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ANNUAL OF NAVIGATION 20/2013 71 DOI: 10.2478/aon-2013-0006 JAROSŁAW KOZUBA Polish Air Force Academy in Dęblin SITUATIONAL AWARENESS VS. A PILOT’S DECISION-MAKING PROCESS ABSTRACT This article describes the impact of a pilot’s situational awareness (SA) on the quality of decisions that are made by him or her. Situational awareness has been defined as a state and as a process. The article also refers to how the situational awareness and the decision-making process interact. The decision-making process and its components have been defined. Based on

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:// [4] ENTSO-E launches tendering process on European Awareness System, [5] ENTSO-E Members Launch the European Awareness System to Help Keep Europe Switched On, [6] ENTSO-E Member Companies, https