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. (1990), Gierek Edward: Przerwana dekada . Wywiad rzeka , [Gierek, Edward: an interrupted decade. An interview], Wydawnictwo Fakt, Warsaw. Skotarczak D. (2012), O powieści milicyjnej pozytywnie, [About the “Militia novel” with optimism] [in:] Stańczak-Wiślicz K. (ed.), “Kultura popularna w Polsce w latach 1944-1989” [Popular culture in Poland in the years 1944-1989], Instytut Badań Literackich PAN, Warsaw, p. 177-188. Skotarczak D. (2015), Polska powieść kryminalna w okresie odwilży. Próba charakterystyki , [Polish crime novel in the period of the “thaw”. A


131 True Crime DOI: 10.1515/abcsj-2017-0009 True Crime CHARLOTTE BEYER Abstract This poem is a creative response to contemporary true crime narratives about baby farming in Victorian times, namely Alison Rattle and Allison Vale’s The Woman Who Murdered Babies for Money: The Story of Amelia Dyer (London: André Deutsch, 2011); and the TV documentary, “Amelia Dyer: Martina Cole's Lady Killers.” Keywords: True crime, baby farming, infanticide, motherhood, documentary Making a living from death the baby farmer was at last arrested, her

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This is a speech by superintendent Tomasz Trawinski, the regional police commander in Poznań, who opened the first of the series of conferences devoted to the history of financial crime in Poland. The present threat of escalating financial crime is not only the concern of the agencies established for fighting this abnormality, but also of other institutions which can potentially be of help in fulfilling this task. In this field, the Polish police is open to new forms of cooperation and one of them is the collaboration with academic and scientific centers

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, investment, and education expenditure, whereas households that do not receive remittances see a fall in consumption. They also serve as an insurance against negative shocks to income ( Yang and Choi, 2007 ). Remittance flows also increase entry into entrepreneurship and education expenses, thereby reducing unemployment ( Yang, 2008 ), which is a contributing factor of crime ( Lin, 2008 ; Krohn, 1976 ). The effect of remittance flows on the economy depends on the allocation of the transfers. When remittances are invested in productive ways, they are more likely to be

i konflikt klasowy w społeczeństwie przemysłowym [Class and class conflict in the industrial society], Wydawnictwo NOMOS, Kraków 2008. Decree of November 16, 1945 on crimes posing a special threat in the period of state reconstruction [Journal of Laws, no. 53, item 300]. Decree of November 16, 1945 on emergency procedures, Journal of Laws no. 53 item 301 Decree of November 16, 1945 on the creation and the scope of activity of the Special Commission for Fighting with Fraud and Economic Abuse, Journal of Laws, no. 53, item 302. Decree of June 13, 1946 on crimes

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