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Constraint Theory Approach Analysis of the Nigerian Shipbuilding Industry

: Industry Stakeholders. Retrieved September 24, 2018, from http// . [4] Ships and Ports. (2013). Prospects and challenges of Nigeria’s water transportation sector. Retrieved September 23, 2018, from http// . [5] Ships and Ports. (2013) Nigeria Approves $369m for Ship-Building Facility. Retrieved August 23, 2018, from http/ . [6] Goldratt, Eliyahu, M. (1984). Essays on the Theory of Constraints. [Great Barrington, MA]: North River Press. ISBN 0-88427-159-5. [7] Abayomi, A. (2016

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Constraints To Attendance At Visitor Attractions: The Case Of Museums, Zoos And Botanic Gardens

BIBLIOGRAPHY C rawford D., G odey G., 1987, Reconceptualizing barriers to family leisure, Leisure Sciences , 9, pp. 119-127. C rawford D., J ackson E., G odey G., 1991, Leisure constraints, Leisure Sciences 13, 4, pp. 309-320. D avies A.J., P rentice R.C., 1995, Conceptualising the Latent Visitor to Heritage Attractions, Tourism Management , 16, 7, pp. 491-500. D avies S., 2005, Still Popular: Museums and their Visitors 1994-2004, Cultural Trends , 14, 1, pp. 67-105. G odbey G., 1985, Nonuse of public leisure services

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Constraint Simplification for Data Editing of Numerical Variables

Set of Rules.” Applied Mathematical Sciences 6: 6253-6271. Chen, D., R.G. Batson, and Y. Dang. 2010. Applied Integer Programming; Modelling and Solution. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons. Doi: Chinneck, J.W. 1997. “Finding a Useful Subset of Constraints for Analysis in an Infeasible Linear Program.” INFORMS Journal on Computing 9: 164-174. Doi: 10.1287/ijoc.9.2.164. Available at: UsefulSubset.pdf (accessed January 2017

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Female Sport Participation In South African Rural Schools: Analysis Of Socio-Cultural Constraints

-129. Babbie, E. R. (1990). Survey Research Methods. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. Couper, M. P. (2000). Web surveys: A review of issues and approaches. Public Opinion Quarterly, 64, 464–494. Crawford, D., & Godbey, G. (1987). Reconceptualising barriers to family leisure. Leisure Sciences , 9, 119-127. Crawford, D., Jackson, E. & Godbey, G. (1991). A hierarchical model of leisure constraints. Leisure Sciences , 13, 309-320. Ewing, M.E. & Seefeldt, V. (1989). Participation and Attrition Patterns in American Agency-Sponsored and Interscholastic Sports

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The Case Study of Bottlenecks Identification for Practical Implementation to the Theory of Constraints

References Alsmadi, M., Almani, A. and Khan, Z. (2014). Implementing an integrated ABC and TOC approach to enhance decision making in a Lean context: a case study. International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 31(8), pp. 906-920. Costas, J., Ponte, B., de la Fuente, D., Pino, R. and Puche, J. (2015). Applying Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints to reduce the Bullwhip Effect through agent-based modeling. Expert Systems with Applications, 42, pp. 2049-2060. Dulina, L., Mleczko, J. and Mičieta, B. (2013

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Input Constraints Handling in an MPC/Feedback Linearization Scheme

Control with Constraints , Prentice Hall, London. Maybeck, P. S. (1982). Stochastic Models, Estimation and Control , Academic Press, New York, NY. Nevistic, V. (1994). Feasible Suboptimal Model Predictive Control for Linear Plants with State Dependent Constraints , Postdiploma thesis, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Automatica Control Laboratory, ETH, Zurich. Nevistic, V. and Morari, M. (1995). Constrained control of feedback-linearizable systems, Proceedings of the European Control

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Financing Constraints and Firm Growth in Emerging Europe

References Aghion, P., Fally, T. and S. Scarpetta. 2007. Credit Constraints as a Barrier to the Entry and Post-Entry Growth of Firms. Paper prepared for the 45th Panel Meeting of Economic Policy. Aghion, P. and Howitt, P. 1992. A model of growth through creative destruction. Econometrica 60 (2): 323-351. Álvarez, R. and Crespi, G. 2011. Financing Gaps, Innovation Gaps?: New Evidence from Chile. Paper presented at the 2011 Globelics Conference. Anderson, T. W. 1984. Introduction to Multivariate

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Applying the Theory of Constraints in the Course of Process Improvement

References COX, Jeff; GOLDRATT, Eliyahu M. The goal: a process of ongoing improvement. [Croton-on-Hudson, NY]: North River Press, 1986, ISBN 0-88427-061-0 [2] BASL, J., MAJER P., ŠMÍRA M. Teorie omezení v podnikovej praxi. Grada Publishing, 2003, ISBN 80-247-0613-X

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Profitability and constraints of pineapple production in Osun State, Nigeria

Local Government Areas of Edo State, Nigeria. Unpublished M.Sc. Dissertation, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, 69 pp. Tijani A.A., Ayanwale A.O.S., Baruwa O.I. 2010. Profitability and constraints of tomato production under tropical conditions. International Journal of Vegetable Science 16(2): 128-133. DOI: 10.1080/19315260903309763. Ubi W., Iqwe H., Ekpe S., Ibor O. 2005. Preliminary trial of fertilizer types on pineapple ( Ananas comosus ) grown on coastal and sands of Cross River State, Nigeria. Global J. Pure and applied sci. 11

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Robust Output Regulation Of Uncertain Chaotic Systems With Input Magnitude And Rate Constraints

REFERENCES 1. Alstrom, B., Marzocca, P., Bollt, E., Ahmadi, G. (2010), Controlling Chaotic Motions of a Nonlinear Aeroelastic System Using Adaptive Control Augmented with Time Delay, AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference , 1–14, Toronto, Ontario Canada. 2. Bernhard, P. (2002), Survey of Linear Quadratic Robust Control, Macroeconomic Dynamics , 6 , 19–39. 3. Bousson, K., Velosa, C.M.N. (2014), Robust Control and Synchronization of Chaotic Systems with Actuator Constraints, P. Vasant (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Artificial

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