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An Analytical Study of Critical Factors Affecting Contractor Efficiency in Construction Projects in Indian Scenario

.11.790. Elyamany, A., & Abdelrahman, M. (2010). Contractor performance evaluation for the best value of superpave projects. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 136(5), pp. 606-614. doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)CO.1943-7862.0000158. Elzomor, M., & Parrish, K. (2016). Investigating building construction process and developing a performance index. Procedia Engineering, 145, pp. 211-218. doi: 10.1016/j. proeng.2016.04.063. Erdogan, S. A., Šaparauskas, J., & Turskis, Z. (2017). Decision making in construction management: AHP and expert choice

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Identification of Delay Causing Actor in the Indian Real Estate Project: an AHP-Based Approach

:// Deep, S., Jefferies, M., & Gajendran, T. (2017). Resolving constraints in collaborative procurement through the lens of a portfolio purchasing model: A traditional literature review. Paper presented at the International Symposium on Frontiers of Infrastructure Finance, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. Deep, S., Khan, M. B., Ahmad, S., & Saeed, A. (2017e). A study of various factors affecting contractor's performance in

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Integration of Occupational Safety to Contractors` or Subcontractors` Performance Evaluation in Construction Projects


Several factors should be considered by the owner and general contractor in the process of contractors` and subcontractors` selection and evaluation. The paper reviews the recent models addressed to guide general contractors in subcontractors’ selection process and in evaluation of different contractors during the execution of the project. Moreover the paper suggests the impact of different contractors’ performance to the overall level of occupational health and safety culture at the sites. It deals with the factors influencing the safety performance of contractors during construction and analyses the methods for assessing the safety performance of construction contractors. The results of contractors’ safety performance evaluation could be a useful tool in motivating contractors to achieve better safety outcomes or could have effect on owners` or general contractors’ decision making about contractors suitability for future contracting works.

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Management of Contracting Public Services and its Quality in Slovakia

-419. Bunčak, J., R. Džambazovič, A. Hrabovska and J. Sopoci. 2008. Názory občanov na budúcnosť Slovenska . Bratislava: EU SAV. Cooper, P. J. 2003. Governing by Contract. Washington D.C.: CQ Press. DeHoog, R. H. 1990. “Competition, Negotiation, or Cooperation: Three Models for Service Contracting.” Administration and Society 22, 317-340. Engelbeck, R. M. 2004. Using Metrics to Manage Contractor Performance . Graduate School of Business & Public Policy at the Naval Postgraduate School. Available at http

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Control panel and indicators for production control in building projects

. US Green Building Council, Washington, D. C.. Ward, S., Curtis, B., & Chapman, C. (1991). Objectives and performance in construction projects. Construction Management and Economics, 9, pp. 343-353. Wideman, R. M. (2004). The Role of the Project Life Cycle (Life Span) in Project Management. AEW Services, Vancouver. Wong, C. (2004). Contractor performance prediction model for the United Kingdom construction contractor: study of logistic regression approach. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 130, pp

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Factors Militating Against Prompt Delivery of Construction Projects in Lagos Megacity, Nigeria: Contractors’ Perspective

H. (2002): Causes of Construction Delay: Traditional Contracts, International Journal of Project Management, 20(1) pg. 67-73, Odeyinka H.A., Yusif A. (1997): The Causes and Effects of Construction Delays on Completion Cost of Housing Projects in Nigeria, Journal of Financial Management Property Construction, 2 (3) pg. 31-44,. Olajide T I,, Timo O O, Onaopepo A and Idowu V E (2013), Analysis of Non-Excusable Delay Factors Influencing Contractors' Performance in Lagos State, Nigeria, Journal of Construction in Developing Countries

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Comparative Analysis of Newly-Built Housing Quality in Poland and Lithuania

–145. R ondeau E.P., B rown , R.K., L apides P.D., 2006, Facility Management . 573 p. R ust , R.T., C hung , T.S., 2006, Marketing Models of Service and Relationships . Marketing Science, 25 (6), pp. 560–580. S oetanto R., P roverbs D.G., H olt G.D., 2001, Achieving Quality Construction Projects Based on Harmonious Working Relationships. Clients' and Architects' Perceptions of Contractor Performance . International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 18 (5), pp. 528-548. S tatistics L ithuania , 2016, Statistical Yearbook of Lithuania

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Study of Customer Satisfaction with Living Conditions in New Apartment Buildings

oetanto R., P roverbs D.G., H olt G.D., 2001, Achieving Quality Construction Projects Based on Harmonious Working Relationships. Clients' and Architects' Perceptions of Contractor Performance. International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 18 (5), pp. 528-548. S tatistikos D epartamento metiniai pastatų statybos duomenys ( Department of Statistics, Annual Building Construction Data ) (in Lithuianian) [Accessed 2015-04-20], Internet address: . S tatistics L ithuania , 2015, Statistical

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