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Amongst all of the reducing agents that can be used in environmental remediation, zero valent iron (ZVI) is one of the most common due to its environmental acceptance, high reaction rate, good availability, and long-term stability. Moreover, ZVI mobility, stability and reactivity can be enhanced by the application of a DC electric current, ie electrokinetics (EK). In the study, six various slurries containing different ZVI were tested for their efficacy for chlorinated ethenes and ethanes degradation. Chlorinated compound concentrations, pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and conductivity were determined during the long-term kinetic test. Kinetic rate constants calculated for the degradation of three chlorinated ethenes (PCE, TCE and cis-DCE) concluded that EK brings substantial contribution to chlorinated compounds degradation. Nano-scale zero valent iron STAR had the highest reaction rates compare to the other ZVI tested. The performed study could serve as a preliminary assessment of various available ZVI before in-situ application.


Used equipment for providing hermetic isolative protection of the Czech Armed Forces Chemical Corps specialists’ body surface is currently solved with the employment of a mixture based on butyl-rubber. By producers declared protective properties of used barrier material does not mention a potential influence of decontamination mixtures and their components on the change of protective properties. A paper deals with selected chemical properties of butyl-rubber and points to the destructive influences of selected decontamination mixtures on protective textile used to production of isolative hermetic protective equipment. Study of barrier material chemical resistance against permeation of selected chemical compounds and mixtures creates the base presumption for evaluation of its usability.

-973-153-247-9. [15] Otřísal, Pavel; Florus, Stanislav; Melichařík, Zdeněk. Chemical Resistance of Textile with a Butyl-rubber Polymeric Mixture against Decontamination mixture on the base of Chlorinated Aliphatic and Aromatic Hydrocarbons. In Conference Proceedings 3 “Applied Technical Sciences and Advanced Military Technologies“ of the 23rd International Conference “The Knowledge-Based Organization”. [USB-DISK]. Sibiu : “Nicolae Balcescu” Land Forces Academy, 15.-17.6.2017, s. 234-242. ISSN 1843-682X. ISBN 978-973-153-275-2.