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Empirical Evidence of Capital Mobility in the EU New Member States

Forward?. Journal of Common Market Studies, 49 (2): 413-435. Guha, P., Daga, S., Gulati, R., Bhupal, G. and Oak, H. (2004). International Financial Markets Integration or Segmentation: A Case Study of Equity Markets. EconWPA Working Paper, No. 0412013. Hsiao, C. (2003). Analysis of panel data, Cambridge; Cambridge University Press, 2nd edition. UK. Globan, T. (2014). Testing the ‘trilemma’ in post-transition Europe - a new empirical measure of capital mobility. Post-Communist Economies, 26 (4), 459

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Determinants of foreign direct investment from EU-15 Countries in Poland


During the last two decades, Poland has become a large recipient of inward foreign direct investment (FDI). This article uses standard panel data techniques to study empirically the determinants of inward FDI in Poland during the period 1996–2015 made by multinational enterprises coming from the old European Union (EU)-15 member states. The estimated specification is derived from the knowledge-capital (KC) model and includes two types of capital: human and physical. The assembled empirical evidence points to the horizontal motive as the primary reason for undertaking FDI in Poland by multinational firms based in the old EU-15 member states. Moreover, the KC model does not seem to explain better the pattern of inward FDI in Poland compared to the standard ad hoc gravity model of international capital mobility.

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Some Properties of The Solution of The Ramsey Model

References Barro, R. N., Mankiw ,G., & Sala-i-Martin, X. (1995). Capital Mobility in Neoclassical Models of Growth. American Economic Review, 85, 103-115. Cass, D. (1965). Optimum Growth in an Aggregative Model of Capital Accumulation. The Review of Economic Studies, 32(3), 233 - 240. doi:10.2307/2295827 Guerrini, L. (2010a). The Ramsey model with a bounded population growth rate. Journal of Macroeconomics, 32(3), 872-878. doi:10.1016/j.jmacro.2009.08.004 Guerrini, L. (2010b). The Ramsey model

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Are Imports and Exports Cointegrated: the Case of Bulgaria between 1967 and 2004

References Arize A., 2002, Imports and exports in 50 countries: tests of cointegration and structural breaks, International Review of Economics and Finance 11, 101-115. Gunlach E. and S. Sinn, 1992, Unit roots tests for the current account balance: implications to international capital mobility, Applied Economics 24, 617-727. Hakkio C. and M. Rush, 1991, Is the budget deficit ‘too large’?, Economic Inquiry 4, 429-445. Husted S., 1992, The emerging US

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European Union Foreign Direct Investment Outflows to ASEAN Countries

:// EU’s trade with main partners (2011), European Commission, Vietnam, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Witkowska J. (2008), Regional Integration and Capital Mobility in the World Economy; Experiences of the European Union, NAFTA and AFTA , ʻComparative Economic Research Central and Eastern Europe', Volume 11, No.1/2/2008, Łódź University Press, Łódź Witkowska J. (2009), Policies with Respect to Foreign Investors in the New Member States of the European Union and in the Developing

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Policies with Respect to Foreign Investors in the New Member States of the European Union and in the Developing Countries of Asia: A Comparative Aspects

4, Witkowska J. (2008a), Regional Integration and Capital Mobility in the World Economy: Experiences of the European Union, NAFTA and AFTA , ‘Comparative Economic Research’ , Vol. 11, 2008, No. 1/2 Witkowska J. (2008b), "The Role of Foreign Direct Investor Policies in Creating a Knowledge-Based Economy in the New Member States of the European Union, Innovation, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy in the EU New Member States , edited by J

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Demography is destiny: Strategic planning and housing in Ireland

metric you use, it is clear Ireland has major issues when it comes to measuring housing activity. Sunday Business Post . Robert-Nicoud, F. (2006) Agglomeration and trade with input-output linkages and capital mobility. Spatial Economic Analysis, 1 (1), 101–26 Ruane, F. (2018, February 14). Planning framework must be founded on courage. The Irish Times . Sirr, L. (2017, April 23). Number’s up for Coveney. The Sunday Times. Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland. (2017). The real costs of new apartment delivery. Dublin: Society of Chartered

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Corporate Income Tax Rates in the EU Member States: Why Lower Means Better

in the United States. 75 (1), 128-138. Bretschger, L., Hettich, F. (2002). Globalisation, Capital Mobility and Tax Competition: Theory and Evidence for OECD Countries. European Journal of Political Economy, 18 (4), 695-716. Clausing, K. (2007). Corporate Tax Revenues in OECD Countries. International Tax and Public Finance, 14 (2), 115-133. de Mooij, R.A. (2005). Will Corporate Income Taxation Survive? De Economist, 153 (3), 277-301. Deloitte. (2018). Withholding Tax Rates. Devereux, M.P. (2007). Developments in the Taxation of

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Perspectives on Monetary Policy and Cost of Capital: Evidence from Turkey

-2129 34. Mundell, R.A.(1963). Capital Mobility and Stabilization Policy under Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rates. Canadian. Journal of Economics and Political Science , 29, 475–485. 35. Özsuca, E. A., Akbostancı, E. (2012). An Empirical Analysis of the Risk Taking Channel of Monetary Policy in Turkey. ERC Working Papers No . 12/08. 36. Sengonul, A., Thorbecke, W.(2005). The Effect of Monetary Policy on Bank Lending in Turkey. Applied Financial Economics , 15, 931–34. 37. Van den Heuvel, S.(2002). Does Bank Capital Matter for Monetary Transmission

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Choosing the exchange rate regime–a case for intermediate regimes for emerging and developing economies

of Chicago Press. Eichengreen, B. (2004). Capital flows and crises. London: MIT Press. Eichengreen, B. (2008). Exchange rate regimes and capital mobility: How much of the Swoboda thesis survives?. (NBER Working Papers, 14100). Retrieved from Eichengreen, B., Razo-Garcia R. (2006). The international monetary system in the last and next 20 years. Economic Policy, 21(47), 393-442. Esaka, T. (2010). Exchange rate regimes, capital controls, and currency crises: Does the

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