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New Zealand perspectives on early childhood education: Nāku te rourou nāu te rourou ka ora ai te iwi

References Cooper, M., & Tesar, M. (2015). Editorial: Infants and toddlers as competent and confident explorers in Aotearoa New Zealand? The First Years Journal, 17(2), 3. Duhn, I. (2012). Places for pedagogies, pedagogies for places. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 13(2), 99-107. Early childhood education taskforce. (2011). An agenda for amazing children: Final report of the early childhood education taskforce. Wellington, NZ: Early Childhood Education Taskforce. Education council. (2015

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Learning from childhood: children tell us who they are through online dialogical interaction

References [1] Brown, P. and Lauder, H. (2000). Education, Child Poverty and the Politics of Collective Intelligence. In S.J. Ball (Ed.). (2000). Sociology of Education: Major Themes, Vol. IV (pp. 1753-1779). London: Routledge Falmer [2] Freire, P. (1970). Pedagogy of the Oppressed. New York: Continuum [3] Kennedy, D. (2006). Changing Conceptions of the Child from the Renaissance to Post-Modernity: A Philosophy of Childhood. NY Lewinston: The Edwin Mellen Press [4] Kennedy, D. (2013). Epilogue: Becoming Child, Becoming Other: Childhood as

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Childhood and Children’s Retrospective Media Consumption Experiences
The case of Norway

Introduction This article is based on a Norwegian case study of adults reflecting on media consumption in their own childhood. Actor experiences and children’s agency are examined through focus group interviews as this approach can generate new insights into earlier experiences. The following main research question is addressed: What are the dominant narratives in retrospective media experiences (radio and television)? In addition to this, a question on the passionate dimension has been addressed: When were passions and other strong feelings produced in

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”A past that has never been present”: The Literary Experience of Childhood and Nostalgia

. Salmose, Niklas. “‘Our flame, the will-o’-the-wisp that dances in a few eyes, is soon to be blown out and will fade.’ Modern Literary Nostalgia as a Death Mood.” Jednak Książki X.X (2018): 109–22. Print. Salmose, Niklas. “Reading Nostalgia: Textual Memory in The Great Gatsby .” The F. Scott Fitzgerald Review 12 (2014): 67–87. Print. Salmose, Niklas. Towards a Poetics of Nostalgia: The Nostalgic Experience in Modern Fiction . Edinburgh: U of Edinburgh P, 2012. Print. Sampson, Fay. “Childhood and Twentieth-Century Children’s Literature.” Childhood

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Prevalence of Aeroallergens in Childhood Asthma in Mashhad

, Aguinaga-Ontoso I, Guillén-Grima F. High prevalence of asthma and allergic diseases in children aged 6 and 7 years from the Canary Islands: the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood. J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol. 2009;19(5):383-90. PMID:19862938. Celedón JC, Soto-Quiros ME, Silverman EK, Hanson L, Weiss ST. Risk factors for childhood asthma in Costa Rica. Chest. 2001;120(3):785-90. doi:10.1378/chest.120.3.785 PMID:11555510. Liao MF, Liao MN, Lin SN, Chen JY, Huang JL. ISAAC Prevalence of

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Tablet Nuff but Life Still Rough: Technology for Early Childhood Sustainable Development in Jamaica

References Ärlemalm-Hagsér, E. (2014). Participation as ‘taking part in’: Education for sustainability in Swedish preschools. Global Studies of Childhood , 4 (2), 101–114. Avgerou, C. (2010). Discourses on ICT and development. Information Technologies and International Development , 6 (3), 1–18, Retrieved from Barron, B., Cayton-Hodges, G., Bofferding, L., Copple, C., Darling-Hammond, L., & Levine, M. (2011). Take a giant step: A blueprint for teaching children in a digital age. New York, NY: The Joan Ganz

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New Zealand early childhood curriculum: The politics of collaboration

References Bhabha, H. (1990). Nation and narration. New York: Routledge. Bhabha, H. (1994). The location of culture. New York: Routledge. Connolly, W. (2013). The fragility of things. Self-organizing process, neoliberal fantasies, and democratic activism. Durham & London: Duke University Press. Duhn, I. (2006). The making of global citizens: Traces of cosmopolitanism in the New Zealand early childhood curriculum, Te Whāriki. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 7(3), 191

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Men in Early Childhood: A Moral Panic? A research report from a UK University

References Bell, Judith. 2005. Doing Your Research Project, a Guide for First-Time Researchers in Education, Health and Social Science. Maidenhead: Open University Press. Cameron, Claire. 2006. “Men in the Nursery Revisited: issues of male workers and professionalism.” Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood 7 (1): 68-79. Cameron, Claire, Peter Moss and Charlie Owen. 1999. Men in the Nursery: gender and caring work. London: Paul Chapman Publishing. Cameron, Claire, Mano Candapapa, Ann Mooney

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Polymorphism of Biotransformation Genes and Risk of Relapse in Childhood Acute Leukemia

relapsed childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The Berlin-Frankfurt-Munster Study Group. Blood 1998; 91(5): 1716-1722. Relling MV, Yanishevski Y, Nemec J, Evans WE, Boyett JM, Behm FG, Pui CH. Etoposide and antimetabolite pharmacology in patients who develop secondary acute myeloid leukemia. Leukemia 1998; 12(3): 346-352. Chupova NV, Samochatova EV, Rudneva AE, Solopova GG, Nasedkina TV, Fedorova OE, Glotov AS, Zemliakova VV, Krynetski EYu, Krynetskaia NF, Ribeiro RC, Evans WE, Rumyantsev AG. Genetic polymorphism

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Power and resistance in early childhood education: From dominant discourse to democratic experimentalism

early child (care and) education: Reconceptualising early childhood education (RECE) 1991-2012. International Journal of Equity and Innovation in Early Childhood, 11 (1), 65-85. Broadhead, P., Meleady, C., & Delgado, M. A. (2008) Children, families and communities: Creating and sustaining integrated services. Maidenhead: Open University Press. Cameron, C., & Moss, P. (2007). Care work in Europe: Current understandings and future directions. London: Routledge. Dahlberg, G., & Moss, P. (2005). Ethics and politics in early

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