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International Startups from Poland: Born Global or Born Regional?

, G.A. and Cavusgil, S.T. (2005). A Taxonomy of Born-global Firms. Management International Review , 45 (3): 15–35. Kowalik, I., Danik, L., Král, P. and Řezanková, H. (2017). Antecedents of Accelerated Internationalisation of Polish and Czech Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review , 5 (3), 31–48, Lopez, L.E., Kundu, S.K. and Ciravegna, L. (2009). Born Global or Born Regional? Evidence from an Exploratory Study in the Costa Rican Software Industry. Journal of

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Innovation and Internationalization of Hungarian SMEs in the IT Industry

project f nanced by NKTH (National Of ce for Research and Technology) in Innotars_08 program, 2008-2010 Kuemmerle W. (1999), The Drivers of Foreign Direct Investment into Research and Development: An Empirical Investigation, Journal of International Business Studies, Vol. 30/1, pp. 1-24 Lindstrand A., Melen S., Nordman E.R. (2011), Turning social capital into business: A study of the internationalization of biotech SMEs, International Business Review, Vol. 20, No. 2, pp. 194-212 Lopez L.E., Kundu S.K., Ciravegna L. (2009), Born global or born regional? Evidence

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Familiness and Born Globals: Rapid Internationalisation among Polish Family Firms

Inquiry into Born-global Firms in Europe and the USA, International Marketing Review, vol. 21, no. 6, pp. 645-665. Kontinen, T,. Ojala, A. (2010). The internationalization of family businesses: a review of extant research, Journal of Family Business Strateg y, vol. 1, no. 2. Litz R.A., (2008): Two Sides of a One-Sided Phenomenon: Conceptualizing the Family Business and Business Family as a Möbius Strip, Family Business Review, vol. 31, no. 3. Lopez L.E., Kundu S.K., Ciravegna L. (2009), Born Global or Born Regional

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Adventurous Foreign Direct Investment

. and Almodovar, P. (2011). The born global illusion and the regional nature of international business. Research in Global Strategic Management, 15: 251-269, Rugman, A., Lee, I. and Terjesen, S. (2011). Are born global firms really born regional? (Interactive Paper). Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, 31(16): 11. Rugman, A.M. and Verbeke, A. (2004). A perspective on regional and global strategies of multinational enterprises. Journal of International Business Studies, 35(1): 3

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International Strategy as the Facilitator of the Speed, Scope, and Scale of Firms’ Internationalization

Journal , 32 (6), 928–937. Lin, S.-L. and Hsieh, A.-T. (2010). International strategy implementation: Roles of subsidiaries, operational capabilities, and procedural justice. Journal of Business Research , 67 , 52–59. Lopez, L.E., Kundu, S.K. and Ciravegna, L. (2009). Born global or born regional? Evidence from an exploratory study in the Costa Rican software industry. Journal of International Business Studies , 40 (7), 1228–1238. Lorange, P. (2005). Strategy means choice: Also for today’s business school. Journal of Management Development , 24

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