 2005. “Let Us Be Moors: Islam, Race and Connected Histories.” Souls 7(1):36-51. Assmann, Jan. 1992. Das kulturelle Gedächtnis: Schrift, Erinnerung und Politische Identität in Frühen Hochkulturen . Munich: Beck. Confino, Alon. 2010. “Memory and the History of Mentalities” in A Companion to Cultural Memory Studies . Astrid Erll and Ansgar Nünning (Eds.). Berlin/New York: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & C0. KG, pp.77-84. Conliffe, Ciaran. November 14, 2016. “Wallada Bint Al-Mustakfi, Poetic Princess” in Literature

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Diluted Blood: Identity and the Other in Three Novels by Doeschka Meijsing

Lamberti. 2008. “Cultural Memory: A European Perspective.” Media and Cultural Memory/ Medien and kulturelle Erinnerung. Eds Ansgar Nunning, en Astrid Erll. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter Gmb Hand Co. KG. 127-137. Halbwachs, Maurice. 1991[1985]. Das kollektive Gedächtnis. Frankfurt am Main: Fischer. Lykke, Nina. 2010. Feminist Studies. A Guide to Intersectional Theory, Methodology and Writing. New York: Routledge. Mc Adams, Dan P. 2011. “Narrative Identity.” Handbook of Identity Theory and Research. Eds Seth J. Schwartz, Koen

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Cultural Identity Crisis inside Self-Same Culture as Reflected in György Lőrincz’s Novel Sounds of the Heart

References Assmann, Jan. 2011 [1992, 2007]. Cultural Memory and Early Civilization: Writing, Remembrance, and Political Imagination. Trans. David Henry Wilson. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. [Originally published as Assmann, Jan. 1992. Das kulturelle Gedӓchtnis: Schrift, Erinnerung und politische Identitӓt in frühen Hochkulturen. München: Verlag C. H. Beck.] Balázs, Sándor. 1995. Identitástudatunk zavarai. [Identity Disorders.]. Bucharest: Kriterion. Bloom, William. 1990. Personal Identity, National

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Media text energy as collective cultural memory reflection


The research aims at discovering the basic elements of energy potential in a media text. On the basis of the analysis of journalistic and advertising texts internal and external factors of the text energy circulation are singled out. The authors argue that a media text, representing a national worldview, contributes to the author’s and addressees’ energy augmentation as well as supports sustainable cultural meanings, fixed in the text.

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Narrative Discourse, Memory and the Experience of Travel in W. G. Sebald’s Vertigo

This work was created within the framework of a group research project entitled Travel and Cognition , supported by the Sapientia University – Institute of Research Programmes. Works Cited Assmann, Jan. 2011. Cultural Memory and Early Civilization: Writing, Remembrance and Political Imagination . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Augé, Marc. 1995. Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Super-modernity . Trans. John Howe. London and New York: Verso. Barthes, Roland. 1981. Camera Lucida. Reflections on Photography . Trans

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