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Corruption, Licensing and Elections - A New Analysis Framework

References Ades, A. and Di Tella R. (1999) Rents, Competition and Corruption, American. Economic Review, Vol. 50, pp. 49-123. Chang, E., and Golden M. A. (2004) Does Corruption Pay? The Survival of Politicians Charged with Malfeasance in the Postwar Italian Chamber. Paper presented at the annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, Available at: http

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Corruption and Campaign Funding: A Burkean Perspective

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Corruption Perception in the Czech Republic

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The Never-ending Story: Czech Governments, Corruption and Populist Anti-Corruption Rhetoric (2010–2018)

–87. Císař, Ondřej – Petr, Tomáš (2007): Party funding in the Czech Republic, in Smilov Daniel –Toplak, Jurij, eds., Political Finance and Corruption in Eastern Europe . The Transition Period,71–89, Asghate. CVVM (2014): Postoje k politickým stranám – září 2014: available at (23 August 2018). CVVM (2018): Volební model – únor 2018: available at (23 August 2018). Česká televize (2013

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Corruption and System Change in the Czech Republic: Firm-Level Evidence

References Ades A., Di Tella, R. (1999). Rents, competition, and corruption. American Economic Review, 89, 982-993. Aidt T. S. (2009). Corruption, institutions, and economic development. Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 25(2), 271-291. Batory, A. (2012). Why do anticorruption laws fail in Central Eastern Europe? A target compliance perspective. Regulation & Governance, 6(1), 66-82. Berg V. Sanford, Liangliang, J. and Chen, L. (2012). Regulation and corporate corruption: new evidence from the

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The Impact of Corruption on the Business in Bulgaria and Romania

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Corruption in Transition Economies: Cause or Effect?

References Akçay, S. (2006), “Corruption and Human Development,” The Cato Journal, 26(1), pp. 29-48. Bliss, C. and R. D. Tella (1997), “Does Competition Kill Corruption?” The Journal of Political Economy, 105(5), pp. 1001-1023. Chen, W., J. Clarke, and N. Roy (2013), “Health and Wealth: Short Panel Granger Causality Tests for Developing Countries,” The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, forthcoming. Depken, C. and C. LaFountain (2006), “Fiscal Consequences of Public

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Corruption, Shadow Economy and Economic Growth: An Empirical Survey Across the European Union Countries

References 1. Achim, M. (2017), Corruption, income and business development, Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development, 10(1), 85-100. 2. Achim, M., Borlea, N.S. (2015). Determinants of the European funds absorption 2007-2013 in European Union Member States, Proceeding of WEI International Academic Conference in Vienna, Austria, 174-188. 3. Beck, P., Maher, M. (1986). A comparison of bribery and bidding in thin markets. Economic Letters, 20 (1), 1-5. 4. Buehn, A

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Economic, Political, Social Factor of Corruption in the Slovak Republic

References Ackerman, J. 2004. “Co-Governance for Accountability: Beyond ‘Exit’ and ‘Voice’.” World Development 32(3), 447–463. Ades, A. and R. Di Tella. 1996. “The Causes and Consequences of Corruption: A Review of Recent Empirical Contributions.” In B. Harris-White and G. White. Liberalisation and the New Corruption . Brighton: Institute of Development Studies. Available at (last accessed 27 September 2013). Ades, A. and R. Di Tella. 1999. “Rents, Competitions, and

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Contemporary Trends in the Development of the Anti-Corruption Legislation of Republic of Bulgaria

References [1] E. Commission, European Semester Thematic Factsheetearly School Leavers, 2017. [2] UN, United Nations Convention against Corruption, New York, 2004. [3] Constitution of The Republic Of Bulgaria, 1991. [4] N. Naydenov, Basic elements of corrupt action vs. a universal definition of corruption , Public, vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 13-45, 2011. [5] Corruption Perceptions Index, . [6] Report from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council on

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