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Influence of Climate Changes on Health (Review)

References 1. Phua KL Redesigning healthcare systems to meet the health challenges associated with climate change in the twenty-first century. Journal of Emergency Management. 2015, 13(3): 255-263. 2. IPCC. Summary for Policymakers. In: Edenhofer O, R. Pichs-Madruga, Y. Sokona, E. Farahani, S. Kadner, K. Seyboth, A. Adler, et al. Minx editors. Climate Change 2014, Mitigation of Climate Change Contribution of Working Group III to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Cambridge, United

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Classification of Land Use Changes (Model Area: Nitra Town)

Universitatis Comenianae, 48, 155-165. Blažik, T., Falťan, V., Tarasovičova, Z. & Saksa M. (2011). Land use changes in chosen districts of various productive agricultural regions in the context of transformational processes (in Slovak). Geografický Časopis, 63(4), 301−323. Bojnec, Š. (2011). Land Markets in the EU Candidate Countries of Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey. In Factor markets working paper No. 1. Brussels: Centre for European Policy Studies. Boltižiar, M

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The Pension System in Slovenia in Light of Current International Macroeconomic Changes and Trends

. 1991. The Changing Balance of Work and Reitrement. In Time for Retirement. Comparative Studies of Early Exit from the Workforce , edited by M. Kohli, M. Rein, A.M. Guillemard, and H. van Gunsteren, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Lindeman, D., M. Rutkowski, and O. Sluchynsky. 2001. The Evolution of Pension Systems in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Opportunities, Constraints, Dilemmas, and Emerging Practices. In OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development): OECD Financial Market Trends 80. Paris: OECD

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Changes of Dentario Glanduleosae-Fagetum Forest Stand in Roztocze National Park, South Eastern Poland From 1946 To 2001

. Potencjalna roślinność naturalna Roztoczańskiego Parku Narodowego. Roztoczański Park Narodowy, Zwierzyniec. Kozłowska, A. 2007. Changes in montane beech forests in Bieszczady. In: J. M. Matuszkiewicz (ed.), Geobotanical identification of the development tendencies in forest associations in the regions of Poland, pp: 433-449. [In Polish with English summary]. Lis, Z. 1979. Natural limits of Fagus sylvatica and Abies alba in the Lublin area. Folia Soc. Scient. Lublin. Biol. 21: 119-128. [In Polish with English summary

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Changes in the Administrative Hierarchy of Cities and Entrepreneurship in Suburban Areas (The Cases of Kielce and Radom)

of suburban zones], Acta Univesitatis Lodziensis , Folia Geographica , no. 5. Słodczyk J., 2001: Przestrzeń miasta i jej przeobrażenia [Urban space and its changes]. Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Opolskiego, Opole. Suliborski A., 1985: Delimitacja strefy podmiejskiej Łodzi. Analiza pojęć i założeń metodologicznych [Delimitation of Łódź’s suburban zone. An analysis of terms and methodological approaches], Acta Univesitatis Lodziensis , Folia Geographica , no. 5. Targalski J. (ed.), 1999, Przedsiębiorczość i rozwój firmy [Entrepreneurship and

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2006-2012 Land Cover and Use Changes in Romania – An Overall Assessment Based on Corine Data

., Kline K. L. (2011), The land use – climate change – energy nexus , Landscape Ecology 26: 755-773. de Lima M. V. N. (2005), IMAGE2000 and CLC2000 Products and Methods , Land Management Unit, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Ispra, Italy. Dragotă Carmen, Dumitraşcu Monica, Grigorescu Ines, Kucsicsa G.. (2011), The Climatic Water Deficit in South Oltenia Using the Thornthwaite Method , Forum geografic. Studii şi cercetări de geografie şi protecţia mediului 10(1):140-148. Dutcă I., Abrudan I. V. (2010), Estimation

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Large cities in Poland in face of demographic changes

. Klimanek, T., 2012: Wyniki badania zachowań migracyjnych mieszkańców Poznania (The results of the study the migratory behavior of inhabitants of Poznan - in Polish). In: Gołata, E. editor, Migracje mieszkańców dużych miast, Poznań: Wydawnictwo UE w Poznaniu, pp. 133-150. Kuropka, I. and Pisz, Z., 2012: Zmiany demograficzne a zadania polityki społecznej (Demographic changes and social policy tasks - in Polish). In: Zagórowska, A. editor, Ludność Nadodrza 1946-2035. Uwarunkowania demograficzne rozwoju społecznego, Studia i Monografie, Z. 319, Opole

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Characteristics of Sustainable Changes for Schools

-276. Lukk, K. (2005a) Kooli ja kodu koostöö õpilaste toimetuleku toetajana [Home and school cooperation as a supporter of child's coping], in Kraav, I., Kala, U. & Pedastsaar, T. (eds.) Haridus muutuste ja traditsioonide keerises [Education in the turbulence of changes and traditions]. Põltsamaa: OÜ Vali Press. Lukk, K. (2005b) Parental involvement in the framework of holistic education. Journal of Teacher Education and Training , 5, 90-100. Lukk, K., Veisson, M., Ruus, V.-R. & Sarv, E.-S. (2006) Democratic approach

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Monitoring of Biodiversity Changes in the Landscape Scale

.1. IUCN Species Survival Comission. IUCN, Gland, Switzerland and Cambridge, U.K. Kučera, J., Váňa, J. (2005). Seznam a červený seznam mechorostů České republiky (2005). Příroda , Prague, 23:1-104. Lamoreux, J., Akakaya, H.R., Bennun, L., Collar, N.J. & Boitani, L. (2003). Value of the IUCN Red List. Trends Ecol. Evol. 18: 214-215. Lausch, A., Herzog, F. (2002). Applicabality of landscape metrics for the monitoring of landscape change: issues of scale, resolution and interpretability

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. Changes within the power and social structure of rural areas at present.) MTA Centre for Social Sciences (Institution of Sociology). Budapest : Argumentum Kiadó, 2012. NAGYNÉ MOLNÁR, M. 2007. A területi egyenlőtlenségek főbb összefüggései. (Major links between regional inequalities.) In: KÁPOSZTA, J. (ed.): Regionális gazdaságtan. (Regional economy.) Debrecen : DE Kiadó, 2007. pp. 166-205. Nemzeti Vidékstratégia 2012-2020. (National Rural Strategy 2012-2020.) Available from:ékstratégia

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