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The Possibility of Overcoming Barriers in International Cooperation in the Area of R&D from the Point of View of a Research Unit, Based on the Example of the Institute of Aviation

Bibliography 1. Axelrod, R. M., Hamilton, W. D. (1984). The evolution of cooperation . New York: Basic Books. 2. Barta, G., Csizmadia, Z., Deak, C., Dõry, T., Kiss, A., Lengyel, B. (2011). R&D Cooperation Between Universities And Enterprises . Centre For Regional Studies Of Hungarian Academy Of Sciences: Discussion Papers, 84. 3. Barkema, H., Bell, J., Pennings, J. (1996). Foreign entry, cultural barriers and learning. Strategic Management Journal , 17 (2), 151–166. 4. Boultellier, O., Grassman, M. von Zedtwitz, (2000). Managing

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Polish - Romanian Military Cooperation

]łównym celem jest dostosowanie NATO do nowych zdolności i misji w rejonie Atlantyku oraz na poziomie globalnym, jak również wzmocnienie politycznej, militarnej i ekonomicznej roli Unii Europejskiej w obszarach wspólnego zainteresowania”; [8] Polish-Romanian agreement on defence cooperation, Ministry of National Defence, 6th June 2013, [accessed: 09.03.2018]; [9] Information from the Corps webpage: [accessed: 09.03.2018]; [10] NATO

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Nato-Eu Cooperation

References [1] 22 out of 29 NATO members, respectively 28 EU members, are part of both organisations [2] The Petersberg tasks are: humanitarian search and rescue (SAR); crisis management; peacekeeping; environmental protection [3] The seven areas of cooperation between NATO and EU decided by the defence ministers in December 2016, are: 1. countering hybrid threats; 2.operational cooperation including maritime issues; 3.cyber security and defence; 4.defence capabilities; 5.parallel and coordinated

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Nordic Model of Subregional Co-Operation

. Nowiak, W., Nordycki model “welfare state” w realiach XXI wieku. Dylematy wyboru i ewolucja systemu w społeczeństwach dobrobytu - wnioski praktyczne. Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Adama Mickiewicza, Poznań 2011. Nybbak, M., The Nordic Region must overcome challenges through solidarity and closer co-operation. Web. 11 May 2015 < events/news/201cthe-nordic-region-must-overcome-challenges-throughsolidarity- and-closer-co-operation201d>. Osiński, J., Modele prawie idealne. “Newsweek”. 8 June 2007. Web. 9

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Improving Coordination, Interaction and Cooperation in Humanitarian Aid Operations

References [1] Field Operations Guide for Disaster Assessment and Response, U.S. Agency for International Development, USA, Sept 2005. [2] Guidelines on the Use of Military and Civil Defence Assets to Support United Nations Humanitarian Activities in Complex Emergencies (MCDA Guidelines), Rev. 1, Drafting Committee, January 2006. [3] Grigorov, G. Opportunities for Increasing the Effectiveness of Civil-Military Cooperation in Humanitarian Aid Operations. Dissertation for Acquiring Educational and Scientific

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.08.20.) The Hungarian-Slovak Cross-Border Tourism Destination Organization website. Available from: (2013.08.12.) Michálková, A. - Kojdov á, H. - Némethov á, I. 2012. Impact of Declared Clusters of Tourism on Slovak Destinations. In: Studia commercialla Bratislavensia, 2012, no. 4, pp. 627-639. Káposzta , J. - Nag y, H. - Ritter , K. Cross-border cooperations to enhance economic development in the Visegrad countries. In: Delphi Business Review, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 11-24. Káposzta , J

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Information Management and Companies’ Logistics Cooperation

. Sławińska, PWN, Warszawa. Lachiewicz S., Bielawska-Zakrzewska A. [2012] „Sieć przedsiębiorstw jako skuteczna forma organizacyjna w warunkach kryzysu gospodarczego”, Management and Business Administration, Central Europe, vol. 4, no. 117: p. 36. Lis. T., Bajdor P. [2015] Information and Communication Technology and Organizations’ Cooperation at the Dynamic Market”, Applied Mechanics and Materials, vol. 795: p. 138-140. Makowiec M. [2011] „Instrumentalizacja procesów transferu wiedzy”, [in:] Komunikacja w procesach zarządzania

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The European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC): A New Tool Facilitating Cross-Border Cooperation and Governance

References Abkommen zwischen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, dem Land Niedersachsen, dem Land Nordrhein-Westfahlen und dem Königreich der Niederlande über grenzüberschreitende Zusammenarbeit zwischen Gebietskörperschaften und anderen öffentlichen Stellen (Agreement between the Federal Republic of Germany, the state of Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and the Kingdom of the Netherlands on cross-border cooperation between local authorities and other public bodies) , 21 May 1980. Annex 1: Overview of the

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Cross-Border Cooperation on Security in Europe

., 2004. Crime in border regions: The Scandinavian case of Öresund, 1998-2001. Annals of the Association of American Geographers , 94 (4): 807-826. De Ruyver B., Bruggeman W. & Zanders P., 1993. Cross-border crime in Belgium. European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research , 1-3: 87-100. European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument: Cross-Border Cooperation , Strategy Paper 2007-2013, Indicative Programme 2007-2010. Gaylord M., 1999. Cross-border crime and legal jurisdiction in post

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Evaluation of the Marketing Communication of Scientific Units in the Context of Cooperation with the Sector of small and Medium Enterprises in Lodz Region

Bibliography 1. Barszcz, M. (ed.) (2016). Komercjalizacja B+R dla praktyków 2016 , Warszawa: NCBiR. 2. Bjerregaard, T. (2009). Universities-industry collaboration strategies: a micro-level per- spective. European Journal of Innovation Management , 12/2, 161–176. 3. Breen, H. i Hing, N. (2002). Improving Competitiveness Through Cooperation: Assessing The Benefits Of Cooperative Education Partnerships In Gaming Management. UNLV Gaming Research & Review Journal , 6/1, 57–72. 4. Feldy, M. (2014). Czynniki powodzenia w procesach

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