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. Second Revised Edition. Hardcover, 1953.IX:701-716 Marchant-Haycox SE, Wilson GD. Personality and Stress in Performing Artist, Personality and Individual Differences, UK, 1992.13:1061-1068 Savran C. Sıfat Listesinin (Adjective Check List) Türkiye Koşullarına Uygun Dilsel Eşdeğerlilik, Geçerlik, Güvenirlik ve Norm Çalışması ve Örnek Bir Uygulama. Yayınlanmamış Doktora Tezi, Istanbul, 1993. Savran C, Coknaz D, Guler L, Atalay M. Perceived Personality Characteristics of Sport, Ichper-Sd Europe Congress, Antalya, 2004 Schneider ML, Graham DJ. Personality Physical Fitness

for school absenteeism and difficulty in sleeping among children. 4 Furthermore, students with dental pain are more likely to have a low grade point average on their academic performances. 5 Oral health outcomes such as dental pain are affected by broader social determinants of health. 2 Based on the social determination model of toothache proposed by Bastos et al., 6 oral health is linked to psychosocial factors and material and behavioral factors. Previous studies highlighted that parental socioeconomic characteristics were associated with oral health outcomes

associated with the higher unemployment rate. 11 Because of the uniqueness and subtlety of Wonogiri, it is necessary to use a qualitative approach to explore the characteristics, causality, and suicidal behavior in Wonogiri. A study by Lusk et al. 12 indicates a complex relationship between spirituality/religion and suicidality. Therefore, suicidal behavior needs to be identified based on the experience of family members who had suicide ideation. 8 Based on this phenomenon, this study explores the characteristics, causality, and suicidal behavior among family members

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