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Consumer Policy in Poland in the Period of Transformation

References Consumer Policy Strategy 2002-2006, (2002), Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, The Council, The Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions, COM , no. 208, final 7.05.2002. Handel i usługi w warunkach transformacji-uwarunkowania i bariery rozwoju. Opracowanie Departamentu Rynku i Ochrony Konsumenta PIH [Trade and services in the period of transformation - conditions and barriers to development. The report of the Department of Market and Consumer Protection of the Polish

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Researching Consumer Research. An Analysis of Consumer Researchers in Austria with Some Implications for the Scientific Field and Consumer Policy

-282. Hagen, K., Micklitz, H.-W., Oehler, A., Reisch, L. & Strünck, C. (2013). Check consumer policy and consumer participation: recommendations for evidence-based consumer policy. Journal of Consumer Protection and Food Safety , 8, 61-66. Helgeson, J. G., Kluge, A., Mager, J. & Taylor, C. (1984). Trends in consumer behavior literature: A content analysis. Journal of Consumer Research , 10, 449-454. Hirschman, E. C. (1985). Scientific style and the conduct of consumer research. Journal of Consumer Research, 12, 225-239. Hübner, R., Ukowitz, M

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The Consumer Policy in the Eu Law / Spotrebiteľská Politika V Práve Eú


Consumer protection is a dominant policy of the EU. Despite this fact, the article 169 of the Treaty on Functioning of the European Union does not enable to adopt the binding legal laws on consumer protection per se. The binding legal laws could be adopted only within the context of other politics and activities on the internal market of the EU. The paper addresses the consumer policy and its status in the EU law by the historical development and legal analysis of the article 169 of the Treaty, secondary law development of consumer protection, jurisprudence, and judicature of the Court of the Justice of the EU.

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The Notion of Consumer in the EU Law

Phantom in den opera des europäischen und deutschen Rechts. In: Juristenzeitung, 1997, vol. 52, no. 4, pp. 167–178 ISSN 1868–7067. 5. HONDIUS, E. (2004) The protection of the Weak Party in a Harmonised European Contract Law: A Synthesis. In: Journal of Consumer Policy, 2004, vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 245–251 ISSN 1573–0700. 6. PFEIFFER, T. (1999) Der Verbraucherbegriff als zentrales Merkmal im europäischen Privatrecht. In: Schulte – Nölke, H., Schulze R. (1999) Europäische Rechtsangleichung und nationale Privatrechte, Baden – Baden: Nomos, 1999, pp. 21–43. ISBN

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Compulsive Buying Behaviour in Estonian Market

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In Vitro Susceptibility of Erwinia Amylovora (Burrill) Winslow et al. Strain Isolated from Pear to Several Plant Extracts and Different Pesticides

References Aldwinckle H. S., Norelli J. L., Momol M. T., 1998 - Erwinia amylovora can move downward inside apparently healthy branches and trunk from scion infections in blossoms and leafy shoots into the rootstock, IDFTA Compact Fruit Tree, Vol. 31, No. 4. Anonymous, 1999 - Amounts of antimicrobial used, p. 44-45. In Opinion of the scientific steering committee on antimicrobial resistance. Unit B3—Management of scientific committees II. Directorate General XXIV Consumer Policy and Consumer Health

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Ecological Awareness in the Behaviour of Young Consumers - Students of the Faculty of Economic and Technical Sciences of Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education in Biała Podlaska

Jagiellońskie -Toruńska Szkoła Wyższa. 12. Gwarek, A., Samitowska, W., Smoguła, M. (2014). Zderzenie pokoleń a rynek pracy. Ekonomiczne problemy usług. Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego , 114, 127-142. 13. Harris, R. (2003). Corporate social responsibility and the consumer movement. Consumer Policy Review, 13 (4),127-131. 14. Hłobił, A. (2010). Teoria i praktyka edukacji ekologicznej na rzecz zrównoważonego rozwoju. Problemy Ekorozwoju, V (2), 87-94. 15. Huntley, R. (2006). The World According to Y: Inside the New Adult Generation . Crows

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Modelling Of Eco-innovation Diffusion: The EU Eco-label

Modern Economics, W.W. Norton & Company Inc., New York. Mehamli A. (2013), Determinants of Environmental Product Innovation in the Detergent and Maintenance Sector: Application for the European Ecolabel Certification, ‘International Business Research’, vol. 6, no. 2. OECD (1991), Environmental Labelling in OECD Countries, OECD Publishing, Paris. OECD (2009), Sustainable Manufacturing and Eco-Innovation. Framework, Practices and Measurement, OECD Publishing, Paris. OECD (2010), Consumer Policy Toolkit, OECD Publishing, Paris. OECD

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Millennials between consumer ethnocentrism and attitudes towards local campaigns

Village: Local Firms Competing in Global Markets. California Management Review, 41 (4), 64-83. Ger, G. and Belk, R.W. (1996b). I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke: Consumptionscapes of the ‘Less Affluent World. Journal of Consumer Policy, 19 (September), 271-304. Girboveanu, S.-R., Craciun, L. and Meghisan, G.-M. (2012). The role of advertising in the purchase decision process. Analele Universitatii din Oradea, Stiinte Economice, TOM XVII, 897-902. Golu, M. (2002). Bazele psihologiei generale. Bucureşti: Editura Universitară. Good, L.K. and

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Redesigning the marketing mix for eco-friendly product consumption among non-purchasers in India

Books, New Delhi. Sekaran, U. (2003), Research Methodology for business: A Skill building approach, John Wiley & Sons Inc, Southern Illinois. Valor, C. (2008), “Can consumers buy responsibly? Analysis and solutions for market failures”, Journal of Consumer Policy , Vol. 31, No. 3, pp. 315-326. Vasudha, A. (2006), Green & Black’s , Green Marketing (ICFAI), Chapter 14, First Edition. Zimmer, M., Stafford, T., and Stafford, M. (1994), “Green issues: Dimensions of environmental concern”, Journal of Business Research , Vol. 30, No. 1, pp. 63

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