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Moral Reciprocity, Ethics of Appropriation of Indigenous Medicinal Plant Knowledge and Associated Biopiracy

. (2018). Nestlé pays $200 a year to bottle water near Flint – Where water is undrinkable . Retrieved from Hamilton, C. (2006). Biodiversity, biopiracy and benefits: what allegations of biopiracy tell us about intellectual property. Developing World Bioethics , 6 (3), 158-173. Hamilton, C. (2008). Intellectual property rights, the bioeconomy and the challenge of biopiracy. Genomics, Society and Policy , 4 (3), 26-45. Hpcsa

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3 Biodiversity, Conservation and Bio-piracy of Genetic Resources in India
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Commercial Orchids
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Harnessing Social Processes for the Common Good

. (1992). Ecological footprints and appropriated carrying capacity: What urban economics leaves out. Environment and Urbanization, 4 , 121-130. Seddon, J. (2008). Systems Thinking in the Public Sector: The Failure of the Reform Regime … and a Manifesto for a Better Way. Axminster, UK: Triarchy Press. Semler, R. (2001). Maverick! London: Random House. Shiva, V. (1998). Biopiracy: The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge. London: Green Books. Smith, A. (1776/1981). The Wealth of Nations. Harmondsworth, Mddx: Penguin Books. Stern, P. C. (2000

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