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outside the borders of the company’s home country, which is reflected in quantitative changes that in turn lead to extensive geographical organization of economic activity ( Rahimić and Podrug, 2013 ). The construction industry follows the globalization trends, and internationalization is one of the largest interests of both scientific and practical research, which is evident from the fact that international sector of construction industry has for a long time been a topic of research and analysis for a large number of researchers ( Crosthwaite, 1998 ; Bon and

1 Introduction Construction industry is one of the most hazardous industries because of its unique nature. The construction projects are experiencing so many risks, uncertainties and complexities due to frequently happening accidents in the construction projects ( Sousa et al. 2014 ). Most of the developed countries are trying to reduce the horrific damage and losses from construction accidents by preventing, eliminating and bypassing the possible accidents in construction projects. However, the developing countries are the extreme victim of construction

1 Introduction The development of the lean construction literature has been significant, and practitioners have shown increasing interest in new methodologies ( Herranz Limon 2015 ). The academic literature is very positive towards lean construction and encourages companies to use lean principles in their work ( Jörgensen and Emmitt 2008 ). Many institutions have adopted the idea of lean construction because of its valuable benefits to the project as a whole. Whereas the most important of these benefits is reduce waste through process improvement to optimize

1 Introduction The construction industry is the driving force behind the socio-economic development of many countries ( Saidu and Shakantu 2016a ). The industry is the means through which countries upgrade their national economies ( Anil and Danielraj 2016 ). Construction industry involves a huge amount of money, time, and energy ( Meshksar 2012 ). It is amongst the major industries that contribute to economic growth and civilization; as such, its importance is approved in all communities ( Meshksar 2012 ). The activities of industries improve the quality of life

1 Introduction 1.1 Lean production and lean construction The Toyota Production System (Lean Production) designed cars based on specific requests by its clients and made significant effort to reduce the time it takes to set up the machine and improve the quality management. It also developed three desired outcomes for the production system: to provide the customer with the highest-quality vehicle that also satisfies the customer in every way; to reduce response time and define a “just-in-time” approach; and to supply what is needed when it is needed and thereby

1 Introduction In 2014, R$54 billion ( Brazil, 2014 ) were invested only in the Growth Acceleration Program, known as PAC (Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento, in Portuguese), the main federal government program that aims to perform big social, urban, logistic, and energetic infrastructure projects. In the same year, the Federal Court of Accounts – Brazil (FCA), which is responsible for informing the National Congress about the public construction supervision, performed 102 audits in public construction, whose government budget was R$12.38 billion. Serious

1 Introduction Throughout the twentieth century and beyond, the world has seen huge modifications in extensive types and variety of aspects in the construction sector. In our regard, there has been a massive transformation and advancement within the construction industry all over the world. Through constructing larger and better things, the construction industry has revolutionized approaches, methods, techniques and strategies. Similarly, in order to overcome the shortage of fit workforce, long-time duration and defective work, the construction industry has taken

relationships with suppliers and customers in order to deliver superior customer value at less cost to the supply chain as a whole. Christopher (2016) continued that the primary focus of SCM includes seeking to achieve linkage and coordination between the processes of other entities, reducing buffer of inventory that exists between organizations in a chain through information sharing, as well as ensuring cooperation and trust among all those involved in the supply chain. Construction SCM is an emerging area of practice which is inspired by but differs substantially from

1 Introduction The exploitation of information and communications technology (ICT) is a highly topical issue in every field ( Kršák et al. 2011 ). The same is true in the field of construction. ICT is a broad term ( Čarnický and Mesároš 2009 ) that involves several kinds of technologies. Cloud computing is one of the forms of ICT in every field. The issue of cloud computing in construction project management is discussed in this article. Cloud computing has been the subject of several studies and a number of surveys. Potential risk factors have been investigated

1 Introduction Disputes in the construction industry are of high complexity compared with other disputes in general. The underlying reasons hinge on the peculiarities of the construction industry, which is characterized by the adoption of multilevel subcontracting system, involvement of multiple contracting parties and stakeholders (owner, main contractor, subcontractors, nominated subcontractors, consultants, material suppliers, and so on), variable contractual arrangements (such as Designer-Led, Design-and- Build, Design–Construct–Operate, and Turnkey