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– Głowica urabiająca nowej generacji z narzędziami dyskowymi o złożonej trajektorii Archives of Mining Sciences – Archiwum Górnictwa, vol. 58 t. 4 p. 985-1006, 2013. Gupta A., Yan D.: Mineral Processing Design and Operation, Elsevier Science, 2006. Kotwica K.: Scenarios of technological development of roadways mining in Polish coal mines conditions. Mineral Resources Management, Tom 24, Zeszyt 1/2, Wydawnictwo IGSMiE PAN Kraków, p. 139-153, Kraków 2008. Mazur M.: Examination of quartzite and diabase vibratory crushing. Materials of Polish Conference of Young Scientists

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1 Introduction The improvement in mineral crushing process efficiency is a very important issue, especially from a technological point of view, which takes into account the preparation of a product with an appropriate grain size and shape (aggregate production). Economic aspects related to energy consumption and cost-consuming processes are equally important. The selection of appropriate crushing devices at each stage of crushing and their configuration have a fundamental influence on the quality of the products as well as the efficiency and energy consumption of

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This study was carried out at a roadside landing of the Augustów Forest District in order to determine the structure of a typical working day for machines involved in stump crushing as well as the overall efficiency of the process and the machinery's fuel consumption. The machines involved in the entire process were a front-loader, a shredder, a screen and a truck-tractor unit.

Machinery activity was recorded using a sampling method with a three-minute interval. During 16 hours of observation, 533 stumps were crushed to produce 362 m3 lv of timber particles in total and the average operational productivity reached 28 m3 lv h−1. Based on the amount of consumed fuel and its energy content, the energy input of the process was calculated to be 103.33 MJ m−3 lv which is 3640.53 MJ m−3 lv less than the output of energy gained at the power plant. Total CO2 emissions of the processing machinery and transport off the forest site were estimated using previously published data and amounted to 7.58 kg m−3 lv.

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Tools for crushing of undesirable advance growth and mulching wood are subjected to heavy wear in operation with the need for their frequent replacement shortly after deployment. It is important to address the problem of their wear due to price of tools, as well as the time necessary for their replacement. Tool life is shortened because of deformation taking place due to the loss of wolfram-carbide (WC) tips, what is an undesirable phenomenon. Solutions for increasing the tool lifetimes were designed on the basis of analysis of wear mechanisms that cause this deformation. Furthermore, effect of deformed layer was evaluated by measuring hardness and microhardness. It was found that there was a strain hardening the surface due to cyclic loading. Size and extent of deformation of the entire tool with the loss of material on the functional part were documented using an optical scanning sensor system. Effect of the deformation on the material structure change, as well as topography and extent of surface area affected by abrasive wear under impact loads, were assessed by means of light and electron scanning microscopy. On the basis of these analyses, an option for increasing the lifetime of exposed areas on the tool by application of hardfacing to increase the tool wear resistance was proposed. Prerequisite for extending their work lifetime in the field is creation of a sufficient coarse layer or multiple layers of wear resistant material at specific tool areas.

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