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Decision Making in Psychiatric Reform: A Case Study of the Czech Experience

, lack of specified milestones, and inadequate adoption by a broad range of inpatient and community stakeholders. Current Reform Initiative. The current initiative dates back to October of 2012 when the Czech Minister of Health released the Psychiatric Care Reform Strategy. There had been a widespread recognition that the then current governmental structures, including those for mental health, were overdue for reform ( Ochrana, Placek, & Pucek, 2016 ). The plan proposed at that time emphasized the development of a system of community mental health centers, each

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What drives treatment?

(11). Saario, S. & Stepney, P. (2009). Managerial audit and community mental health: A study of rationalizing practices in Finnish psychiatric outpatient clinics. European Journal of Social Work, 12(1), 41-56. Stenius, K. (2011). Market forces do not solve the problems. Addiction, 106: 2070-2071. doi: 10.1111/j.1360-0443.2011.03633.x

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Need to know and wish to know: What individuals find important to know about treatment for alcohol problems in order to be able to decide whether to enter or not

REFERENCES Barbato A., Bajoni, A., Rapisarda, F., D’Anza, V., De Luca, L. F., Inglese, C., Iapichino, S., Mauriello, F., & D’Avanzo, B. (2014). Quality assessment of mental health care by people with severe mental disorders: A participatory project. Community Mental Health Journal 50 , 402–408. Douglas, B. C., Noble, L. M., & Newman, S. P. (1999). Improving the accuracy of patients’ expectations of the psychiatric outpatient consultation. Psychiatric Bulletin, 23 , 425–427. Gigantesco, A., Picardi, A., Chiaia, E., Balbi, A., & Morosini, P

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Exclusion from Healthcare Services and the Emergence of New Stakeholders and Vulnerable Groups in Times of Economic Crisis: A Civil Society's Perspective in Greece

, Sotiris, Philipp Hessel, Tiziana Leone, and Mauricio Avendano. 2013. “Have health trends worsened in Greece as a result of the financial crisis? A quasi-experimental approach.” The European Journal of Public Health 23(5): 727-731. WHO. 2007. Global Forum for Community Mental Health. Geneva, May, 30-31, 2007. Zafiropoulou, Maria, Daphne Kaitelidou, Olga Siskou, Dimitris Katsikas, and Charalampos Oikonomou. 2014. Impacts of the crisis on access to healthcare services: Country report on Greece. Internal Report for Eurofound

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What is the quality of life in Romania compared to other EU countries?

Happiness in Nations, 1946–2004: A reply to Easterlin. Soc Indic Res , 79, 421–436. Zautra, A. & Goodhart D. (1979). Quality of Life Indicators, Community Mental Health Review , 4:1, 1-14.

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Treatment of Anxiety Disorders - The Role of Pharmacists

Public Health. 2009; 9: 284. 17. Wright WA, Gorman JM, Odorzynski M, Peterson MJ, Clayton C. Integrated Pharmacies at Community Mental Health Centers: Medication Adherence and Outcomes. J Manag Care Spec Pharm. 2016; 22(11): 1330-1336. 18. Freccero C, Sundquist K, Sundquist J, Ji J. Primary adherence to antidepressant prescriptions in primary health care: a population-based study in Sweden. Scand J Prim Health Care. 2016; 34(1): 83-8. 19. Klang SH, Ben-Amnon Y, Cohen Y, Barak Y. Community Pharmacists’ support improves antidepressant adherence in the

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Numbers and narratives. Relations between patient satisfaction, retention, outcome and program factors in outpatient substance abuse treatment

mental health and substance misuse services. British Journal of Psychiatry 183: 304-313 White, L. W. (2007): Addiction Recovery: Its definition and conceptual boundaries. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 33: 229-241 Willig, C. (2003): Introducing Qualitative Research in Psychology. Berkshire: Open University Press.

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Integration, Recognition and Security
Discourses on social support by families with a Russian background living in Finland

’, Journal of Adolescent Research, SAGE Publications, 22, pp. 665-689. Caplan, G (ed.) 1974, Support systems and community mental health. Behavioural Publications, New York. Cobb, S 1976, ‘Social support as a moderator of life stress’, Psychosomatic medicine, vol. 38, no. 5, pp.300-314. Cohen, S, Underwood, L & Gottlieb, B (eds.) 2000 Social support measurement and intervention: a guide for health and social scientist, Oxford University Press, Oxford. Cohen, S & Syme, SL 1985, Social support and health

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Prostitution, Essential and Incidental Aspects: A Libertarian Argument for Legalization

LITERATURA / LITERATURE ALCHIAN, ARMEN A. AND ALLEN WILLIAM (1972 [1964]), University Economics . Belmont, California: Wadsworth BHATTACHARYA, ROHIT (2015), “15 Countries Around The World That Have Legalized Prostitution”. June 26; BAGLEY, CHRISTOPHER AND YOUNG, LORETTA (1987), “Juvenile Prostitution and Child Sexual Abuse: A Controlled Study”. Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health , vol. 6, issue 1, April, pp. 5-26 BLOCK, WALTER E. (2008 [1976

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Comparing Mental Illness Stigma among Nurses in Psychiatric and Non-Psychiatric Wards in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

, Rahhal AA, Baker JA. Baker, The attitudes of mental health professionals towards patients with mental illness in an inpatient setting in Palestine. Int J Ment Health Nurs.2010;19:356-62. 32. Li J, Li J, Thornicroft G, Huang Y. Levels of stigma among community mental health staff in Guangzhou, China. BMC psychiatry 2014; 14: 231. 33. Minas H, Zamzam R, Midin Met al. Attitudes of Malaysian general hospital staff towards patients with mental illness and diabetes. BMC

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