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his postal salary. The truant’s name was Benjamin Franklin. This narrative of fault in an otherwise-revered American Founder is but one illustration of how inquiry into the Postal Clause offers unusual perspectives on the Constitution, on the framers who wrote it, and on the ratifiers who adopted it. The Postal Clause itself is distinctive in several ways. It appears to convey two powers: establishing post offices and establishing post roads. Inquiry reveals that it created a single sweeping power: erecting and operating a national transportation, freight, and

“No State shall . . . pass any . . . Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts . . .” -- United States Constitution, article I, section 10. “We live by symbols,” said Holmes, O liver W endell H olmes , J r ., T he C ollected L egal P apers 270 (Courier Corporation, 2012) (1920). and so it is with the Constitution, Edward S. Corwin, The Constitution as Instrument and as Symbol , 30 A m . P ol . S ci . R ev . 1071 (1936). which has been likened to a fetish. Max Lerner, Constitution and Court as Symbols , 46 Y ale L. J. 1290, 1294–1305 (1937). Henry

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“Government must be free to act.” — Montana Governor Forrest Anderson “The fix was in.” —Linda S. Frey, Professor of History, The University of Montana I The Most Important Montana Case Ever Frequently cited sources : Following are sources frequently cited in this article, along with the short citation applied: Delegates: Montana Constitutional Convention of 1972 (1989) [hereinafter 100 Delegates] Dorothy Eck, Montana’s Constitution of 1972: How It Came to Pass , available at [hereinafter Eck, Constitution ] Larry M