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Does Pelvic Asymmetry always Mean Pathology? Analysis of Mechanical Factors Leading to the Asymmetry

References Al-Eisa E., Egan D., Deluzio K., Wassersug R. Effects of pelvic asymmetry and low back pain on trunk kinematics during sitting: a comparison with standing. Spine 2006; 31(5): E135-43. Al-Eisa E., Egan D., Wassersug R. Fluctuating asymmetry and low back pain. Evol Hum Behav 2004; 25: 31-7. Anderson G. Iliotibial band friction syndrome. Aust J Sci Med Sport 1991; 23: 81-3. Beaudoin L., Zabjek F.K., Leroux M.A., Coillard C., Rivard C.H. Acute

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Secure asymmetry and deployability for decoy routing systems

. USENIX Association. [14] John Geddes, Max Schuchard, and Nicholas Hopper. Cover your ACKs: Pitfalls of covert channel censorship circumvention. In Proceedings of the 2013 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security, CCS ’13, pages 361-372, New York, NY, USA, 2013. ACM. [15] Yihua He, Michalis Faloutsos, Srikanth Krishnamurthy, and Bradley Huffaker. On routing asymmetry in the internet. In Global Telecommunications Conference, 2005. GLOBE- COM’05. IEEE, volume 2, pages 6-pp. IEEE, 2006. [16] Dominik

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Asymmetry patterns are associated with body size and somatic robustness among adult !Kung San and Kavango people

References Auerbach BM, Ruff CB. 2006. Limb bone bilateral asymmetry: variability and communality among modern humans. J Hum Evolution 50: 203-18. Bass SL, Saxon L, Daly RM, Turner CH, Robling AG, Seeman E, Stuckey S 2002. The effect of mechanical loading on the size and shape of bone in pre-, peri- and post pubertal girls: a study in tennis players. J Bone Mineral Res 17:2274-80. Battles HT. 2009. Long bone bilateral asymmetry in the nineteenth-century Stirrup court cemetery collection from London, Ontario. Canad Student J Anthrop 21

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Trunk asymmetry at children aged 10-15 years: relation between amount of asymmetry and risk factors.

References 1. Grivas T. B., Vasiliadis E. S., Koufopoulos, G., Segos, D., Triantafyllopoulos, G., Mouzakis V. (2006). Study of trunk asymmetry in normal children and adolescents. Scoliosis, 1 (19). 2. Rogala E. J., Drummond D. S., Gurr J. (1978). Scoliosis: incidence and natural history. A prospective epidemiological study. The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume, 60 (2), 173-176. 3. Grivas T. B., Kasartzian A., Christin M., Mihas C., Aggouris C., Triantafyllopoulos G., et al. (2012). Study of back trunk asymmetry in children

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Asymmetry of Complex Reaction Time in Female Épée Fencers of Different Sports Classes

Informatica Medica. Inżynieria Biomedyczna 16(4), 346-350. Borysiuk Z. (2006). Time Structure of Information Processes in Selected Fighting Sports . Warszawa: AWF. [in Polish] Borysiuk Z. (2006). Complex evaluation of predispositions of fencers in three stages of sport development. Biology of Sport 1, 41-55. Poliszczuk T., Lampkowska M. (2007). Functional and dynamic asymmetry of simple reaction time in female fencers. Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism 13(3), 79-82. Grabowska A. (1994). Left-handedness and

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Sexual Asymmetry based on Flowering Assessment in a Clonal Seed Orchard of Pinus densiflora

, K. and EL-KASSABY, Y. A.: Estimation of clonal contribution to cone and seed crops in a Sitka spruce seed orchard. Ann. Sci. For. 50: 461-467 (1993) CHOI, W.Y., HATTEMER, H. H. and CHUNG, H. G.: Estimation of sexual asymmetry based on effective population number by flowering assessment and its application to an observed data from a Pinus densiflora clonal seed orchard. KFRI. J. For. Sci. 61: 33-42 (1999) CHOI, W.Y., KANG, K. S., HAN, S. U. and HUR, S. D.: Estimation of heritabilities and clonal contribution based on the flowering

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Asymmetry of Anticipatory Postural Adjustment During Gait Initiation

RG, Nutt JG, Horak FB. Errors in postural preparation lead to increased choice reaction times for step initiation in older adults. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci, 2011; 66: 705-713 Crowe A, Schiereck P, De Boer R, Keessen W. Characterization of gait of young adult females by means of body centre of mass oscillations derived from ground reaction forces. Gait Posture, 1993; 1: 61-68 Damholt V, Termansen NB. Asymmetry of plantar flexion strength in the foot. Acta Orthop Scand, 1978; 49: 215-219 Dessery Y, Barbier F

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Change in movement patterns asymmetry in infants with central coordination disorder in continuous studies

References 1. Benett B.C., Abel M.F., Wolovick A., Franklin T., Allaire P.E., Kerrigan D.C. (2005) Center of mass movement and energy transfer during walking in children with celebral palsy. Arch. Phys. Med. Rehabil., 86: 2189–2193. 2. Bobath B. (1963) A neuro-developmental treatment of cerebral palsy. Physiother., 49: 242–244. 3. Boere-Boonekamp M.M., van der Linden-Kuiper A.T., Bunge-van Lent F.C. (1999) No asymmetry of head rotation and shape found in three quarters of 2–3 year olds exhibiting postural preference in infancy. Ned

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Measuring Information Asymmetry in Large Active Firms on the Tehran Stock Exchange

References Abad, D., and Yague, J., 2012. From PIN to VPIN: An introduction to order flow toxicity. 10 (2), 74-83. DOI: DOI:10.1016/j.srfe.2012.10.002 Agudelo, D. A., Giraldo, S., and Villarraga, E., 2015. Does PIN measure information? Informed trading effects on returns and liquidity in six emerging markets. International Review of Economics & Finance, 39 , 149-161. DOI: DOI:10.1016/j.iref.2015.04.002 Ascioglu, A., Hegde, S. P., and McDermott, J. B., 2008. Information asymmetry and investment-cash flow sensitivity. Journal of Banking

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Asymmetry of Step Length in Relationship to Leg Strength in 200 meters Sprint of different Performance Levels

's 200 meters. Int J Sport Biomech, 1985, 1: 151-162. Peters M. Footedness: asymmetries in foot preference and skill and neuro-psychological assessment of foot movement. Psychol Bull, 1988, 103(2):179-92. Sadeghi H, Allard P, Prince F. Labelle H. Symmetry and limb dominance in able-bodied gait: a review. Gait Posture, 2000; 12: 34-45. Susanka P, Moravec P, Dostale, Ruzicka J, Barac F, Vezlak J. Kodejs M, Nosek M, Jurdik M. Fundamental motor abilities and a selected biomechanical; variables

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