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Göteborg, Sweden, and possible association with dental caries. Swed Dent J 15(3):117–23. Holmén A, Strömberg U, Magnusson K, and Twetman S. 2013. Tobacco use and caries risk among adolescents – a longitudinal study in Sweden. BMC Oral Health 13:31. Idrizovic K, Zenic N, Tahiraj E, Rausavljevic N, and Sekulic D. 2015. Cigarette smoking among 17–18 year old adolescents – prevalence and association with sociodemographic familial sport and scholastic factors. Med Pr 66(2):153–63. Lahti S, Sipilä K, Taanila A, and Laitinen J. 2008. Oral pain and associated factors among

Cigarette smoking is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Several studies have shown that many factors including genetic variation, psychological, and environmental factors are associated with cigarette smoking and nicotine dependence [ 1 ]. Genetic variation directly involved in the metabolism of drugs such as rs1051730 genetic variants in the nicotine acetylcholine receptor gene cluster ( CHARNA5 – CHARNA3 – CHARNB4 ) and cytochrome P450s (CYPs). CYP2A6 is highly polymorphic with reduced function alleles leading to metabolic inactivation of

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Chronic nicotinism has negative effects, both local and systemic. Its local effects are related to both the immediate thermal influence, as well as the toxic action of the substances contained in the smoke. In addition, the microflora colonizing dental plague is changed. The damage and the inflammatory processes that are incurred, affect the bone tissue of the alveolar processes, the mucosa, gums, and the tooth enamel. In this study, the tobacco smoking-related profile of patients being treated by way of implants was determined. Moreover, the relationship between cigarette smoking and pain sensation was assessed in patients undergoing surgical and prosthetic procedures in the oral cavity. The questionnaire survey covered 464 patients receiving prosthetic treatment at the “Dental” Non-Public Health Care Centre in Tomaszow Mazowiecki. The patients answered questions concerning their sex, age, the period of smoking, number of cigarettes smoked per day and the sensation of pain during bone reconstruction, implant placement and prosthetic procedures. The most numerous group of patients treated with implants were women: either non-smoking or smoking for less than 20 years at a level of less than 20 cigarettes a day, and men aged 40-60 years who have been smoking for over 20 years, at more than 20 cigarettes a day. The results of the survey reveal that non-smoking patients felt pain during bone reconstruction, implant placement and prosthetic procedures more frequently.

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