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Health-promoting substances contained in cereals (review)

References AACC. (2001) Cereal Food World 46:112-113. Abdel-Aal ESM, Huci P, Sosulski FW, Graf R, Gillott C, Pietrzak L (2001) Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry 49: 3559-3566. Abdel-Aal ESM, Young JC, Rabalski I, Hucl P, Fregeau- Reid J (2007) Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 55: 787-794. Adom KK, Liu RH (2002) Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry 50: 6182-6187. Adom KK, Sorrells M, Liu RH (2005) Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry 53: 2297

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Mycobiota and Mycotoxic Contamination of Feed Cereals

. Food Compost. Anal. , 21, 423—427. 9. Cegielska-Radziejewska, R., Stuper, K., Szablewski, T., 2013: Microflora and mycotoxin contamination in poultry feed mixtures from western Poland. Ann. Agric. Environ. Med. , 20, 30—35. 10. Čonková, E., Laciaková, A., Štyriak, I., Czerwiecki, L., Wilczyńska, G., 2006: Fungal contamination and the levels of mycotoxins (DON and OTA) in cereal samples from Poland and East Slovakia. Czech J. Food Sci. , 24, 33—40. 11. Čonková, E., 2011: Genus Fusarium Link ex. Fr., Fusariotoxins. In Microscopic Fibrous Fungi

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Antioxidant Activity of Milling Fractions of Selected Cereals

of soybean and cereal (wheat, corn, and rice) proteins in complex mixtures: Application to the selective determination of the soybean protein content in commercial cereal-based products. Anal. Chim. Acta, 558, 2006, 28-34. DORDEVIĆ, T.M., ŠILER-MARINKOVIĆ, S.S., DIMITRIJEVIĆ-BRANKOVIĆ S.I.: Effect of fermentation on antioxidant properties of some cereals and pseudo cereals. Food Chem., 119, 2010, 957-963. DYKES, L., ROONEY, L.W.: Phenolic compounds in cereal grains and their health benefits. Cereal Food World, 52

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Occurrence and geographical distribution of cyst nematodes in cereals and grassland in the Slovak Republic

[1] Čuri, J. (1959): The problem of heteroderosis of sugar beet in Slovak Republic. Agriculture, 6: 285–288 [2] Decker, H. (1972): Plant nematodes and their control. Amerind Publishing. New Delhi [3] Evans, K., Trudgill, D. L., Webster, J. M. (1993): Plant Parasitic Nematodes in Temperature Agriculture. CAB International, Wallingford, Oxon, UK. [4] Franklin, M. T. (1969): Heterodera latipons n. sp., a cereal cyst nematode from the mediterranean region

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Macro-Elements and Trace Elements in Cereal Grains Cultivated in Latvia

References Al-Gahri, M. A., Almussali, M. S. (2008). Microelement content of locally produced and imported wheat grains in Yemen. E-Journal Chem., 5 (4), 838-843. Anonymous (2015). European Commission, Agriculture and Rural Development, Cereals, oilseeds and protein crops, rice. (accessed 20 February 2015). Awika, J. M. (2011). Major cereal grains production and use around the world. In: Awika, J. M., Pirronen, W., Bean, S. (eds.). Cereal Science: Implications

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Cereal Breeding for Organic Farming: Crop Traits Related with Competitiveness Against Weeds

triticale breeding for organic farming. Latvian J. Agron. , 11 , 89-94. Kruepl, C., Hoad, S., Davies, K., Bertholdsson, N.-O., Paolini, R. (2007). Weed competitiveness. In: Cereal Variety Testing for Organic and Low Input Agriculture . SUSVAR Handbook, W1-W17. Lammerts van Bueren, E. T. (2002). Organic plant breeding and propagation: Concepts and strategies. PhD Thesis. Wageningen University. The Netherland. 196 pp. Leistrumaitë, A., Liatukas, Þ., Razbadauskienë, K. (2009). The spring cereals traits of soil cover, disease

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MIR talks to Jeffrey S. Cooper, Director of Consumer Insights CPW-Cereal Partners Worldwide


The cereal industry is characterized by heavy competition and a pressure to reinvent itself to meet changing consumer lifestyles and retail environments. Jeff Cooper, Director of Consumer Insights of CPW, one of the world’s biggest players in cereals, offers some interesting information on how to keep this business growing in a difficult market environment

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Zearalenone Contamination of the Aquatic Environment as a Result of its Presence in Crops / Pojava Mikotoksina U Vodenom Okolišu Zbog Njihove Prisutnosti U Usjevima

K, Wiśniewska H, Goliński P. Accumulation of zearalenone in genotypes of spring wheat after inoculation with Fusarium culmorum . Cereal Res Commun 2008;36(Suppl 6):401-4. 20. Zinedine A, Soriano JM, Moltŏ JC., Maňes J. Review on the toxicity, occurrence, metabolism, detoxification, regulations and intake of zearalenone: An oestrogenic mycotoxin. Food Chem Toxicol 2007;45:1-18. 21. Shier WT, Shier AC, Xie W, Mirocha CJ. Structure-activity relationships for human estrogenic activity in zearalenone mycotoxins. Toxicon 2001

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Evaluation of Antioxidant Activities of Cereals and their Malts

loci affecting germination traits and malt friability in a two-rowed by six-rowed barley cross. J. Cereal Sci., 39, 2004, 283-290. EMMONS, C.L. AND PETERSON, D.M.: Antioxidant activity and phenolic contents of oat groats and hulls. Cereal Chem., 76, 1999, 902-906. EMMONS, C.L., PETERSON, D.M. AND PAUL, G.L.: Antioxidant capacity of oat (Avena sativa L.) extracts. 2. In vitro antioxidant activity and contents of phenolic and tocol antioxidants. J. Agric. Food Chem., 47, 1999, 4894-4898. GOUPY, P., HUGUES, M., BOIVIN, P

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Alternative Cereals in Carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) Nutrition

value of wheat and triticale in fish diet. VI International Conference „Water & Fish“, Belgrade-Zemun, Serbia, 12-14 June 2013, pp 233-237, 2013a. MARKOVIĆ, G., MADIĆ, M., LUJIĆ, J.: Ječam ( Hordeum vulgare L.) u ishrani riba. XVIII Savetovanje o biotehnologiji, Čačak, Srbija, 15-16. Mart 2013, pp. 417-421, 2013b. MARKOVIĆ, G., LUJIĆ, J.: Use of minor cereals and small grains in fish nutrition. V International Scientific Symposium “Agrosym 2014”, Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 23-26 October 2014, Abstracts, pp.236, 2014. MARKOVIĆ, G., LUJIĆ, J

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