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Perceptibility and Experience of Inner-European Borders by Institutionalised Border Protection

References Anderson M., 1996. Frontiers. Territory and state formation in the modern world. Cambridge. Baumann M., 2006. Der deutsche Fingerabdruck. Die Rolle der deutschen Bundesregierung bei der Europäisierung der Grenzpolitik (The German fingerprint. The consideration of German government to Europeanizing the border policy) . Baden-Baden. Baumann M., 2008. Der Einfluss des Bundeskanzleramts und des Bundesministeriums des Innern auf die Entwicklung einer europäischen

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Cultural influences in cross border cooperation. An overview on Romania – Serbia cross border EU financed programme

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Researching Elements of Cross-Border Social Cohesion: the Case of Slovene Border Areas

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Symmetry or asymmetry? Cross-border openness of service providers in Polish-Czech and Polish-German border towns

References: ACKLESON, J. (2005): Constructing Security on the U.S.-Mexico border. Political Geography, 24: 165–184. AGNEW, J. (2008): Borders on the mind: reframing border thinking. Ethics and Global Politics, 1(4): 175–191. ARREOLA, D. (1996): Border-City Idee Fix. Geographical Review, 86(3): 356–369. BRUNET-JAILLY, E. (2011): Special Section: Borders, Borderlands and Theory: An Introduction. Geopolitics, 16: 1–6. BUTTIN, F. (2006): The Polish-Czechoslovak Conflict over Teschen Silesia (1918–1920): a case study. Perspectives, 25: 63

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Cross-Border Cooperation on Security in Europe

References Anderson M., den Boer M., Cullen P., Gilmore W., Raab C. & Walker N. Policing the European Union. Oxford University Press. Albuquerque P., 2007. Shared legacies, disparate outcomes: Why American south border cities turned the tables on crime and their Mexican sisters did not. Crime, Law and Social Change , 47: 69-88. A secure Europe in a better world: The European Security Strategy. The European Council, Brussels, 2003. Ceccato V. & Haining R

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When the Border Crosses You
Aspects of Language and Identity in Transylvania between the Two World Wars

of European borders. Regional & Federal Studies 12(4): 13–36. Root, M. 1995. The multiracial experience: Racial borders as a significant frontier in race relations. In: Root, M. (ed.), The multiracial experience: Racial borders as the new frontier . Thousand Oaks–London–New Delhi: Sage Publications. xiii–xxviii. Scollon, R.–Scollon, S. W. 2003. Discourses in place: Language in the material world. London: Routledge. Yildiz, Y. 2012. Beyond the mother tongue. The postmonolingual condition. Fordham University Press Series, Fordham University

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The Mesmerizing Journey from Gyeongju to Lisbon: The BRI as a Mechanism of De-bordering, Re-bordering, and Co-bordering

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Small Border Traffic and Cross-Border Tourism Between Poland and the Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation

Oblast). In: Ignasiak-Szulc A., Kosiedowski W. (eds), Problemy współpracy gospodarczej w Regionie Bałtyc kim w kontekście integracji europejskiej. Towarzystwo Naukowe Organizacji i Kierowania „Dom Organizatora”, Toruń: 141-150. Palmowski T., 2010. Problems of cross-border cooperation between Poland and the Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation. Quaestiones Geographicae 29(4): 75-82. Palmowski T., Anisiewicz R., 2003. Development of new form of co-operation between the Tri-City and Kaliningrad district. In: Palmowski T., Fedorov G

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Questions of Language and Culture in Erzsébet Juhász’s Border Novel

References Bence Erika. 2007. A történelmi regény műfaji változatai a vajdasági magyar irodalomban a XX. század utolsó évtizedében. [Generic Versions of the Historical Novel in the Hungarian Literature from Vojvodina in the Last Decade of the Twentieth Century.] Hungarológiai Közlemények 2: 121-130. -. 2008. Határtörténetek a jelenkori vajdasági magyar irodalomban. [Border Narratives in the Hungarian Literature from Vojvodina.] Hungarológiai Közlemények 1: 116-124. -. 2011. Műfaj (-típus) konstruáló fogalmak a

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Problems of Cross-Border Cooperation Between Poland and the Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation

References Jasiński J., 1994. Historia Królewca (The history of Królewiec) . Książnica Polska, Olsztyn. Palmowski T. (ed.), 2007. Pogranicze polsko-rosyjskie. Problemy współpracy transgranicznej z Obwodem Kaliningradzkim (Polish-Russian border region. Problems in cross-border cooperation with Kaliningrad Oblast) . Bernadinum, Gdynia-Pelplin: 7-316. Terytorialno-kompleksowy schemat planowania urbanistycznego rozwoju Obwodu Kaliningradzkiego i jego części (Complex territorial urban

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