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Educational Practitioners on Professional Community and Sense of Community

References Baranowska, Wanda, Gill McGillivray and Adela Popa. 2011. Play and Learning in the Early Years for Inclusion. Working in an international context. Birmingham: Newman University College. Beck, Lynn G. 1999. Metaphors of Educational Community: An Analysis of the Images That Reflect and Influence Scholarship and Practice. Educational Administration Quarterly 35 (1): 13-45. Bourgeault, Ivy Lynn, Cecilia Benoit and Kristine Hirschkorn. 2009. Introduction: Comparative Perspectives on Professional Groups

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Community Participiation in Village Development: the Scale of Latvia

References Alasah, A. A. (2011). The impact of government policy on grassroots level community development initiative in Northwest region of Cameroon. Community Development Journal, 46(2), 196-212. Audretsch, D. B., Keilbach, M. C., Lehmann, E. E. (2006). Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth. The Great Britain: Oxford University Press. Campbell, D., & Hunt, J. E. (2013). Achieving broader benefits from Indigenous

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Communities of Compensation and Resistance

construction of community. Tavistock, London. Demart, S 2008, ‘Le «combat pour l'intégration» des églises issues du Reveil congolais (RDC)’, Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales, vol. 24, no. 3, pp. 147-165. Fath, S 2005, Du ghetto au réseau. Le protestantisme évangélique en France, 1800-2005, Labor et Fides, Genève. Favret-Saada, J 1977, Les mots, la mort, les sorts, Folio, Paris. Forsander, A 2002, Luottamuksen ehdot. Maahanmuuttajat 1990-luvun suomalaisilla

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Community livelihood activities as key determinants for community based conservation of wetlands in Uganda

References Abrams R.W., Anwana E.D., Ormsby A., Dovie D.B.K., Ajagbe A., Abrams A. 2009. Integrating Top-Down with Bottom-Up Conservation Policy in Africa. Cons. Bio ., 23 (23): 779-804. Acrenaz M., Dabek L., O’Neil S. 2007. The Costs of Exclusion: Recognizing a Role for Local Communities in Biodiversity Conservation. PLoS Bio ., 11(5): 2443-2448. Akello C.E. 2007. Environmental Regulation in Uganda. Successes and Challenges. Law, Environ. Dev. J . Uganda. Andrade G.S.M., Rhodes J.R. 2012. Protected Areas and Local Communities: an

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Tourism development factor of communities

References Aref F, Gill SS, Farshid, A. (2010). Tourism development in local communities: As a community development approach. Journal of American Science, 6, 155 - 161 Ashley, Caroline, Peter de Brine, Amy Lehr, and Hannah Wilde (2007). The Role of the Tourism Sector in Expanding Economic Opportunity. Cambridge: Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Cardenas-Garcí a Pablo Juan, Marcelino Sa nchez-Rivero and Juan Ignacio Pulido-Ferna ndez.(2013): Does tourism growth influence economic development

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How to build a community. New Urbanism and its critics

Introduction Numerous social researchers note that modern societies are characterised by a weakening or even disappearance of communities and communal aspects of life ( Etzioni 1993 ; Putnam 2001 ; Etzioni 2004 ; Putnam 2004 ; Bellah 2007 ). Individualism and the erosion of communal ties bring negative effects in the socio-political domain: alienated individuals do not get involved in social or political activity. That is why many theoretical approaches emphasise the necessity of community rebuilding, and the search for factors which could foster it

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The Growing Pains of Community Radio in Africa
Emerging Lessons Towards Sustainability

References African Development Bank (2010) Terms of Reference for the Recruitment of International Consultant to Conduct Study on Community Radios in Sub-Saharan Africa with focus on “Fragile States” . Banda, F. (2003) Community Radio Broadcasting in Zambia: A Policy Perspective. PhD Thesis, University of South Africa. Bathily, A. (2011) Personal communication August 2011. Conrad, D. (2011) Lost in the Shadows of the Radio Tower: A Return to the Roots of Community Radio Ownership in

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Catholic Communities and Kinship Networks of the Elizabethan Midlands

(1968) Recusant Documents from Ellesmere Manuscripts, volume 60. Pollen, JH (1906) The Memoirs of Father Robert Parsons, Catholic Record Society Misc. volume 4. Bainbridge V (2010) Syon Abbey: Women and Learning, c. 1415-1600. In Jones E and Walsham A (eds) Syon Abbey and it’s Books: reading, writing and religion, c. 1400-1700. Suffolk: The Boydell Press. Beauchamp WL (1928) The Madresfield Monuments. Worcester. Bossy J (1976) The English Catholic Community 1570-1850, New York, NY: Oxford University Press

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Reclaiming Urban Space: A Study of Community Gardens in Poznań

Introduction Contemporary forms of urban gardening are shaped by different actors, from individual persons to whole communities ( Caputo et al. 2016 ). Community gardens belong to the category of those managed collectively by people. Inspired by the US gardens of the 1970s, Latin American urban agriculture, and such movements as Transition Towns and Guerrilla Gardening, community gardens in Europe started to appear quite recently, i.e. in the first decade of the 21st century ( Sondermann et al. 2016 ; Fernández, Morán 2015 ; Rosol 2012a ). Most of them are

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Some aspects of school seen as a Professional Learning Community

References Bradea, A. (2013). The school – from educational services distributor to learning community. Practice and Theory in Systems of Education , 8 (2), 185-191. Cormier, R., & Olivier, D. F. (2009). Professional Learning Committees: Characteristics, Principals, and Teachers . Louisiana: Annual Meeting of the Louisiana Education Research Association Lafayette. Retrieved from [25.06.2016]. Darling-Hammond, L. (1996). The quiet revolution: Rethinking

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