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The Use of the Correspondence Analysis in the Research of the Tourist Activity of University Students

Tourist activity and travel constitute the function of the people's quality of life and indicate the level of civilizational development of the country. Tourism of young people has its separate, specific place in the trends in contemporary tourism. Students constitute a social group that has substantial free time resources at hand, and therefore, form one of the most touristically active society groups. This articles aims at analyzing tourist activity of Szczecin universities students, and in particular, in detecting the relations between the variables characterizing their holiday. Simple statistic methods in the field of structure analysis and multidimensional correspondence analysis were used as a scientific tool. The Correspondence Analysis module of STATISTICA 8.0 package was used for the purpose of calculations and graphic presentation.


The article aims to show the issue of educational travels of noble youth in the modern era. Its source basis is the correspondence of Jakub Dunin from his journeys around Europe in the years 1699–1703, addressed to his father Franciszek Świętosław. These letters (preserved in the National Archives in Krakow in the Tomkowicz Archive from Kobiernice) are the source of important information referring to the reasons for the travel, expenses related with travelling or companions in the excursion.

Particularly noteworthy are the colourful descriptions of social life at European royal courts. For example, the author visited the Versailles of Louis XIV, from which he reported in detail on the celebration of various ceremonies and courtly entertainment events. Foreign journeys made it possible to encounter foreign cultures, political system or army, which encouraged sons of the nobility to reflect, which reflections they shared then with relatives in the country. As a result, correspondence from the peregrination always abounds in individual interpretations, for example, on the political situation taking place on the international arena at that time, which when confronted with the actual state will be an additional asset of the publication.


Many of the problems that the world faces today appeared as the result of unstable development. Global climate change, resource depletion, space debris, poverty, inequality, and threats to global security are the main but not the only challenges for modern humanity. The important issue in studying the problems of sustainable development of the countries in the world is the development of strategies that would give an opportunity to avoid environmental and social catastrophes. The correspondence analysis is used to identify the relationship between the Happy Planet Index (which is an aggregate indicator of achievements in the key aspects of human development, such as life duration and quality, distribution uniformity, access to knowledge, and preservation of environment) and Gross National Income (one of the basic metrics of the population welfare level). The analysis led to the conclusion that the income level of the population is not the main factor in assessing the level of sustainable development of acountry. The obtained results can give important and useful information for social institutions and politicians.

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