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ICT Capacity Building: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Rwandan Policies from Higher Education Perspective

-learning in developing countries: A comparative analysis between ICT experts and faculty. Computers & Education, 58(2), 843-855. 7. Brown, G. & Yule, G. (2008). Discourse analysis. Cambridge University Press. 8. Cutting, J. (2002). Pragmatics and discourse: A resource book for students. Abingdon: Routledge. 9. Daniel, J. S. (1996). Mega-universities and knowledge media: Technology strategies for higher education. Psychology Press. 10. Fairclough, N. (2013). Critical discourse analysis: The critical study of

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Discourse as the object of philosophical and linguistics studies

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Strategies for Expressing Power Relationships in the Slovenian Translation of Amitav Ghosh's Novel the Hungry Tide

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Translation and Political Discourse

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Rouhani’s and Obama’s Persian New Year messages: A systemic functional grammar perspective

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in ExELL
Discourse Analysis and Language Pedagogy: A Review

–363). Boston, MA: Springer. Cook, G. (1990). Discourse . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Cots, J. M. (1996). Bringing discourse analysis into the language classroom. Links & Letters , 3, 77–101. Cots, J. M. (2006). Teaching ‘with an attitude’: Critical discourse analysis in EFL teaching. ELT Journal , 60 (4), 336–345. Demo, D. A. (2001). Discourse analysis for language teachers (Report No. ED456672). ERIC Clearinghouse on Languages and Linguistics Washington DC. ERIC Digest. Retrieved from ERIC database. Fairclough, N. (1992). Discourse

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Citizens’ Consultations – Public Spaces of Argument Evaluation? A View from Critical Discourse Analysis


The article applies a recently developed framework for the reconstruction and evaluation of arguments based on practical reasoning (Fairclough and Fairclough 2012) to the analysis of a public consultation session organised by the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Forests in 2011, which made partial use of digital media. The session is concerned with the Environmental Impact Assessment report in a case of public notoriety in post-communist Romania: the goldmining project at Roșia Montană. The findings indicate that the critical questioning by the public is aimed at rebutting the corporation’s main claim and proposed course of action, but its final outcome is conditioned by the institutional context and the steps that follow the consultation session.

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Representations of Ebola and its victims in liberal American newspapers

References BOLTANSKI, L., 1999. Distant suffering: Morality, media and politics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. BROOKES, H.J., 1995. ‘Suit, tie and a touch of juju’ - The ideological construction of Africa: A critical discourse analysis of news on Africa in the British press. Discourse and Society, vol. 6, no. 4, pp. 461-494. CAMUS, J.T.W., 2009. Metaphors of cancer in scientific popularization articles in the British press. Discourse Studies, vol. 11, no. 4, pp. 465-495. CHARTERIS

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Representations of Ethnicity in Journalism
Multiculturalist Transitions on the Pages of a Finnish Daily

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Why shouldn’t she spit on his grave? Critical discourse analysis of the revenge narratives in american popular film from the developmental point of view

storytelling. New York, NY: Ablex Publishing Corporation. Quervain, D. J., Fischbacher, U., Treyer, V., & Schellhammer, M. (2004). The neural basis of altruistic punishment. Science, 305(5688), 1254. doi: 10.1126/science.1100735 Van Dijk, T. (2008). Discourse and power: Contributions to critical discourse studies. Houndsmills: Palgrave McMillan. Weiss, G., & Wodak, R. (Eds.). (2007). Critical discourse analysis. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan. Wilkowski, B. M., Hartung, C. M., Crowe, S. E., & Chai, C. A. (2012

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