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Atmospheric correction of APEX hyperspectral data

References Berk, A, Andersonm GP, Bernstein, L, Acharya, P, Dothe, H, Matthew, M, Adler-Golden, S, Chetwynd Jr, J, Richtsmeier, S, Brian Pukall, B, Allred, C, Jeong, L & Hoke, M 1999, MODTRAN4 radiative transfer modeling for atmospheric correction, Proceedings SPIE 3756, Optical Spectroscopic Techniques and Instrumentation for Atmospheric and Space Research III, DOI:10.1117/12.366388 [October 20, 1999]. Brando, VE & Dekker, AG 2003, ‛Satellite hyperspectral remote sensing for estimating estuarine and coastal water quality

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Spherical Harmonics Expansion of the Atmospheric Gravitational Potential Based on Exponential and Power Models of Atmosphere

References Anderson EG., and Mather RR. (1975) Atmospheric effects in physical geodesy. Unisurv G23:23-41, University of NSW, Sydney, Australia Ecker E. and Mittermayer E. (1969) gravity corrections for the influence of the atmosphere. Boll Geofis Teor Appl. , 11:70-80 Eshagh M. and Sjöberg L.E. (2009) Atmospheric effect on satellite gravity gradiometry data , Journal of Geodynamic , 47:9-19. F. Flechtner R. Schmidt, and U. Meyer. De-aliasing of short

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Atmospheric Dispersion of PM10 in an Urban Area

References Bravo, M., A, Fuentes, M., Zhang, Y., Burr, M.,J., Bell, M.,L., Comparison of exposure estimation methods for air pollutants: ambient monitoring data and regional air quality simulation, Environ Res. , 2012 Jul;116:1-10. doi: 10.1016/ j.envres.2012. 04.008, Epub 2012 May 10. Brunekreef, B., Maynard, R.L., 2008.A note on the 2008 EU standards for particulate matter.Atmospheric Environment 42, 6425-6430. European Environment Agency (EEA),Report No.11/2013- The Contribution of transport to air quality

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Late Spring Freezes in Poland in Relation to Atmospheric Circulation

A., Demuzere M., Ustrnul Z., Cahynova M., Kysely J., Tveito O.E., 2008. Classifications of atmospheric circulation patterns: recent advances and applications. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 1146: 105-152. DOI: 10.1196/annals.1446.019. Kaukoranta, T., Tahvonen R., Ylämäki A., 2010. Climatic potential and risks of apple growing by 2040. Agricultural and Food Science 19: 144-159. DOI 10.2137/145960610791542352 Kreyling J., Thiel D., Simmnacher K., Willner E., Jentsch A., Beierkuhnlein C., 2012. Geographic origin and past

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Atmospheric fronts over Poland (2006-2015)


The paper presents the spatial and temporal variations in the occurrence of fronts and days with no fronts over Poland in 2006-2015. The research was based on a database of the atmospheric fronts that moved over five selected stations located in the outermost regions of Poland and in the centre of the country. The database was created as a result of an analysis of synoptic charts from the website of the German weather service (Deutscher Wetterdienst; DWD). As is shown by the results, atmospheric fronts moved over Poland on approximately 65% of days of the year. However, their frequency in the individual regions was almost half of this, ranging from 33-39%. The annual variations in the number of fronts depended largely on the location of a given area and the atmospheric circulation prevailing there. In most years the maximum frequency of occurrence of atmospheric fronts was observed in November-January, and the lowest frequency was seen in February and September. The research confirms that there is a clear predominance of cold fronts, with warm and occluded fronts forming at around half the frequency of cold fronts. One characteristic feature is a decrease in the number of occluded fronts and days with different types of fronts moving from the north of Poland southwards. In the period under study, more than 80% of the sequences of days with atmospheric fronts included up to 6 days, even though there were also cases when fronts passed over Poland on 20 consecutive days.

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High Performance Computing Simulations of the Atmospheric Composition in Bulgaria and the City of Sofia

References 1. Kopanakis, I., et al. Variability of Ozone in the Eastern Mediterranean During a 7-Year Study. - Air. Qual. Atmos. Health, Vol. 9, 2015, pp. 461-470. 2. Kanakidou, M., et al. Megacities as Hot Spots of Air Pollution in the East Mediterranean. - Atmospheric Environement, 2010. 3. Lelieveld, J., et al. Global air Pollution Crossroads over the Mediterranean. - Science, Vol. 298, 2002, pp. 794-799. 4. Poupkou, A., et al. Effects of Anthropogenic Emission Sources on Maximum Ozone

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The influence of atmospheric circulation on bioclimatic conditions in Lublin (Poland)

References BARTOSZEK K., 2015, Kalendarz typow cyrkulacji atmosferycznej dla obszaru Lubelszczyzny. Zbior komputerowy. Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej w Lublinie, Zakład Meteorologii i Klimatologii, Lublin. BARTOSZEK K., 2017, The main characteristics of atmospheric circulation over East-Central Europe from 1871 to 2010. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, 129, 2: 113-129. DOI: 10.1007/s00703-016-0455-z. BARTZOKAS A., LOLIS C.J., KASSOMENOS P

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. Theoretical and Applied Climatology 88: 17-42. Kożuchowski K., 1986: Variation in the precipitation in the years 1881-1980 in Poland. Acta Univ. Lodziensis, Folia Geographica 48: 158 pp. Kwiatkowski J., 1984. Relationship between atmospheric precipitation in the Polish Sudety Mts. and its foreland and circulation factors. PAN, Komisja Nauk o Ziemi, Wrocław, 137 pp. Lauangthong O., McLennan J.A., Deutsch C.V., 2004. Minimum acceptance criteria for geostatistical realizations. Natural Resources Research 13: 131

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The Effect of Atmospheric Electromagnetic Radiation on an Opened System

References [1] Talati S. N., Stenstrom M. K.: Aeration-Basin Heat Loss . Journal of Environmental Engineering, 116/1. (1990) 70-87. [2] Jacobs A. F. G., Heusinkveld B. G., Berkowicz S. M.: Passive dew collection in a grassland area, the Netherlands . Atmospheric Research. 87. (2008) 377–385. [3] Kiehl J. T., Trenberth K.E.: Earth’s Annual Global Mean Energy Budget . Bulletin of American Meteorological Society. 78. (1997) 197–208. [4] Mészáros R., Horváth L., Weidinger T., Neftel A

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The influence of atmospheric light scattering on reflectance measurements during photogrammetric survey flights at low altitudes over forest areas

References ATCOR. 2015. [30.05.2017]. Badawy B. 2011. Quantifying carbon processes of the terrestrial biosphere in a global atmospheric inversion based on atmospheric mixing ratio, remote sensing and meteorological data. Diss. Universität Jena. DOI 10.4126/98-004421237. Burkart A., Aasen H., Alonso L., Menz G., Bareth G., Rascher U. 2015. Angular dependency of hyperspectral measurements over wheat characterized by a novel UAV based goniometer. Remote Sensing 7(1): 725–746. DOI 10.3390/rs70100725

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