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Regional Specialisation and Economic Concentration in Romania

References 1. Andrei, T., Vlad, L.B., Nedelcu, M. (2008). Tendency in Regional Industry and Specialisation in Romania during the Transition Period. Theoretical and Applied Economics, Vol.3, pp. 3-12. 2. Andrei T., Mitruț, C. Constantin, D.L. (2009). Regional Specialisation and Industrial Concentration in Romania's Transition Period from an Election Cycle Perspective, Environment and Planning C Government and Policy, Vol. 27, No.4, pp.713-731. 3. Aiginger, K. (1999). Do industrial structures converge? A survey of

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Strain-Concentration Factor of Internally Pressurized Thick-Walled Cylinders

the stress distributions in a thick-walled cylinder with a cross bore under internal pressure . – R and D Journal, pp.73-78. [9] Magnucki K., Szyc W. and Lewiński J. (2002): Minimization of stress concentration factor in cylindrical pressure vessels with ellipsoidal heads . – Int. J. Pressure Vessels and Piping, vol.79, pp.841–846. [10] Schindler S. (2003): Stress concentration factors of nozzle–sphere connections. – Int. J. Pressure Vessels and Piping, vol.80, pp.87–95. [11] Fuad Kh. (2007): Stress Concentration Factors of Various Adjacent

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Estimation of Suspended Sediment Concentrations with Adcp in Danube River

. Gartner, J.W., 2004. Estimating suspended solids concentrations from backscatter intensity measured by acoustic Doppler current profiler in San Francisco Bay, California. Marine Geology, 211, 169-187. Guerrero, M., Szupiany, R.N., Amsler, M., 2011. Comparison of acoustic backscattering techniques for suspended sediments investigation. Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 22, 5, 392-401. Guerrero, M., Rüther, N., Szupiany, R.N., 2012. Laboratory validation of acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) techniques for suspended sediment

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Measuring the Concentration of Insurance sector – the Case of Southeastern European Countries

eastern European Region . Bank of Greece, Working paper No. 47. Beck T., Demirgüç-Kunt A, Levine R. (2003). Bank concentration and crises, NBER working paper No. 9921. Bikker, J.A., & Haff, K. (2000). Measures of Competition and Concentration in the Banking Industry: a Review of a Literature . De Nederlandsche Bank, Research series supervision No. 27. Bikker J.A., & Haff K. (2001). Competition, concentration and their relationship: An empirical analysis of the banking industry, DNB staff report No.68, De Nederlandische Bank. Chamberlain E. (1929

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Dependence of sperm morphology and ejaculate characteristics on sperm concentration in the ejaculates of Hypor boars

capacity of sperm ( 6 ). Some studies have indicated an association between the dimensions and shape of spermatozoa and male fertility ( 30 ), and one cited the size of the sperm head as a factor of male conceptive fitness ( 23 ). The dimensions and shape of the sperm cells have also been shown to be affected by the ejaculate traits ( 9 ) and environmental factors ( 10 ). Hypor boars, a hybrid line of pigs, are commonly used in the production of hybrid fatteners. While boar sperm quality is routinely assessed by measuring the concentration and morphology of spermatozoa

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Time of concentration of surface flow in complex hillslopes

References Agiralioglu, N., 1985. A comparison of water lag times for converging and plane surfaces. Nordic Hydrology, 16, 169-176. Agiralioglu, N., 1988. Estimation of the time of concentration for diverging surface. J. Hydrol. Sci, 33(2), 173-179. Agiralioglu, N., Singh, V.P., 1981. Kinematic wave monograph for time of concentration and lag time. Irrigation and Power Journal, 38(4), 351-358. Agnese, C., Baiamonte, G., Corrao, C., 2001. A simple model of hillslope response for rainfall

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Methods of enlarging material to the concentration table

., pp. 1043-1050. Feliks J., Klojzy-Karczmarczyk B., Wiencek M. (2018). Granulating coal sludge and their mixtures to improve transport properties. Zeszyty Naukowe Instytutu Gospodarki Surowcami Mineralnymi i Energią PAN; Vol. 104, pp. 173-188. Filipowicz, A. (1996). The driving mechanism of Deister type concentration tables. Kwartalnik AGH, Mechanika, vol. 15, item 3. Filipowicz, A. (1992). Kinematics of the concentration table with Wilfley's drive. Kwartalnik AGH, Mechanika, Volume 15, issue 3. Filipowicz, A., Feliks, J., Krawczyk, M. (2005

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Spatial Diversification of Energy Crops in Polish Agriculture: A Study of Plantation Concentration Based On Local Indicators of Spatial Association (Lisa)

przestrzennej do analizy procesów koncentracji w rolnictwie polskim (Use of spatial econometric methods to analyse concentration processes in Polish agriculture). In: Głębocki B. (ed.), Zróżnicowanie przestrzenne rolnictwa. GUS, Warszawa: 466-487. Presidency conclusions of the European Council held in Brussels on 8-9 March 2007; 7224/1/07 REV 1 (accessed February 2015). Racine J.B., Reymond H. 1977. Analiza ilościowa w geografii (Quantitative analysis in geography

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Estimating Wine Yeast Concentration by Speckle Size Measurement

References 1. Bracewell R., The Autocorrelation Function, The Fourier Transform and Its Applications, 3rd ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1999, 40-45 2. Chicea D., A Study of Nanoparticle Aggregation by Coherent Light Scattering, Current Nanoscience, 2012, 8(6), 259-265. 3. Chicea D., Estimating Particle Concentration in Natural Water by Speckle Size Measurement, 11th WSEAS International Conference on Environment, Ecosystems and Development (EED '13), Brasov, Romania, June 1-3, 2013, accepted

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Measurement of Low Concentration of Nanosized Objects Suspended in a Liquid Medium

REFERENCES 1. Hoo, C. M., Starostin, N., West, P., & Mecartney, M. L. (2008). Comparison of AFM and DLS methods to characterize nanoparticles size distribution. J. Nanoparticles Res. , 89–96. 2. Ioffe, B.V. (1974). Refractometric methods in chemistry (2nd ed.). Khimya. (in Russian). 3. Kozlov, V., Merkulov, D., & Merkulova, V. (2016). Determination of concentration of nanoparticles in liquids by laser-diode refractometer. Book of Abstracts of 19th International Conference on Quantum Electronics “Laser physics and applications” Sozopol

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