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Styles of attachment determined by the slovak version of sembu

References Ainsworth, M., Blehar, M., Waters, E., & Wall, S. (1978). Patterns of attachment: a psychological study of the strange situation. Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum. Arrindell, W. A. et al. (2001). The short-EMBU in East-Germany and Sweeden: A crossnational factorial validity extension. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 42, 157-160. Arrindell, W. A., Emmelkamp, P. M. G., Brilman, E., & Monsma, A. (1983a). Psychometric evaluation of an inventory for assessment of parental rearing practices: a Dutch form of the

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Relations between Parenting Stress, Attachment, and Life Satisfaction in Mothers of Adolescent Children

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Mother-Child Conversations and Child Memory Narratives: The Roles of Child Gender and Attachment

parent-child interactions. Early Child Development and Care, 180 (1-2), 139-156. Bost, K.K., Shin, N., McBride, B.A., Brown, G.L., Vaughn, B.E., Coppola, G., Verissimo, M., Monteiro, L., & Korth, B. (2006). Maternal secure base scripts, children’s attachment security, and mother-child narrative styles. Attachment & Human Development, 8 (3), 241-260. Bowlby, J. (1969/1982). Attachment and Loss: Vol. 1. Attachment. New York: Basic Books. Bretherton, I. (1993). From dialogue to internal working models: The co-construction of

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The role of public spaces in creating place attachment (example of Zacisze, Warsaw housing estate)

References Bonaiuto, M, Fornara, F & Bonnes, M 2003, ‘Indexes of perceived residential environment quality and neighborhood attachment in urban environments: a confirmation study on the city of Rome’, Landscape and Urban Planning , vol. 65, pp. 41–52. Burdzik, T 2012, ‘Przestrzeń jako składnik tożsamości w świecie globalizacji’, Kultura – Historia – Globalizacja , no. 11, Available from: < >. [8 December 2014]. Carr, S & Francis, M & Rivlin, LG & Stone AM 1992, Public Space , Cambridge

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Pregnant substance-abusing women in involuntary treatment: Attachment experiences with the unborn child

REFERENCES Alvik, A. (2007). Alcohol use before, during and after pregnancy: A population based study in Oslo, Norway. Doctoral dissertation, University of Oslo. Barret, H. (2006). Attachment and the perils of parenting. London: National Parenting and Family Institute. Benoit, D., & Parker, K. C. H. (1994). Stability and transmissions of attachment across three generations. Child Development, 65, 1444–1456. Beeghly, M., & Tronick, E. Z. (1994). Effects of prenatal exposure to cocaine in early infancy: Toxic effects on the process of

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Children of Romanian Migrants between “Here” and “There”: Stories of Home Attachment

Action IS0803 Working paper no. 118. Berlin: EastBordNet - Relocating Borders. Available online at: Diehl, Claudia, and Rainer Schnell. 2006. “‘Reactive Ethnicity’ or ‘Assimilation’? Statements, Arguments, and First Empirical Evidence for Labor Migrants in Germany.” International Migration Review 40(4): 786-816. Ehrkamp, Patricia. 2005. “Placing Identities: Transnational Practices and Local Attachments of

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Places that Matter: Place Attachment and Wellbeing of Older Antillean Migrants in the Netherlands

-749. PHILLIPSON, C. (2007), ‘The "Elected" and the "Excluded": Sociological Perspectives on the Experience of Place and Community in Old Age’, Ageing and Society , 27 (3), pp. 321-342. PHINNEY, J. S., HORENCZYK, G., LIEBKIND, K. and VEDDER, P. (2001), ‘Ethnic Identity, Immigration, and Well-Being: An Interactional Perspective’, Journal of Social Issues , 57 (3), pp. 493-510. PONZETTI, J. (2003), ‘Growing Old in Rural Communities: A Visual Methodology for Studying Place Attachment’, Journal of Rural Community Psychology , E6

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Residential environment quality and neighborhood attachment in open and gated communities

References Aiello, A., Ardone, R.G. & Scopelliti, M., (2010). Neighbourhood planning improvement: Physical attributes, cognitive and affective evaluation and activities in two neighbourhoods in Rome, Evaluation and Program Planning, 33 , 264‒275. Bańka, A. (2009). Społeczna Psychologia Środowiskowa , Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Scholar. Bonaiuto, M., Aiello, A., Perugini, M., Bonnes, M., & Ercolani, A. P. (1999). Multidimensional Perception of Residential Environment Quality and Neighbourhood Attachment in the Urban Environment. Journal of

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Individual and contextual factors of nulliparas’ levels of depression, anxiety and fear of childbirth in the last trimester of pregnancy: intimate partner attachment a key factor?

pregnancy is to some extent a life transition and a period of increased emotional vulnerability ( 15 ). An intimate relationship and partner attachment represent an important part of the emotional experience in nulliparas ( 16 ). It has been observed that prototypical attachment patterns are similar in parents and children ( 17 ). However, it has been demonstrated that caregivers’ capacity for attachment security is primarily under substantial environmental influence and limited genetic influence ( 18 ). An insecure attachment style in adults is thought to be based on

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Attachment to Caregivers and Type 1 Diabetes in Children / Navezanost Na Starše in Sladkorna Bolezen Tipa 1 Pri Otrocih

References 1. Bowlby J. Attachment and loss. Vol. 1: Attachment. London: PIMLICO, 1969. 2. Schore AN. Attachment and the regulation of the right brain. Attach Hum Dev 2000; 2: 23-47. 3. Waters E, Merrick S, Treboux D, Crowell J, Albersheim L. Attachment security in infancy and early adulthood: a twenty-year longitudinal study. Child Dev 2000; 71: 684-9. 4. Bowlby J. A secure base. London, New York: Routledge Classics, 2010. 5. Piaget J, Inhelder B. The psychology of the child. New

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