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The Value of Internet Research to Danish Council Reporters


This article presents the findings from qualitative interviews with nine Danish council reporters on how they use the Internet for research on council affairs. Through qualitative interviews, the article aims to qualify and expand findings from survey research on journalists’ use of the Internet for research and asks how much value journalists add to information found on the Internet and how important Internet research is compared to other types of research. The journalists interviewed found that the council website was useful as a provider of factual information about the council and a searchable archive of council affairs. Most importantly, the website expands the opportunities for monitoring council affairs. Journalists also found that access to Internet-based information on websites outside the council has improved the quality of their products. Generally, council reporters add context, opinions, and democratic control to information found on the Internet and do not see the Internet as a competitor for audience attention.

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Paula Meehan’s Cell: The Imprisoned Dialogue of Female Discourses

Review . “Women’s Activism and Voluntary Activity” 9. Galway: Women’s Studies, 59-78. Print. Schirm, Anita (2010). “A few comments on the pragmatics of billboard posters.” In: Pragmatics of Semantically-Restricted Domains [ Pragmatic Perspectives on Language and Linguistics, Vol.2 ], ed. By Iwona Witczak-Plisiecka. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 275–296. The Council Report CR99. (February 2002). “Suicide in Prisons.” Appendix 2. “Prison Suicide Situation in The Republic of Ireland.” Web. Available:

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Air Quality in Riga and Its Improvement Options

:// LR Cabinet Regulation No 1290 (03.11.2009) "On Air Quality" Riga City Council, Department of Housing and Environment: Air pollution measurement results in Riga 2010. Riga, 2011. February. [Accessed 27.06.2011]. Available: Kleperis, J. Air quality assessment in Riga for the period 2004-2009. City Development Department of Riga City Council, Report of INTERREG IVB project "Baltic Sea Region Network Project - Eco-region (EcoRegion), Riga, 2010

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A numerical and experimental study on the drag of a cavitating underwater vehicle in cavitation tunnel

bodies. Journal of the Society of Naval Architects of Korea , 50(6), pp.436-449. Maskell, E.C., 1963. A theory of the blockage effects on bluff bodies and stalled wing in a closed wind tunnel. Aeronautical research council Reports and Memoranda . London: Her Majesty’s stationery office. Park, S. and Rhee, S.H., 2010. Investigation for the characteristics of cavitation modeling for computational fluids dynamics. Journal of the Society of Naval Architects of Korea , 47(5), pp.657-669. Park, S. and Rhee, S.H., 2011a. Numerical analysis of super

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Investigation of Flow Field Around the Pointed Cowl Air Intake at Mach 2.0

with Rectangular to Elliptical Shape Transition”, Journal of Propulsion and Power , Vol. 17, No. 2, March–April 2001, pp. 276–283. . [10] E. L. Goldsmith, “Effect of Internal Contraction, Initial Rate of Subsonic Diffusion and Cowl and Centre body Shape on the Pressure Recovery of a Conical – Centre body intake at supersonic speeds”, Aeronautical research council, Reports and Memoranda, London, R&M No 3204, 1962. [11] F. Ianson and J. L. Stollery, “Some Hypersonic Intake Studies,” Aeronautical journal , vol. 110, no. 1105

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Counter-Insurgency Operations of the African Union and Mitigation of Humanitarian Crisis in Somalia

”. Available from: [accessed: 5 November 2016]. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (2017). “Humanitarian Situation continues to deteriorate”, May 2017 Humanitarian Bulletin, Issued 2 June, 2017. Seguí, N.R. (2013). “Appraising the Role of the African Union in Somalia”, Peace and Security Council Report, Issue 42. Somalia Humanitarian Country Team (2014). “Humanitarian implications of SNAF

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The Swiss Ständerat: a Model of Perfect Bicameralism

, 2015, ‘Kommentar zu Art. 138-142, 192-194’, in Waldmann et al. (eds), Basler Kommentar, Bundesverfassung, Helbing Lichtenhahn, Basel. Federal Council's report on age limits, 2004, in Bundesblatt Nr. 17 vom 4. Mai 2004, available at (last access 27th April 2018). Häfelin Ulrich, Haller Walter, Keller Helen and Thurnherr Daniela, 2016, Schweizerisches Bundesstaatsrecht, Schulthess, Zurich-Basel-Geneva. Heger Matthias, 1990, Deutscher Bundesrat und Schweizer

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Examining the need for a public procurement maturity model (PPMM) for infrastructure buyers in a monopsony market structure

Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance” , New York, 1998 . [18]. RÖGLINGER MAXIMILIAN, PÖPPELBUß JENS, BECKER JÖRG Discussion Paper WI-352, Maturity Models in Business Process Management, in: Business Process Management Journal 18 ( 2012 ) 2, available at [19]. ROMANIAN COMPETITION COUNCIL: „ Investigatia sectoriala pe piata lucrarilor de constructii de drumuri si poduri”, Romanian Competition Council Report for 2013, available at http

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Comparison of beta (LSC) and gamma (HPGe) spectrometric methods for lead-210 in chronological study

-Gabor A Somlai J Cosma C 2011 A sedimentation study of St. Ana Lake (Romania) applying the 210 Pb and 137 Cs dating methods Geochronometria 38 2 93 100 10.2478/s13386-011-0017-6 Bhatki KS, 1977. The radiochemistry of bismuth . National Research Council Report, NAS-NS-3057. Washington D.C.: National Academy of Sciences, 151. Bhatki KS 1977 The radiochemistry of bismuth. National Research Council Report NAS-NS-3057 Washington D.C. National Academy of Sciences 151 Dušauskiene-Duž R, 1997. Ecological and geochemical role of radionuclides ( 90 Sr and 210 Pb) in Lake

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The Territory Paradox: the Basis of Statehood and International Norms as an Obstacle to the Protection of International Community Interests

: a response to US comments’ (2007) 89 Intl Rev of the Red Cross 473. Henderson C, ‘The Extraterritorial Seizure of Individuals under International Law – The Case of al-Liby: Part II’ ( EJIL: Talk! , 7 November 2013). Human Rights Committee, General Comment No. 29, States of Emergency (Article 4), CCPR/C/21/Rev.1/Add.11 [2001]. Human Rights Committee, Concluding Observations on Kosovo (Serbia), CCPR/C/UNK/CO/1 [2006]. Human Rights Council, Report on the first session of the open-ended intergovernmental working group on transnational

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