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-venkov . Praha: Alfa. [20] Leeuwis, C. & van de Ban, A. W. (2003). Communication for rural innovation: rethinking agricultural extension . 3 rd ed. Ames, IA: Iowa State Press. [21] Murdoch, J., Lowe, P., Ward, N. & Marsden, T. (2003). The differentiated countryside . London and New York. Routledge. [22] Musil, J. & Müller, J. (2008). Inner peripheries of the Czech Republic as a mechanism of social exclusion. Sociologický časopis 44(2), 321–348. [23] Perlín, R., Kučerová, S. & Kučera, Z. (2010). Typologie venkovského prostoru Česka. Geografie . 115(2), 161–187. [24

countryside: studies of social change in rural Britain. Paul Chapman Publishing Ltd. Čičkarić, L., 2009. ‘Politička participacija i reprezentacija žena u zemljama postsocijalističke Evrope’ [Political participation and representation of women in post-socialist countries of Europe], Sociološki pregled, Vol. XLIII (3): 343-359. Clarke, J., 2010. ‘Enrolling ordinary people: governmental strategies and the avoidance of politics?’, Citizenship studies, Vol. 14(6): 637-650. Cross, W., Blais, A., 2012. ‘Who selects the party leader?’, Party Politics, Vol. 18 (2): 127-150. Davies

’s coastal cities and agglomerations. Ocean and Coastal Management , 114, 11–20. DOI: 10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2015.06.004. [4] Beach, D. (2002). Coastal Sprawl: the effects of urban design on aquatic ecosystems in the United States . Arlington, VA. Pew Oceans Commission. [5] Bell, S., Peña, A. C. & Prem, M. (2013). Imagine coastal sustainability. Ocean and Coastal Management , 83, 39–51. DOI: 10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2013.02.016. [6] Blacksell, M. (2010). Agriculture and Landscape in 21st Century Europe: The Post-Communist Transition. European Countryside , 2(1), 13–24. DOI: 10

References Ciok, S., 1990. Problematyka obszarów przygranicznych Polski Południowo-Zachodniej. Studium społeczno-ekonomiczne [Problems of the borderland areas of the south-west Poland. Social-economic analysis]. Wrocław, PWN. Ciok S. 1990 Problematyka obszarów przygranicznych Polski Południowo-Zachodniej Studium społeczno-ekonomiczne [Problems of the borderland areas of the south-west Poland. Social-economic analysis] Wrocław PWN Fedyszak-Radziejowska, B., 2009. Wieś i rolnicy cztery lata po akcesji – początek procesu transformacji [Countryside and farmers four

European Countryside - Editorial

EUROPEAN COUNTRYSIDE is defined as an international on-line scientific journal in the branch of rural development. It publishes first of all theoretical and methodological articles, dealing with multi-functional development of countryside, articles related to regional aspects of rural development and with problems of individual branches connected with the countryside. EUROPEAN COUNTRYSIDE is a journal supporting European processes of integration, collaboration of experts from European countries and the idea of Europe of Regions. EUROPEAN COUNTRYSIDE deals with problems of European countryside - although general and/or theoretical problems of rural research from other continents are welcome. Widening of the European Community and common agricultural policy put a joint future ahead of the rural development in whole Europe. Our journal welcomes articles from different disciplines dealing with the countryside having in mine conceptions of sustainability and locality: ecology of rural landscape, rural sociology, demographic development of rural regions, human resources, gender, multifunctional development of countryside, role of agriculture and other branches, rural and agro-tourism, geography of rural micro-regions, problems of rural borderland, rural settlement, small towns as rural centres, rural planning and architecture and other aspects of rural development. The publishing in EUROPEAN COUNTRYSIDE is open for all experts from universities, scientific institutions and other workplaces of investigation. The authors will pay symbolic amount for the publication of their papers. We go out from the presupposition that a majority of results arise within different grants projects where publication costs are an integral part of the budget. Other expenses connected with publishing of EUROPEAN COUNTRYSIDE are covered by the MUAF Faculty of Agronomy. On the other side, the papers published in EUROPEAN COUNTRYSIDE will be free accessible to all potential readers through the net. By such a way we hope in better quotation of individual papers and increasing value of the papers and their authors. Additionally, professional way of publishing helps to complete this aim.

in a village – quality of democracy in small Swiss villages) Demokratie in der Gemeinde: Herausforderungen und mögliche Reformen Zürich Schulthess 59 92 Brown, D. L. & Schafft, K. A., 2003. Social Exclusion in Rural Areas of Central and Eastern Europe. Eastern European Countryside 9, pp. 27-44. Brown D. L. Schafft K. A. 2003 Social Exclusion in Rural Areas of Central and Eastern Europe Eastern European Countryside 9 27 44 Brown, D.L. & Schafft, K.A., 2002. Population deconcentration in Hungary during the post-socialist transformation. Journal of Rural Studies, 18

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178/280 Europ. Countrys. · Vol. 11 · 2019 · No. 2 · p. 178-186 DOI: 10.2478/euco-2019-0016 European Countryside MENDELU THE CENTENNIAL OF MENDEL UNIVERSITY IN BRNO AND ITS FACULTY OF AGRISCIENCES (EDITORIAL) Milada Šťastná, Antonín Vaishar1 Received 4 April 2019; Accepted 17 April 2019 Abstract: The paper describes the development of Mendel University in Brno and its Faculty of AgriSciences during last 100 years. It shows the present state of the University

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