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1 Introduction University benchmarking and assessment has long been a heated area of research and practices with many approaches and rankings. However, there exist different types of universities with different missions and sizes, resulting in varied emphases on research, teaching, or industrial/regional development. Even within research-oriented universities, some are more focused on basic research, while other ones aim more at applications. Most general ranking systems cannot show the degree to which ShanghaiTech University (hereafter: ShanghaiTech) as a small

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problemy rozwoju przedsiębiorczości osobistej w dobie gospodarki rynkowej [Determinants and problems of the development of personal entrepreneurship in the era of the market economy], [in:] K. Jaremczuk (ed), Uwarunkowania przedsiębiorczości - aspekty ekonomiczne i antropologiczno- społeczne [Determinants of entrepreneurship - economic and socio-anthropological aspects], Prof. Stanisław Tarnowski State Higher Vocational School, Tarnobrzeg. Chudziński P., 2014, Wykorzystanie benchmarkingu w zarządzaniu kosztami w przedsiębiorstwie wodociągowym [Using benchmarking in the