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Petroleum and natural gas still have their place among the most important resources in many industrial areas. Their global consumption influences an increasing demand on the quality of drilling works and the efficiency of extraction. Nonetheless, even in this field of human activity, we can encounter exceptional events and accidents. One of the most serious kinds of accidents during exploration is the so called open eruption of extracted medium. The specific case of this accident is an open eruption caused by drilling tools when a working crew is not capable of securing drilling workplace. In order to solve this emergency situation, Main Mining Rescue Station Hodonin (HBZS Hodonin), in cooperation with researchers from Faculty of Mining and Geology at VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, designed and developed specialised apparatus DPRP (Drill Pipe Rescue Press), working designation FIB-1. This apparatus enables the liquidation of eruption by pressing the drilling pipe. The residual crack, which remains following the pressing, must be eliminated by sealing materials. This paper reviews the testing of sealing elements (materials), designed by our team, in residual crack of circle shape with help of hydraulic press MTS 816 Rock Test System.


Settled after the “Vistula” Operation in Ziemia Lubuska, the Ukrainian population was supervised by the communist security apparatus. All displaced people were subjected to surveillance, irrespective of the degree of loyalty to the new authority. Operational work on Ukrainians was conducted with varying intensity throughout all the period of the People’s Republic of Poland. The actions taken were not only aimed at “neutralizing” anti-systemic behavior but also accelerating the integration and assimilation processes. The repression of the Ukrainian population, the reduction of contacts with the compatriots abroad, and the paralysis of social and religious activity were to become effective means of accelerating the loss of national, cultural and religious diversity.


The article discusses the construction of a breathing simulator used at the Department of Underwater Works Technology of the Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia for the research on an open-circuit air diving apparatus for compliance with the PN-EN 250:2014 standard.

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References Bachrach A. J., Desiderati B. M., Matzen M. M.: A pictorial history of diving . Best Publishing Co. 1988 Clarke D. W.: The history of breathing apparatus and current state of the art †z:† Lung and physiology and divers breathing apparatus. Proceedings from the International Workshop Ballater, Scotland, 1÷4 Nov. 1991: Department of Biomedical Sciences Marshal College Aberdeen 1992 Diving Manual: Ministry of Defence (Navy), B. R.2805 (Army Code No 61231) March 1982 Gussman J.: Człowiek zdobywa głębiny . Wydawnictwo Morskie Gdańsk 1984 Mer & Océan

Introduction It is well established that the manifestation of strength, power, flexibility, and muscular endurance is quite different from an apparatus to another in men’s artistic gymnastics ( Jemni et al., 2000 , 2001 , 2006 ). In this context, Grossfeld (2014) , Papadopoulos et al. (2014) as well as Dallas and Kirialanis (2010) confirmed that some gymnastic apparatuses were more or less taxing than others. The highest cardiorespiratory stress associated with larger anaerobic contributions was noticed during the floor exercises routines (maximum duration