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Preprocessing Based Verification of Multiparty Protocols with Honest Majority

., and N ielsen , J. B. From passive to covert security at low cost. In TCC (2010), D. Micciancio, Ed., vol. 5978 of LNCS , Springer, pp. 128–145. [21] D amgård , I., K eller , M., L arraia , E., M iles , C., and S mart , N. P. Implementing AES via an actively/covertly secure dishonest-majority MPC protocol. In Security and Cryptography for Networks - 8th International Conference, SCN 2012. Proceedings (2012), I. Visconti and R. D. Prisco, Eds., vol. 7485 of LNCS , Springer, pp. 241–263. [22] D amgård , I., K eller , M., L arraia , E., P astro , V

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Privacy-Preserving Interdomain Routing at Internet Scale

-secure two-party computation. In CRYPTO’12 , volume 7417 of LNCS , pages 681–700. Springer, 2012. [41] J. B. Nielsen, T. Schneider, and R. Trifiletti. Constant round maliciously secure 2PC with function-independent preprocessing using LEGO. In NDSS’17 . The Internet Society, 2017. [42] Y. Aumann and Y. Lindell. Security against covert adversaries: Efficient protocols for realistic adversaries. In TCC’07 , volume 4392 of LNCS , pages 137–156. Springer, 2007. [43] I. Damgård, M. Geisler, and J. B. Nielsen. From passive to covert security at low cost

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