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The article presents issues associated with the style of management applied in scientific organizations in the context of sentiments and attitudes of employees. Attention is drawn particularly to the relations between the style of management perceived by employees and the level of their perceived contentedness and the perceived level of satisfaction, as well as between the perceived style of management and attitude reflecting their readiness to recommend an organization as an employer. The application of the method of statistical analysis, namely, the analysis of correspondence allowed drawing the conclusion that there are statistically important relations between the variables. These relations are comparably strongest in case of the perceived style of management and the level of satisfaction. Thus, it can be concluded that applying democratic style to employees favours stimulating their satisfaction and contentedness and at the same time contributes to assuming an open attitude characterized by the readiness to recommend an organization as a workplace and thus co-create its positive image.


The paper examines the politics of security deployment by the Federal Government of Nigeria to Jos, metropolis. A cross-sectional study was conducted and Public Opinion Theory adopted. Methodologically, mixed methods of data collection were conducted that involved the administration of 377 questionnaires to adult respondents, six In-Depth Interviews with religious and community leaders while three Key Informant Interviews with security personnel working with Special Task Force. The survey reveals that, the deployment of Mobile Police from 2001-2010 and the formation of Special Task Force in 2010 has generated mixed reactions and divergent perceptions among the residents of Jos metropolis. Majority of the ethnic groups that are predominantly Christians were more contented with the deployment of the Mobile Police whereas ethnic groups that are dominantly Muslims questioned the neutrality, capability, performance and strength of the Nigerian Police Force in managing the crises. The study recommends that, security personnel should display high degree of neutrality in order to earn the confidence of the residents and change their perceptions.


”, Ethics 113(4), 2003, 764-782: 765-6 and 769-776. For a similarly worrying implication of this view see Karl Widerquist, “How the Sufficiency Minimum Becomes a Social Maximum”, Utilitas 22(4), 2010, 474-480.) If there are only two groups of people, one is extremely contented and the other is adequately contented, it is plausible to think that any neces- sary taxation should be progressive and that any additional benefits that become available should go to the least contented rather than the most contented. (For an interesting discussion of how sufficientar- ians

.F. (2002). Moderators of the relationship between work-family conflict and career satisfaction. The Academy of Management Journal , 45 (2), 399-409, Mishra, V., Nielson, I., Smyth, R. & Newman, A. (2014). The job satisfaction – life satisfaction relationship revisited: Using the lewbel estimation technique to estimate causal effects using cross-sectional data, Discussion paper, 26/14, Monash University. Mueller, C.W. & Wallace, J.E. (1996). Justice and the paradox of the contented female worker. Social Psychology Quarterly , 59 (4

Conference of European Churches and the Churches’ Com- mission for Migrants in Europe2 addressed to their member churches and associated organizations, called them to mobilize their efforts in order to re- spond properly to the emerging refugee crisis. The letter contented also ex- amples of policies and positions on refugees and migration as well as practical actions taken by churches and ecumenical bodies to respond to refugee crisis. * Daniel Buda, Rev. PhD Associated Professor at the “Andrei Şaguna” Faculty of Orthodox Theology, “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu

York: The Free Press 1973, p. 5 -7. 5 M. Rokeach, The nature of human values, New York: The Free Press 1973, p. 21. 117Poverty and Wealth from the Perspective of Selected Psychological Concepts of Value – a sense of accomplishment (lasting contribution), – a world at peace (free of war and conflict), – a world of beauty (beauty of nature and the arts), – equality (brotherhood, equal opportunity for all), – family security (taking care of loved ones), – freedom (independence, free choice), – happiness (contentedness), – inner harmony (freedom, from inner conflict

the bearing poles, both the relevant pressures and the stresses remembered from memory will tend to stimulate responses in other parts of the consciousness as well. He evokes the fact that “When I project my wishes and forces onto nature, I do that also with the way that such wishes and forces make me feel, that is, I project my pride, my courage, my tenacity, my agility, my self-assurance, my calm self-contentedness. Only in that way my empathy with nature may really become an esthetic empathy.”7 Thus, either we speak of a state that we illustrate in a

); encourages the ecumenical movement in general to engage in practical cooperation with people and organizations of other religions and encourages the study and adoption active non-violent practices (point 9-10). At the end of my preliminary remarks, I would like to add the in- formation that along with this Statement on Religion and Violence, WCC CC received for adoption a programmatic document on the same theme. It contented a more consistent theological reflection on religion and violence as well as a larger range of examples how religion can be misused for vio

). Domestic animals’fear of humans and its effect on their welfare. Appl. Anim. Behav. Sci., 65: 285-303. Saja K. (2013). Minimisation of animal suffering and vegetarianism (in Polish). Analizai Egzystencja, 22: 67-83. Sandem A., Braastad B., Bøe K. (2002). Eye white may indicate emotional state onafrustration- contentedness axis in dairy cows. Appl. Anim. Behav. Sci., 79: 1-10. Schirmann K.,von Keyserlingk M.A.G., Weary D.M., Veira D.M., Heuwieser W. (2009). Technical note: validation ofasystem for monitoring rumination in dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci., 92: 6052-6055. Schmied

nothing could be done, I contented myself with sitting comfortably in the concert hall, listening to the beautiful music or, in order to account for the fact that I am a director, to work a little with the extra in the second plan, because they at least want to perform. The alternative for opera managers would be to hire young singers, well chosen according to vocal as well as acting requirements, and to offer to the club of Gruberovian fans only extraordinary concerts with the adored diva. The opera would cost less, tickets would be less expensive and thus a