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References [1] BRYANT A., MAWBY P., RAN L., TAVNER P., XIANG D., YANG S., Condition Monitoring for Device Reliability in Power Electronic Converters. A review, IEEE Trans. Power Electron., 2010, 25(11), 2734-2752. [2] WOLFGANG E., Examples for failures in power electronics systems, ECPE Tutorial Relative Power Electronic Systems, Nuremberg, Germany, April 2007, 154-160. [3] EDELMOSER K., ERTL H., KOLAR J.W., ZACH F.C., A Novel Method for On-Line Monitoring and Managing of Electrolytic Capacitors of DC Voltage Link PWM Converters, Power Electronics, Intelligent


With the growing demand for application of metal-oxide varistor (MOV) in low-voltage electronic circuits for overvoltage protection, it is necessary to ensure its performance to avoid the short-circuit and the line-to-ground fault during operation. In this paper, a precise leakage current analyzer was developed to detect the total leakage current and third harmonic component of MOV for its condition monitoring. The voltage- and temperature-dependent measuring uncertainties were compensated using the multipliers. In addition, the deterioration characteristics of the MOV and the newly developed thermally protected metal-oxide varistor (TMOV) were investigated in the accelerated aging test. From the experimental results, the MOV deteriorated much faster under the lightning current impulse synchronized with power-frequency voltage. The thermally activated fuse of TMOV exploded under two types of impulses, which indicated that the TMOV is much more vulnerable and that it is difficult to diagnose the condition of energized TMOV in advance.

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1 Introduction Condition monitoring is a maintenance technique for the diagnosis of defects in machineries, while it is in working mode so that its operation will not be interrupted [ 1 ]. It acts as an effective tool in the forecasting of maintenance and also avoids the chances of catastrophic failure [ 2 ]. Thermal power plants require continuous operation of a number of pumps for effective generation of electricity. Various pumps used in thermal power plants include boiler feed water pump, condensate extraction pump, auxiliary cooling water pump, ash disposal


In the petroleum, natural gas and petrochemical industries, great attention is being paid to safety, reliability and maintainability of equipment. There are a number of technologies to monitor, control, and maintain gas, oil, water, and sewer pipelines. The paper focuses on operational modal analysis (OMA) application for condition monitoring of operating pipelines. Special focus is on the topicality of OMA for definition of the dynamic features of the pipeline (frequencies and mode shapes) in operation. The research was conducted using two operating laboratory models imitated a part of the operating pipeline. The results of finite-element modeling, identification of pipe natural modes and its modification under the influence of virtual failure are discussed. The work considers the results of experimental research of dynamic behavior of the operating pipe models using one of OMA techniques and comparing dynamic properties with the modeled data. The study results demonstrate sensitivity of modal shape parameters to modification of operating pipeline technical state. Two strategies of pipeline repair – with continuously condition-based monitoring with proposed technology and without such monitoring, was discussed. Markov chain reliability models for each strategy were analyzed and reliability improvement factor for proposed technology of monitoring in compare with traditional one was evaluated. It is resumed about ability of operating pipeline condition monitoring by measuring dynamic deformations of the operating pipe and OMA techniques application for dynamic properties extraction.

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