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Development of IoT is tightly coupled with the use of the wireless communication solutions. Nowadays there are several standard wireless protocols, which are responsible for carrying information. The increase of the communication traffic tends to specialize the kind of used data interchange methods for the sake of demanded size of data packet, frequency of connections, meaning of the data, security and safety of the transmission as well as many others. One of the intensively spreading wireless networks is LoRaWAN. Because of its low energy consumption, long distance range, and high flexibility, it seems to be very effective solution to apply in the field of road traffic. The article presented the base features of LoRaWAN as well as the conception of virtual local traffic system based on the data yield from the board systems of cars. Accessed from OBD information about f. e.g. temporary cars speed or accelerations associated with their current position can be significant factor in creating the real image of the traffic situation.

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