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Introduction Starting in April 2013, Thomas Mattsson and Jan Helin, the Editors-in-Chief of the competing national Swedish tabloids, Expressen and Aftonbladet , made podcasts in which they discussed media development and media criticism. The podcast MattssonHelin was published weekly from April 2013 to January 2016. Jan Helin then left Aftonbladet for the public service broadcaster, Sveriges Television, and the podcast was put on hold. The 147 th issue of the podcast was published in July 2016 and the 148th in November 2016. That the two hitherto intense

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THEATRICAL COLLOQUIA 225 DOI Number 10.2478/tco-2019-0029 With a Critical Eye on Romanian Criticism. From the Memories of the Flowing Thaw Review of the Book Theatre in Dioramas. Discourse of Theatrical Criticism in Communism. The Floating Thaw 1956-1964 by Miruna Runcan Ioana PETCU Abstract: Miruna Runcan’s book fills a still empty space of the specialized literature and, at the same time, it is the fruit of the research of a mind constantly concerned with the status of criticism in Romania, the meanders of a long process with stagnation


The article focuses on an analysis of Hart Crane’s essay “Note on the Paintings of David Siqueiros.” One of Crane’s few art-historical texts, the critical piece in question is first of all a tribute to the American poet’s friend, the Mexican painter David Siqueiros. The author of a portrait of Crane, Siqueiros is a major artist, one of the leading figures that marked the history of Mexican painting in the first half of the twentieth century. While it is interesting to delve into the way Crane approaches painting in general and Siqueiros’ œuvre in particular, an analysis of the essay with which the present article is concerned is also worthwhile for another reason. Like many examples of art criticism—and literary criticism, for that matter—”Note on the Paintings of David Siqueiros” reveals a lot not only about the artist it revolves around, but also about its author, an artist in his own right. In a text written in the last year of his life, Hart Crane therefore voices concerns which have preoccupied him as a poet and which, more importantly, are central to modernist art and literature.