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Critical global citizenship: contextualising citizenship and globalisation

globalisation. The outcome of these structural changes is the emergence of a multicentred world where not only socio-economic struggles but also cultural rights claims are made by vulnerable and minority groups and where the sites of contestations are no longer territorially bound but global in their political and discursive constructions and manifestations. It is for these reasons that the Journal of Citizenship and Globalisation Studies aims to engage critically with the nature and problematics of new forms of citizenship in a global context. The aim is to investigate

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Contemporary Citizenship: Four Types

1 Introduction: Ideal Types of Citizenship The first type is national citizenship, typically associated with ethno-nationalism, which has been important in nation-building processes from the 19th century onwards. In many Asian societies, this type of citizenship was also closely associated with the so-called developmental state and became important in the authoritarian states that followed the Korean War. In Latin America, national citizenship was also connected with various nation-building projects. Latin America experienced an authoritarian and

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Reclaiming Citizenship in the Post-Democratic Condition

1 Introduction At its most basic, the notion of citizenship refers to the rights and obligations conferred to an individual by virtue of their membership in a political community such as the nation-state ( Tilly, 1997 ). It is a mediating concept, in that it mediates relationships between individuals within a state and relationships between individuals and institutions, including the state itself. In this spirit, Tilly (1997) understands citizenship as a kind of tie that binds people to one another within the jurisdiction of a given state, but which also

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Stimulating Flexible Citizenship: The Impact of Dutch and Indian Migration Policies on the Lives of Highly Skilled Indian Migrants in the Netherlands

1 Introduction In the spring of 2016, the first author attended the naturalization ceremony at which Vinod, an IT specialist from Mumbai, and his son were granted Dutch citizenship. During the ceremony, Vinod and other migrants recited an oath of loyalty to the Dutch state. Vinod and his family seemed to enjoy the ceremony but he was quick to assert that he was only doing this for the purpose of travel and to secure more opportunities for his son. Vinod, his wife Neha and their young son moved to the Netherlands in 2009. As a “highly skilled” or “knowledge

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Battling for citizenship
A case study of Somali settlement in Lieksa, Finland

Introduction Our research focusses on the experiences of Somali immigrants who reside in a small eastern Finnish town called Lieksa. In Finland, the municipalities are responsible for executing many rights, including economic and social rights, which is why it is essential to evaluate the realisation of such rights at the local level. When examining Somalis’ citizenship positions in this context, we have come to understand the relevance of not only acting as a citizen, but also the social force directed towards the Somali residents to prevent them from

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Integration Processes and Dual Citizenship

(archival document). Narušienė, Regina. "Pilietybė ir naujas pilietybės įstatymo projektas (Citizenship and the New Draft Law on Citizenship)." Bernardinai 6 th of April, 2009. "The Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania. A Concept Outline." Lietuvos aidas (the daily), 10 th of May, 1991. The Draft of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania . Official Gazette (Lietuvos Respublikos Aukščiausiosios Tarybos ir Vyriausybės žinios), 1992, no. 31-953. "The

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Dual Citizenship in an Era of Securitisation:
The Case of Denmark

References Aptekar, S 2016, ‘Constructing the boundaries of US citizenship in the era of enforcement and securitization’, in Citizenship, belonging, and nation-states in the twenty-first century , eds. N Stokes-DuPass & R Fruja, Palgrave Macmillan, Houndmills, pp. 1-29. Barth, F 1969, ‘Introduction’, in Ethnic groups and boundaries: the social organization of culture difference , ed. F Barth, Universitetsforlaget, Oslo, pp. 9-38. Bauböck, R & Paskalev, V 2015, ‘Citizenship deprivation: a normative analysis’, CEPS papers in liberty and

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Concepts of Citizenship in Eastern and Western Europe

References ALBERT, Mathias–JACOBSON, David–LAPID, Yosef (eds). 2001. Identities, Borders, Orders . University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis. ANDERSON, Benedict. 1983. Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism. Verso, London. ARENDT, Hannah. 1973. The Origins of Totalitarianism . Harvest/HBJ Book, San Diego–New York–London. BAUBÖCK, Rainer. 2003. Towards a Political Theory of Migrant Transnationalism. International Migration Review 37: 700–723. BAUBÖCK, Rainer.2005. Expansive Citizenship: Voting

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Constitutions and Citizenship: Lessons for African Countries

.). Perspectives on the Rights of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples in Africa . Pretoria, South Africa: Pretoria University Law Press, 2010. DORMAN, Sara, HAMMETT, Daniel, NUGENT, Paul (eds.). Making Nations, Creating Strangers: States and Citizenship in Africa . Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill, 2007. DOXEY, George V. The Industrial Color Bar in South Africa . Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood. DUBOW, Saul. Apartheid, 1948–1994 . Cape Town, South Africa: Oxford University Press, 2014. EBRAHIM, Hassen. The Soul of a Nation: Constitution-Making in South

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