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Gender and Developmental Aspects of Metaphor and Metonymy Comprehension Processes

LITERATÚRA Ansah, G. N. (2014). Culture in embodied cognition: Metaphorical/metonymic conceptualizations of FEAR in Akan and English. Metaphor and Symbol, 29 (1), 44-58. Asch, S. E., & Nerlove, H. (1960). The development of double function terms in children. In B. Kaplan & S. Wapner (Eds.), Perspectives in psychological theory: Essays in Honor of Heinz Werner (s. 47-60). New York: International University Press. Billow, R. M. (1975). A cognitive developmental study of metaphor comprehension. Developmental psychology, 11 (4), 415

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Comprehension of Ironic Utterances by Bilingual Children

, 19 , 281–298. Banasik, N. (2013). Non-literal speech comprehension in preschool children – an example from a study on verbal ironny. Psychology of Language and Communication , 17 (3), 309–323. Banasik, N. & Bokus, B. (2012). Measuring the understanding of verbal irony in children. Poster presented at the Conference Psycholinguistics in Flanders , Berg en Dal. Banasik, N. & Bokus, B. (2016). Comprehension of ironic utterances by Polish-speaking preschoolers. Pragmatics . Manuscript in revison. Barta, P. (2013). The Fall of the Iron

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Text comprehension in Czech fourth-grade children with dyslexia

References Ardoin, S. P., Eckert, T. L., Christ, T. J., White, M. J., Morena, L. S., January, S. A., & Hine, J. F. (2013). Examining variance in reading comprehension among developing readers: Words in context (curriculum-based measurement in reading) versus words out of context (word lists). School Psychology Review, 42(3), 243-261. Bishop, D. M., McDonald, D., Bird, S., & Hayiou-Thomas, M. E. (2009). Children who read words accurately despite language impairment: Who are they and how do they do it? Child Development, 80

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Reading Strategies, Reading Comprehension, and Translation

2018). Newmark, Peter. 1988. A Textbook of Translation . New York, London, Toronto, Sydney, Tokyo: Prentice Hall. Pham, Cuk Thi Kim. 2017. Reading comprehension and translation performance of English linguistics students of Hung Vuong University: A correlational study. International Journal of English Language & Translation Studies 5(3): 79–85. . (Last accessed: 5 May 2018).

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Investigating Metacognitive Strategies for overcoming Barriers to Reading Comprehension: Insights from a Pakistani Context

References Ballou, A.K. (2012). Using explicit strategy instruction to improve reading comprehension. Education Masters, Paper 221. Boulware-Gooden, R., Carreker, S., Thornhill, A., & Joshi, R. (2007). Instruction of metacognitive strategies enhances reading comprehension and vocabulary achievement of third-grade students. Reading Teacher, 61(1), 70-77, doi: 10.1598/RT.61.1.7 Brown, A. (1987). Metacognition, executive control, self-regulation, and other more mysterious mechanisms. In Weinert, F. & Kluwe, R

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The Relationships of Reading Comprehension Ability with the Ability to Understand The Questions of Mathematical Word Problems

References Abushihab, I. (2008). Taking Reading Beyond Comprehension Level by Developing Critical Thinking in Classroom. Ekev Academic Review; Fall 2008, Vol. 12 Issue 37, (p373). Akhadiah, M.K., Sabarti, Maidar G.A, & Sakura H.R. (1991). Bahasa Indonesia I. Jakarta: Departemen Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan. Alexander, P.A., & Jetton, T.L. (2000). Learning from text: A multidimensional and developmental perspective. In M.L. Kamil, P.B. Mosenthal, P.D. Pearson, & R. Barr (Eds.), Handbook of reading research (Vol. 3

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Portfolio-work and its effects on listening comprehension of very young learners

and Reading Comprehension. Erste Ergebnisse einer Studie zu Englisch ab Klasse 3 an nordrhein-westfälischen Grundschulen. forum schule, 1, 35-37. Hecht, K. & Waas, L. (1980). Englischunterricht konkret. Linguistische und didaktische Grundlagen, Stundentypen, Übungsformen. Donauwörth: Auer. Hermes, L. (1998). Hörverstehen. In Timm, J.-P. (Ed.), Englisch lernen und lehren. Didaktik des Englischunterrichts (pp. 221-228). Berlin: Cornelsen. Holden, B. (2002). Listen and learn. English Teaching Professional, 23 (April), 18-20. Holland

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Metaphor Processing in Schizophrenia Patients: A Study of Comprehension and Explanation of Metaphors

.1177/0004867414561527 Benedict, H. (1979). Early lexical development: comprehension and production. Journal of Child Language, 6(2), 183-200. Blaney, P. H. (1974). Two studies on the language behavior of schizophrenics. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 83(1), 23-31. Bokat, C. E., & Goldberg, T. E. (2003). Letter and category fluency in schizophrenic patients: A meta-analysis. Schizophrenia Research, 64(1), 73-78. Brune, M., & Bodenstein, L. (2005). Proverb comprehension reconsidered - 'theory of mind' and the pragmatic use of language in

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Slovak students’ comprehension of English figurative idioms containing body parts

References BALÁKOVÁ, D., 2001. K výskumu somatických frazém s komponentom oko. Disputationes Scientificae Universitatis Catholicae, vol.1, no. 4, pp. 20 – 42. BOERS, F. and DEMECHELEER, M., 2001. Measuring the impact of cross-cultural differences on learners’ comprehension of imageable idioms. ELT, vol. 55, no.3, pp.255 – 262. BOERS, F., DEMECHELEER, M. and EYCKMANS, J., 2004. Cross-cultural variation as a variable in comprehending and remembering figurative idioms. European Journal of English Studies, vol.8, no.3, pp. 375 – 388. GIBBS, R

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Syntactic and Lexical Complexity of B2 Listening Comprehension Subtests in English: A Comparative Study

. Wayland, Allison Blodgett and Jared Linck. 2011. “Factors Related to Passage Length: Implications for Second Language Listening Comprehension” in Expanding the Space of Cognitive Science, Proceedings of the 33 rd Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society . Laura Carlson, Christoph Hoelscher and Thomas. F. Shipley (Eds.). Austin: Cognitive Science Society, pp. 2317-2322. Buck, Gary. 2001. Assessing Listening . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Cobb, T. n.d. “ Web Vocabprofile , an adaptation of Heatley, Nation & Coxhead’s (2002) Range

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