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A New Method for the Estimation of Hydraulic Permeability, Coefficient of Consolidation, and Soil Fraction Based on the Dilatometer Tests (DMT)


The main issue of the paper is the estimation of soil hydraulic permeability based on the DMT test. DMTA, DMTC and SASK methods performed in the Nielisz dam, Stegny and the SGGW Campus of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences sites are described. The article presents the implementation of the dilatometer Marchetti test (DMT) in the determination of soil fraction and effects of its occurrence in the subsoil, tested in the Nielisz dam located in the Wieprz river valley in the Lublin province, and in various sites in Warsaw (Stegny site and SGGW Campus of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences). In order to acquire the needed data, the flat dilatometer test (DMT) method was used. A direct and indirect pressure methodology of interpreting soil swelling was characterized in the article. The paper shows the possibilities of determining sand, silt and clay soil fractions based on po and p 1 pressures from dilatometer tests (DMT) and the effective (σvo) and total (σvo) vertical in situ overburden stress. Additionally, the main advantage of this paper is the proposal of use of a new chart to determine hydraulic permeability and soil fraction, based on DMT tests.

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Geotechnical Parameters of Alluvial Soils from in-situ Tests

-870. Tumay M. T., Karasulu H., Mlynarek Z., Wierzbicki J. (2011) Effectiveness of Piezo Cone Penetration Test classification charts for identification of subsoil stratigraphy, Proc. of 12th ECSMGE, Athens. Viana da Fonseca A., Silva S. R, Cruz N. (2010) Geotechnical characterization by in situ and lab tests to the back-analysis of a supported excavation in Metro do Porto, Geotech Geol Eng (28), 251-264. Wierzbicki J. (2010) Evaluation of subsoil overconsolidation by means of in situ tests in the context of its origin, Rozprawy Naukowe nr 410

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Effective Friction Angle Of Deltaic Soils In The Vistula Marshlands

1 Introduction 1.1 Aim of research This research is focused on effective angle of internal friction and compares the results for the Vistula Marshlands muds and peats with similar soft soils. Effective shear strength parameters of the deltaic soils near Gdańsk are measured in drained and undrained triaxial compression tests and estimated with the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) method using the Cone Penetration Tests (CPTU) sounding. The observed dilative-contractive soil behaviour is discussed taking into account the CPTU classification chart

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