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Operation (Applying Methods of Complex Climatology for Data Formation to be Used by Seafaring). TransNav, The Int. J. on Marine Nav. and Safety of Sea Trans. , 6, 1: 131-139. Ferdynus J. 2007. Struktura stanów pogody i sezonowość pogodowa. [in:] Marsz A. A., Styszyńska A. (eds.) Klimat rejonu Polskiej Stacji Polarnej w Hornsundzie . Wyd. Akad. Morskiej w Gdyni, Gdynia: 205-234. Ferdynus J. 2013. States of the weather and weather seasonality.[in:] Marsz A. A., Styszyńska A. (eds.) Climate and Climate Change at Hornsund, Svalbard . Gdynia Maritime Univ., Gdynia: 221

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; statistical analysis EŁ, AA; result interpretation AA, EŁ; manuscript preparation AA, EŁ; literature review: EŁ, AA. Acknowledgements We thank the anonymous reviewers for their careful reading of our manuscript and their many insightful comments and suggestions. References ALEXANDERSSON H, 1986, A homogeneity test applied to precipitation data. Journal of Climatology 6: 661–675. 10.1002/joc.3370060607 ALEXANDERSSON H 1986 A homogeneity test applied to precipitation data Journal of Climatology 6 661 675 ARAŹNY A and SMUKAŁA K, 2011, Ocena bodźcowości warunków termiczno

MISCELLANEA GEOCRAPBICA WARSZAWA 1998 Vol. 8 Jerzy Boryczka PROBLEMS OF CONTEMPORARY CLIMATOLOGY IN THE DOMAIN OF CLIMATE CHANGE The progressing warming of the Earth's climate (of both hemispheres) during the last two centuries brought about the alarming opinions on the negative consequences of human activity. This global warming is usually attributed to the systematic increase of carbon dioxide (C02 ) content in the atmosphere and the resulting greenhouse effect. NATURAL OR ANTHROPOGENIC GLOBAL WARMING? The secular changes of air temperature in the

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THE 50 YEARS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF CLIMATOLOGY 77 Maria Stopa-Boryczka, Jerzy Boryczka THE 50 YEARS OF RESEARCH AND TEACHING ACTIVITY OF THE DEPARTMENT OF CLIMATOLOGY AT THE WARSAW UNIVERSITY The 50th anniversary of climatology in Warsaw is at the same time an anniversary of Polish climatology. The establishment of the first Chair of Climatology at the Warsaw University in 1951 was at the same time the starting point for the existence of a definite organisational structure, serving the independent development of climatology as the academic discipline. The