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In recent years, a dynamic development of brewing has been observed. Increasingly, production of malt and beer takes place even in smaller industrial factories, breweries restaurants or at home. Extraction is a process applied in a variety of industries, including food production, as a way of extracting specific ingredients from their mixtures. As a result of this process, not only sugars, proteins, fats, enzymes, vitamins, colorants, fragrances and flavors, but also malt and hop extracts are being isolated. In the process of mashing, in which the malt ingredients are being extracted, many biochemical, physical and chemical changes take place. The aim of the study was to analyze the effect of the degree of fragmentation of pilsner type malt on the amount of extract obtained and the pH of the mash. It has been observed that the degree of malt fragmentation has a significant effect on the content of the extract in the mash: the more fragmented malt, the more malt extract in mash produced using the malt. It has also been found that the pH of the mash increases with the average particle size of malt.

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