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Objective assessment for characterising the flatness of garment sewing stitches

. (2007). Objective evaluation of multidirectional fabric wrinkling using image analysis. Journal of The Textile Institute, 98, 443-451. [27] Sun J., Yao M., Xu B., Bel P. (2011). Fabric wrinkle characterization and classification using modified wavelet coefficients and support-vector-machine classifiers, Textile Research Journal, 81, 902-913. [28] Liu J., Zhu B., Jiang H. (2013). Image analysis measurement of cottonseed coat fragments in 100% woven fabric, Fibers and Polymers, 14(7), 1208-1214. [29] Jiang H., Liu J

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Morphological Characterization of Nordic Horseradish (Armoracia rusticana)

and sulphur supply. – Plant Soil Environ, 62(7): 307–313. R hodes A.M., C ourter J.W., S hurtleff M.C., 1965: Identification of Horseradish types. – Transacions of the Illinois State Academy of Science, 58. S arli G., L isi A., A gneta R., G rieco S., I erardi G., M ontemurro F., N egro D., M ontesano V., 2012: Collecting horseradish ( Armoracia rusticana , Brassicaceae ): local uses and morphological characterization in Basilicata (Southern Italy). – Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 59(5): 889–899. S tokes G.W., 1955: Seed

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Identification and molecular characterisation of bovine parainfluenza virus-3 and bovine respiratory syncytial virus - first report from Turkey

–86. 9. Bertolotti L., Giammarioli M., Rosati S.: Genetic characterization of bovine respiratory syncytial virus strains isolated in Italy: evidence for the circulation of new divergent clades. J Vet Diagn Invest 2018, 30, 300–304. 10. Bortolin Affonso I., de Souza A., Cavalheiro Martini M., Bianchi dos Santos M., Rosado Spilki F., Weis Arns C., Issa Samara S.: Detection of an untyped strain of bovine respiratory syncytial virus in a dairy herd. Semina: Ciências Agrárias 2014, 35, 2539–2549. 11. Çabalar M., Can Şahna K.: Doğu ve güneydoğu anadolu bölgesinde

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Synthesis and characterization of related substances of Azilsartan Kamedoxomil

-7-carboxylates and conversion thereof to azilsartan. WO/2012/139535. 2012. 16. Raghavareddy A. V. et al.: A novel process for the preparation of Azilsartan medoxomil. Indian patent App. No. 4226/CHE/2012A. 17. Sangeeta S. et al.: Synthesis and Characterization of Impuritiesof a Common and Advanced Intermediate of Candesartan and Azilsartan Antihypertensive Drugs. Int. Res. J. Pure App. Chem., 5, 140, 2015. 18. Sethi M. K. et al.: Related substances of azilsartan medoxomil: synthesis and characterization. Der Pharma

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Some characterizations of Arcsine distribution


Some distributional properties of the symmetric arcsine distribution on (−1, 1) is presented. Based on the distributional properties, several characterizations of the arcsine distribution are given.

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Mechanical Characterization of Nanostructured Thin Films Used to Imporve Mechatronic Components

nanotechnologies in mechatronics. Bucharest: Ed. CEFIN, 2009. [5] Buschan B. Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology, New York: Springer, 2007. [6] Gornoava V., Gheorghe Gh.I., Badita L.L. Tribological characterization of the nanostructured thin films deposited by intelligent methods, for mechatronic and biomedical applications. The Scientific Bulletin of Valahia University - Materials and Mechanics 2016; 14(11): 69-74. [7] [8] Bhushan B. Handbook of Micro

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Morphological, Biochemical And Hematological Characterization Of Endangered Balkan Donkey Breed

: 621-629. 4. Grdovic S, Savic M, Beckei Z, Dimitrijevic B: Biodiversity and traditional sheep grazing in the south Banat region. Acta Vet-Beograd 2012, 62: 709-716. 5. Rischkowsky B, Pilling D, (ed.): The state of the world's animal genetic resources for food and agriculture. Rome, Italy: Food and Agriculture Organization; 2007. 6. FAO: Molecular-genetic characterization of animal genetic resources. Rome, Italy: Food and Agriculture Organization; 2011. 7. Folch P, Jordana J: Characterization, reference ranges and the influence of gender on

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Characterization and Identification of Selection Indices of Pole Type Dolichos Bean

. Bot. 51: 251-263. Morris J.B. 2003. Bio-functional legumes with nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and industrial uses. Econ. Bot. 57: 254-261. Morris J.B. 2009. Morphological and reproductive characterization in hyacinth bean, Lablab purpureus (L.) Sweet germplasm with clinically proven nutraceutical and pharmaceutical traits for use as a medicinal food. Journal of Dietary Supplements 6 (3): 263-279. Naeem M., Khan M.M.A., Moinuddin, Siddiqui, M.H. 2009a. Triacontanol stimulates nitrogen

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Approximate methods for the optical characterization of inhomogeneous thin films: Applications to silicon nitride films

absorbing films”, Appl. Phys. A , vol. 29, pp. 157–162, 1982. [6] T. Lohner, K. J. Kumar, P. Petrik, A. Subrahmanyam, I. Bársony, “Optical analysis of room temperature magnetron sputtered ITO films by reflec tometry and spectroscopic ellipsometry”, J. Mater. Res. , vol. 29, pp. 1528–1536, 2014. [7] D. Franta, I. Ohlídal, D. Petrýdes, “Optical Characterization of TiO 2 Thin Films by the Combined Method of Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and Spectroscopic Photometry”, Vacuum , vol. 80, pp. 159–162, 2005. [8] J. C. Manifacier, J. Gasiot, J. P. Fillard, “A

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Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(Acrylic Acid)/Organo-Modified Nanohydroxyapatite Nanocomposites: Thermal, Optical and Biocompatibility Properties

repair through mechanochemical reaction. Materials Transactions. 45(4) (2004), 994-998. 12. Khan, A.S., Wong, F.S.L., McKay, I.J., Whiley, R.A., Rehman, I.U. Structural, mechanical, and biocompatibility analyses of a novel dental restorative nanocomposite . J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 130 (2013), 439-447. 13. El-Bahy, G.S., Abdelrazek, E.M., Allam, M.A., Hezma, A.M. Characterization of in situ prepared nano-hydroxyapatite/polyacrylic acid (HAp/PAAc) biocomposites. Journal of Applied Polymer Science. 122 (2011), 3270–3276. 14. Darder, M., Colilla, M., Ruiz

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